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LFA 58: Harvey Park vs. Jaleel Willis Play by Play and Quick Results from the Route 66 Casino and Hotel - Southwest Fight News
Home » Misc » Featured » LFA 58: Harvey Park vs. Jaleel Willis Play by Play and Quick Results from the Route 66 Casino and Hotel
LFA 58 Park vs Willis faceoff
LFA 58 Park vs Willis face off. Photo: Chris Cook

LFA 58: Harvey Park vs. Jaleel Willis Play by Play and Quick Results from the Route 66 Casino and Hotel

Legacy Fighting Alliance: LFA 58 Quick Results

Harvey Park (10-2) – 155.8 def. Jaleel ‘The Realest’ Willis (9-1) – 155.8 via 1st round TKO (3:17)

Harvey Park and Jaleel Willis

Harvey Park and Jaleel Willis both attempt to kick on another during their controversial bout.
Photo: Minh Quan

Rd1: Men ram each other trying to establish dominance in the center of the cage. Willis appears to be a little more loose to start the fight. Willis attacks and as he shoots eats a sneaky right uppercut from Park. Willis lands a thundering right leg kick to that stomach. Park stuffs a takedown.

Willis earns a takedown on his third attempt but it doesn’t last long on the ground, Park quickly back up. Short left hook from Park drops Willis, Park immediately pounces landing a knee that skids of the side of Willis’ head which then leads to a ground and pound from Park. Willis covers up and ref Joe Cocoa stops the fight. The shot looked illegal from my vantage point and was confirmed by the replay.

Joby Sanchez (125.6) def. Demetrius Wilson (125.8) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Joby Sanchez LFA 58

Joby Sanchez picked up his 12th win of his career against Demetrius Wilson at LFA 58.
Photo: Minh Quan

RD3: Wilson lands right upper and right cross combo. Sanchez continues to shadow Wilson and control cage but continues to be reluctant to throw. Wilson double jab finds their spot. Sanchez finally being the aggressor at the 2:10 mark. Sanchez trying to find success in the clinch. Men back to the center of the cage. RD to Sanchez. 

RD2: Sanchez more aggressive to start round. Wilson sneaking in some shots. Sanchez cutting off cage but is extremely hesitant to punch. 1-2 finally lands for Sanchez. Wilson counters a Sanchez right and stuffs a takedown. Sanchez ultimately earns takedown and full mount with 20 seconds left in the round. That last act stole the round for Sanchez. RD2 to Sanchez.

RD1: Sanchez easing into his boxing. His erratic movement is confusing Wilson. Wilson picking his shots. Men shadow each other, Sanchez the more active fighter but both men’s offense is limited. Wilson having some success down low with occasional kicks. RD1 to Wilson. 

Fernando Padilla (10-3) – 154.2 def. Donald Sanchez (31-18) – 156 via 2nd round TKO (1:27)

Fernando Padilla MMA Mexico

Mexico’s Fernandez Padilla defeats Donald Sanchez at LFA 58.
Photo: Minh Quan

RD2: Padilla attacking Sanchez’s lead leg. Padilla chops at Sanchez’s lead leg again and sweeps him in the process. Sanchez falls on his back and eats some straights. Referee Joe Cocoa puts a halt to the contest.

RD1: Padilla lankiness giving both men issues to start. Padilla finding success up the middle. Sanchez still warming up. Head right kick, followed by right hand combo lands for Padilla in a very close range. Consecutive right hands land for Sanchez. Padilla trying to find the offense where he can– close or distance. Blood trickling from Sacnehz’ nose. Men trading on the inside. Over the top right and left lands for Padilla. Both men landing at a high percentage. Sanchez eats a right knee but he’s still game. Padilla pursuing and landing has Sanchez retreats. RD1 to Padilla.

Luiz Antonio Gavinho (145.8) def. Vince Fricilone (145.2) via 1st rd. KO — flying knee (00:40)

Luiz Antonio Gavinho MMA

Luiz Antonio Gavinho def. Vince Fricilone via 1st rd. KO –flying knee (00:40).
Photo: Minh Quan

RD1: Gavinho accurate with uppercuts and knees. Great boxing Gavinho sets up a huge flying left knee! KO of the Year candidate!!

Flavian Pilgrim (154.6) def. Sherwin Price (155) via 1st rd KO (00:50)

Flavian Pilgrim

Flavian Pilgrim def. Shawn Price via 1st round KO, Photo: Minh Quan

RD1: A low kick led to Price being off balance leaving a golden opening for Pilgrim who lands a short right hook which lays Price out cold on his back. Pilgrim for good measure lands a hammerfist to his unconscious opponent. Refs intervenes putting a stop to the contest. WOW!

Maicon Mendonca (169.4) def. Joshua Moreno (169.8)

RD3: Men embrace to start round and Mendonca aggressively pushes Moreno away, moments later lands three hard hooks. Mendonca’s left arm and shorts adorned with Moreno’s blood. Moreno looking to force the action. Mendonca almost looking at Moreno in disbelief with the amount of shots he’s taken. Moreno catches Mendonca with a two-punch combo, crowd erupts. Moreno gaining confidence. Moreno finding accuracy at a key moment in the bout. Mendonca finds a takedown to put a stop to the rebellion. Mendonca finds an RNC but the bell ends a tough final round. RD3 to Menconda.

RD2: Mondenca taking ownership of the middle of the cage. Moreno starting to see shots a little sooner and able to defend some. A shot to Mendonca’s groin puts a momentary stop to the action. Moreno trying to establish a jab. Moreno paws at his bleeding nose. Straight right hard left hook rocks Moreno! What a chin on Moreno! Moreno rallies finding Mendonca at the end of his punch, the crowd comes alive. Moreno walks into a left hook and is on shaky legs. Mendonca’s oozing confidence with his hands down at his waist–partly due to some fatigue settling in. RD2 to Mondenca.

RD1: Mendonca aggressiveness early on a bit careless but finds accuracy in his kickboxing. Moreno able to defend first two minutes. Thai clinch leads to an elbows and knees for Mendonca. Moreno trying to clinch. Finds his biggest moment with a spinning back hand but Mendonca able to take advantage following up with a three-punch combo and later rocks Moreno with a straight right. Rd1 to Mendonca.

Natan Levy (145.6) def. Henry Barahona (147.8) via (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

RD3: Levy with a let counter while backing up. Levy with a second wind. Lead straight left snaps Barahona’s head back. Barahona finds a clinch and forces action to fence. Levy reserves position. Barahona creates space and sneaks a right elbow. Levy’s corner screaming at him to go for the body. Levy accurate in his offense. Levy nullifying Barahona’s advances by forcing his own clinch. Barahona forces Levy against cage trying to put his head under Levy’s chin to improve position. Men trade knees to the body. Levy finishes round spinning right elbow and right kick to the ribs. RD3 to Barahona.

RD2: Men start round 2 with more respect. A Levy advance puts Barahona off balance to his back allowing Levy to work out of guard. Barahona attempting to scramble and eats a Levy right elbow. Levy brief armbar attempts opens up a chance for Barahona to transition to top position. A scramble leads back to the standup. A good inside battle ensues. Levy trying to regain distance advantage wins the last minute of the bout with accuracy and lack of offense from Barahona. RD2 to Levy. 

RD1: Levy testing distance with kicks. Barahona looking to close distance with kicks of his own. Beautiful heel kick spinning back fist combo from Levy! Levy forces action to fence. Barahona reverses position forcing Levy back against cage. Barahona takedown attempt momentarily successful. Levy quickly able to stand and then immediately gets taken down into guard position. Triangle from Levy opens up chance at two light elbows. Men end up in north-south positions. Barahona smooth in recovering top position to work from half-guard. Levy does control Barahona wrists. Rd1 to Barahona.

Javier Cepeda (126) def. Ricky Esquibel (125.4) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Javier Cepeda

Javier Cepeda def. Ricky Esquibel via unanimous decision.
Photo: Minh Quan

RD3: Both men taking chances to start round. Cepeda consecutive jabs take aim at Esquibel’s nose. Esquibel able to force Cepeda to kneeling position against cage. Cepeda able to reverse position trying to find the smallest spot to flatten Esquibel out. Esquibel is squirming, doing well to defend himself. Cepeda stands and lands a right hand straight down to Cepeda. Esquibel rallying with 1:30 left taking Cepeda’s back trying for an RNC that draws a cheer from his side of the crowd. Cepeda every slippery, escapes drawing an equal cheer from his side. Esquibel doing his best from a disadvantaged position to sink and guillotine.

RD2: Cepeda the aggressor Esquibel pushed to cage but locks in guillotine that Cepeda works his way out of. Brief scramble on ground does no lead to anything major. Esquibel takedown attempt in the center of cage successfull and Cepeda forces the action to the cage. Men stand once again, Esquibel shoots and immediately finds himself with Cepeda in half-guard position. Cepeda pins Esquibel’s left arm to the canvas and delivers two elbows. Hard right uppercut followed by a straight left stuns Esquibel who forces himself out of a follow up with a missing spinning elbow. 
 Both men testing distance early on. Cedepa lands clean lead left. Esquibel forces a clinch against the fence. Cepeda defending well. Men disengage after a minute against cage. Esquibel against forces clinch and attempts single leg. Esquibel earns the takedown but Cepeda quickly brings it back to the feet. Men still trying to find distance, Cepeda lands right kick to the ribs. Esquibel against clinches and leads them to the cage. Men break, Esquibel pulls guard that leads to momentary ground and pound for Cepeda. Esquibel brings it back to the feet but eats a hard right to end the round.

Jalin Fuller (180) def. Andrew Lipp (177.4) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jalin Fuller

Jalin Fuller def. Andrew Lipp via unanimous decision.
Photo: Minh Quan

Rd 3: Lipp coms out the aggressor. Fuller landing spinning kicks but is losing technique which Lipp takes advantage of by clinching against the fence. Fuller with a clean three-punch combination that slightly dazes Lipp but he does not pounce. Fuller going back to RD1 approach and working technically from the outside. Tornado kick to the head at the end of the fight ends it for Fuller, sealing the victory.
Rd 2:
 Lipp a bit slower with his boxing combos. Having difficulty timing Fuller but her earns a takedown early in round. Fuller immediately stands. Lipp forcing clinch in standing position but Fuller nullifies his offense. Fuller with big front kick to Lipps jaw and nose. Follows suit with consecutive lead right to the body, straight left. Lipp earns a late takedown but Fuller again works back to his feet.
Rd 1:
 Fuller punishing Lipp to the body with leg kicks. Great job controlling distance.

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