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In Case You Missed It! Two of New Mexico’s Best Local Talents Stepped It Up A Notch

New Mexico MMA showcased its A-game this weekend, which can best exemplified by performances from two of the most successful local professional athletes. The pair would both have “big fight” opportunities in their respective promotions and at weekend’s conclusion, New Mexico MMA added some more glory to its ever-growing annals of mixed martial arts history.

Photo Credit: Will Fox / The Fox Identity / Southwest Fight News

Photo Credit: Will Fox / The Fox Identity / Southwest Fight News

It shouldn’t ever be a surprise when a fight fan hears of a fighter from New Mexico finding success anywhere in the world, after all, Albuquerque is considered still by many to be the “Mecca” of mixed martial arts. That is why the weekend’s triumphs of two fighters lack in surprise, and instead, reaffirm the competitively high-level talent that is found within our state lines.

Lutrell-Yee MMA’s Stephen Cervantes has long been one of the state’s most promising talents. Maybe it was his dominant showings over his amateur foes. It could be the brute strength and explosive power he showcased in his two debut professional outings. I would even say it is due to a well-rounded effort in his high-profile victory over a touted Randy Steinke of Arizona.

Or it could just be that Cervantes is fast, powerful, and talented. He is a dominant wrestler who can do serious damage from the top position and he is an aggressive striker that foes have to respect standing toe-to-toe with.

This all rang true this weekend as Cervantes (7-2) was dominant once more in his fight against Edward Thommes over the weekend competing for Global Knock Out’s: GKO 8 in California. Cervantes would notch his seventh career victory in an unanimous decision victory in what many have reported a convincing performance with a heavy dose of ground-and-pound dished out by Cervantes.

The victory would get the promising young talent back on track after suffering a pair of losses, undefeated as an amateur and 6-0 to start his professional career, watching his opponent get his hand raised was something Cervantes had never experienced. Now at seven wins and two losses, Cervantes boasts a respectable record and can use this momentum to steer him back on track towards making waves on a much larger scale. With youth and talent in his favor, Cervantes is undoubtedly geared for success on the next level should he continue his dominant performances.

Photo Credit: Southwest Fight News / SWFight

Photo Credit: Southwest Fight News / SWFight

Stepping it up a notch and capturing your first professional title seamlessly go together. FIT NHB’s Charlie Williams knows this more than anyone after this weekend’s festivities. Brown (4-0) notched a victory over Bill Parvin for the Chaos Combat Fighting Championships (CCFC) 145-pound Title. The victory was impressive and in usual Williams fashion, the featherweight fighter methodically wore down his foe en route to a first round submission stoppage.

Williams is one of the most underrated fighters you will come across in New Mexico. Williams started off with more wins than losses during his exceptional amateur career capping it off with a highlight-worthy TKO finish of his opponent. During his stint as an amateur, Williams impressed through his tactical approach and calm demeanor during a fight; two characteristics that are often rare in amateur, less experienced athletes. Those skills transition well into his professional career. In four outings, Williams has notched a TKO, two submissions, and one decision showcasing his ability to it all inside the cage.

The title victory bodes well for the future of Williams as the FIT NHB product is now walking down a path that others have paved for themselves as they progressively fought towards making it to the big show. With this title victory on his resume, Williams is poised to make waves further than local and regional MMA, potentially for highly-accredited promotions that garner extensive exposure and are often used to propel fighters to the national spotlight.

SWFight would like to send our congratulations to both fighters for their victories from this past weekend and as always we will look forward to covering your success as the careers continue.


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