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Triple-A-MMA: “Win to get in” delivers 11 action filled bouts on a Sunday afternoon

Triple-A-MMA: “Win to get in” on the surface level was a very unorthodox show. It was uncommonly held on a Sunday, in the middle of the day and in an outdoor venue that isn’t associated with MMA events. Regardless of the uniqueness to the show, it did however have one common trait that it shared […]

Amanda Lovato from Albuquerque's Judgment MMA
Albuquerque Kickboxing, Amanda Lovato (MMA), Judgment MMA, Malia Yee (MMA), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Ray Yee, Scott Marlowe, Triple-A-MMA "Win To Get In",

Judgment MMA’s Amanda Lovato, Albuquerque Kickboxing’s Malia Yee highlight Triple-A-MMA: “Win to get in”

Every MMA event has a headliner and that headliner is the feature attraction the fight card. However, in so many occasions there are other notable competitors on the undercard who aren’t rewarded with the shine the main event headliners receive. On Sunday afternoon, Triple-A-MMA’s “Win to get in” event will feature a solid main event […]