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Isaac “Ike” Vallie-Flagg

Former Sttrikeforce fighter and Jackson’s/Winkeljohn MMA Fighter Isaac Vallie-Flagg.
Twitter: @ikevallieflagg

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How Could The UFC Sellout A Venue If They Come Back For Round Two?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) made its long-awaited debut in Albuquerque, New Mexico last weekend and boy, oh boy was it an event to remember. Whether the memories of UFC Fight Night 42 were negative or positive, the Rustam Khabilov vs. Ben Henderson headlined event was definitely an event to create tremendous amounts of content for […]

Steve Garcia
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Monday Morning Re-cap For January 15th – 18th

It was a very busy weekend for New Mexico combat sports and interestingly enough, none of the action from this past weekend was within state lines. With the high volume of mixed martial artists residing in the many New Mexico gyms, it isn’t rare to have several fighters from several gyms fighting in the same […]

Trout at Jacksons MMA
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Ten of the most memorable moments from the first ten Jackson’s MMA Series events

Now eight months into the year, we have not had one of the states most popular promotions hosting a MMA event. The Jackson’s MMA Series is considered to be one of the “heavyweight” promotions popular in New Mexico and its absence from the 2013 has been felt by fight fans throughout the state. All that is about […]

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The Jackson’s MMA Series “By The Numbers”

  With the August 10th, Jackson’s MMA Series XI event rapidly approaching, has come up with a new way to showcase some of the more interesting aspects of the event’s storied history. While we have already named one of the Jackson’s Series first ten events as one of the best six New Mexico MMA […]

Trout at Jacksons MMA
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A few reasons why the MMA “The Proving Grounds” Documenatry is a must watch

If you are a fan of mixed martial arts or combat sports in general and you appreciate the deeper aspects of MMA, then “The Proving Grounds” documentary is very simply a “must-watch”. The documentary details in-depth the Jackson-Winklejohn MMA coaches and fighters as well as the inner-workings of the world famous martial arts gym. The […]

Isaac "Ike"Vallie-flagg
Isaac "Ike" Vallie-Flagg, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Sam Stout, UFC, UFC 161,

Isaac Vallie-Flagg Set to Face Sam Stout at UFC 161

Earlier today it was announced that Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s MMA’s Isaac Vallie-Flagg would face Sam Stout June 15th at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Headlining the UFC 161 card will be Renan Barao and Eddie Wineland in an Interim Bantamweight Championship. This will mark the 16th time that Stout (19-8-1) will be making an appearance […]

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Southwest Fight News 2012 BJJ, Boxing and MMA Awards

Let us start off by thanking you all for following the website and Facebook page. We have had quite a ride locally, regionally and nationally following fighters and their performances. We have busted our butts (and wallets) in trying to provide you the coverage over the past year. We pride ourselves in our content and professionalism. The results […]

Isaac "Ike"Vallie-flagg
Isaac "Ike" Vallie-Flagg, UFC 156, Yves Edwards,

Isaac Vallie-Flagg to Face Yves Edwards at UFC 156 has just been informed that Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s mixed martial artist Isaac Vallie-Flagg (13-3-1) will face Yves Edwards (42-18-1) in a lightweight match at UFC 156: Aldo vs Edgar undercard in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vallie-Flagg’s last two fights took place with Strikeforce where in his last bout with the promotion, he upset Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante with […]

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It was a great year covering local, regional and at times national events that featured our El Paso and New Mexico based fighters. We would like to thank you for your support and hope that we have assisted in promoting the sports of boxing, MMA and BJJ with our coverage. We could not cover all […]

"Goyo" Prepares for UFC
Buddy Roberts (MMA), Donald Sanchez (MMA/Boxing), Erik "El Goyito" Perez, Isaac "Ike" Vallie-Flagg, King Of the Cage, UFC 150,

Monday Morning MMA/Boxing Recap

Exciting weekend of fights! The SWFN staff made the trek up to Buffalo Thunder for the KOTC event.  Fortunately we were able to stream UFC 150 cage side to catch a few fights including Goyito’s impressive KO finish. A few notable fights are coming up for our local fighters.   Isaac Vallie-Flagg (13-3-1 MMA) will be facing Strikeforce newcomer Adriano […]