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Judgement MMA Smokers to Feature a Tournament Format

With two smokers successfully under the belt of Rio Rancho’s Judgement MMA gym, Head Coach is shaking it up a bit by adding some intrigue and innovation to his Judgement MMA smoker concept. Smokers traditionally are thought to be glorified sparring sessions against non-teammates, a way to get some actual fight experience without it affecting an amateur or professional record. ...

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Judgement MMA & Fitness smoker moved to April 6th

A little bit of re-scheduling for the upcoming kickboxing smoker hosted by Judgement MMA & Fitness. The Rio Rancho martial arts gym will move their second smoker one week later for an April 6th planned date. According to the Judgement MMA’s Facebook page, the change was cited to accommodate the Easter weekend at the end of March. The gym put ...

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