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By The Numbers: Getting to know the locals of LFA 10

It is fight week for a handful of New Mexico based athletes this week as we approach tomorrow night’s Legacy Fighting Alliance event being held in Pueblo, Colorado in the Massari Arena. The event’s official date is April 21st and will feature some of the area’s best talents from the level of up-and-coming all the way to established veteran. A mere four to five hour drive for most local fight fans, this event is definitely worth the travel.

LFA is considered by most to be the sport of MMA’s premier developmental league. It seems that every fighter who finds success under the LFA banner finds themselves in the UFC’s Octagon in short-time. The promotion provides a professional environment on par with any show sans the major players in MMA, the UFC and Bellator, and provides a platform for regional fighters to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.
In today’s breakdown, we use numbers and metrics to breakdown the three local professional competitors who will be featured on the televised portion of Friday’s LFA 10 event.

Nick Urso – JacksonWink MMA
LFA 10 Co-Headliner versus Brandon Royval

Record: 9-3 (1 NC)
Win Percentage: 64%
Wins by Knockout/TKO: 2 
Wins by Submission: 3
Wins by Decision: 4
Finishing Rate: 56%
Fastest Fight: 0:19 Seconds
Longest Fight: 15:00 Minutes (x5)
Fights Ended in First Round: 4
Age: 31
Time Spent as a Professional: Six Years Four Months (12/2011) 
Time Spent in the Cage: Unofficial 109 minutes and 24 seconds (not included the NC)
LFA 10 Opponent Record: 4-2
Opponent’s Accumulated Record: 104-83
Opponent’s Winning Percentage: 56%
Show with Most Appearances: Jackson’s MMA Series – 4x (1 additional time as an amateur)
Promoters: 9
Longest Winning Streak: 5

Jerome Rivera – Luttrell/Yee MMA
LFA 10 – Bantamweight Featured Bout versus Zac Riley

Record: 6-0
Win Percentage: 100% 
Wins by Knockout/TKO: 0 
Wins by Submission: 5
Wins by Decision: 1
Finishing Rate: 83%
Fastest Fight: 1:37
Longest Fight: 15:00 (x2)
Fights Ended in First Round: 2
Age: 21
Time Spent as a Professional: Three Years One Month (03/2014) 
Time Spent in the Cage: Unofficial 39 minutes 32 seconds
Show with Most Appearances: King of the Cage 2x (2 additional times as an amateur)
Winning Streak: 10 (6-0 professional, 4-0 amateur)
Opponent Record: 5-3
Promotions: 4

Andrew Tenneson – JacksonWink MMA
LFA 10 – Lightweight Featured Bout versus Andrew Yates

Andrew Tenneson

Record: 5-1
Win Percentage: 83%
Wins by Knockout: 2
Wins by Submission: 3
Wins by Decision: 0
Finishing Rate: 100%
Fastest Fight: 1:47
Longest Fight: 15:00
Time Spent in the Cage: Unofficial 49 minutes and 10 seconds 
Time Spent as a Professional: 3 years and 1 month (03/2014)
Opponent’s Accumulated Record: 17-15
Opponent’s Winning Percentage: 53%
LFA 10 Opponent’s Record: 9-1
Promotions: 6
Check out your local athletes tomorrow night live on AXS TV. Show is set to start at 7 PM mountain time.

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