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Local New Mexico Combat Athletes Share Their Predictions for Mayweather vs. McGregor

The talk of the sport’s world for the last six weeks have been centered around the combat sport super fight to be contested in the confines of boxing’s squared circle. Later tonight, UFC Champion Conor McGregor will make his professional boxing debut against a fighter many consider the best to ever strap on the boxing gloves, Floyd Mayweather. The super fight goes down tonight, live on Pay-Per-View, in what many consider one of the most iconic moments in combat sports for the current generation.

Social media has been full of chatter, some in favor of McGregor and others have voiced their support for Mayweather. For a State like New Mexico of which is full of combat athletes in both boxing and MMA, it is understandable that our fight community is extremely vocal about which side they are taking.

In hopes of sparking some great back-and-forth, SWFight compiled some thoughts and predictions from some of the notable local athletes prior to tonight’s mega event. Some of the locals below have experience in both boxing and MMA.

Tim Sosa – FIT NHB Flyweight: I’m picking Mayweather by TKO in 8 but just like everyone else, I’m tuning in to see the impossible happen! MMA punches are not boxing punches. Pure boxers throw so much faster and hit harder than MMA fighters.

Jordan Espinosa – Luttrell/Yee Flyweight: Mayweather in 12. But would love to see McGregor get the KO within 4 and watch the whole world explode!

Benjamin Sandoval – Alchemy BJJ Coach: It’s a boxing match. If it was a fight it’d be a no brainer. But the rules favor Mayweather. That said McGregor is a much bigger, stronger man and I guess anything could happen. If there’s no shenanigans this should easily be Mayweather’s fight. If it was MMA he’d last under a minute.

Ruby Santos – Force of 1 MMA WMMA Flyweight: I’m going with Connor. He does what he says and he puts on a show. I think Connor will get a knock down by the 3rd round. But I can see it going all 12 rounds and going to a decision.

Donald Sanchez – JacksonWink Featherweight: Mayweather is the best boxer ever at his craft. He will outbox anyone. But at the same time Connor could land that left hand. If it goes over five rounds it’s Mayweather all day. But let’s see what happens in the first few rounds.

Joshua Montoya – Luttrell/Yee Bantamweight: Conor comes out strong, Mayweather gets hit by a big left and starts to take steps back to work his defense. Conor puts Mayweather down in the first minute of the sixth and bounces on him and referee is forced to step in and call the fight.

Amanda Lovato – JacksonWink WMMA Strawweight: I think if McGregor will win, it has to be in the first four rounds but I got Mayweather coming out with the win.

Brain Mendoza – Welterweight Boxer: I’m thinking “Pretty Boy” Floyd shows up and gets a late stoppage probably from slowing him down to the body.

Frank Baca – FIT NHB Bantamweight: Floyd in 9.

Jerome Rivera – Luttrell-Yee Flyweight: 9th Round TKO by “Money” Mayweather.

Adrian Cruz – Judegment MMA/FIT NHB Bantamweight: I think it’s gonna be a Mayweather decision if he can weather the initial aggressiveness from McGregor.

Derek Perez – PFS Featherweight: I think Floyd gets caught in the first then he adjusts and beats him down. I honestly think that’s what’s gonna happen, I call Mayweather TKO in 6 or 8. If he makes it that far.

Jorge Hernandez – SWFight Triple OG: Contrary to what most believe, I don’t think McGregor will come out guns blazing in the first round. He’s a counterpuncher and that’s the reason that he has no shot in this fight as Mayweather is a tactical aggressor. Can he make things interesting? Yes, Mayweather is susceptible to left hands. McGregor has to force the action early on to make Mayweather uncomfortable. In the end, Mayweather will figure out the unconventional style of McGregor and earn a win via TKO in round 9.

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