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The Jackson’s MMA Series “By The Numbers”

  With the August 10th, Jackson’s MMA Series XI event rapidly approaching, has come up with a new way to showcase some of the more interesting aspects of the event’s storied history. While we have already named one of the Jackson’s Series first ten events as one of the best six New Mexico MMA […]

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The rich history of New Mexico’s MMA scene dates back to the early 2000’s when King of the Cage was in full swing in Albuquerque and Diego Sanchez was the “Nightmare” as an undefeated top prospect representing the little known Jackson-Winklejohn gym in the inaugural season of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality TV show. The […]

Houston Alexander
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Event Throwback: MMA Fight Pit storms into New Mexico

New Mexico has had its share of quality MMA events housed in several of the states athletic venues. King of the Cage had exciting shows at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, the Jackson’s MMA Series had audience pleasing events at the Hard Rock Casino, the Evolution Combat Sports promotion put on stacked fight cards […]