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Arturo Crespin vs. Maurice Louishomme
Maurice Louishomme (R) defeats Arturo Crespin (L) in wild fight at the McKernan Events Center.

Louishomme Decisions Crespin in Wild Fight at McKernan Events Center

Ref and Crespin Booed During Bout, Ganoy Gets KO in U.S. Debut

It is not often that you have a visiting fighter come to New Mexico and win the support of the local fans but that is exactly what happened Saturday night at the McKernan Events Center in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

A crowd of about 350 was on hand to watch Chavez Promotions and Crespin Promotions’ “Battle at 5 Points” boxing card. What was a serene crowd initially turned into a borderline riot during New Mexican Arturo Crespin and visiting Coloradan Maurice Louishomme’s main event bout.

An early body attack would help Crespin implement an early lead. Being able to easily work his way into Louishomme’s guard, Crespin 12-4-1 (4 KO’s) did not allow his opponent develop a rhythm in the first third of the fight.

This along with Crespin’s trademark bullish-headfirst attack would frustrate Louishomme instantly.

The second round would once again see Crespin come out with a storm-like attack. A hard headbutt followed by two power hooks would drop the undefeated Louishomme (8-0-1, 4 KOs). After beating the 10-count a stream of blood could be seen from Louishomme’s right ear.

In the following round a check hook from Louishomme would floor Crespin but New Mexico referee Rocky Burke would not rule it a knockdown. This would draw a fair amount of questionable grumblings from the mostly impartial crowd.

A Louishomme left hand in the fourth would send Crespin falling forward forcing him to break the fall by pinning both gloves against the canvass. Louishomme would not pursue an attack as the result of his punch would usually be counted as a knockdown. While Louishomme waited for the referee to begin an 8-count, Crespin would take advantage of his defenseless opponent by immediately prompting himself up and throwing an illegal hook at Louishomme’s head.

The crowd would vocalize their distaste of Crespin’s blow at both him and the referee who was still reluctant to take a point from Crespin. Later in the round the men would engage with actual boxing action in a heavy exchange that favored Louishomme who would impressively find a rhythm in the dirty bout.

By the fifth round the impartial crowd would start drowning out the Crespin supporters with loud cheers during every successful combination landed by Louishomme.

Another Crespin headbutt which he would again not be reprimanded for ended the round sending Louishomme’s cornerman Jose Santiago into a tirade that would have made Lou Piniella proud. A member of the commission would have to hold Santiago back.

Vulgar chants of the P-word would be hurled at Crespin from the southeast section of the crowd during the break.

In the sixth, Burke would start to guess the men’s clinches disrupting the rhythm and action of the fight. When the men would successfully clinch both would try to get in the last shot before Burke would finally be able to pull them apart.

During one tussle Burke would separate the men and finally take a point to the shock and disgust of the crowd it would be Louishomme that would be penalized. After he finished reprimanding Louishomme, Burke would then take a point from Crespin but this would not ease up the now fired up and pro-Louishomme crowd.

Louishomme would finish another strong round rocking Crespin in a neutral corner.

The seventh round would be the most dramatic. Crespin would start the round with a huge over the top right to Louishomme’s jaw.

Crespin’s wide powerful punches would leave openings up the middle for the technical Louishomme to take advantage of.

One of the few accidental headbutts in the bout would be to most detrimental to Crespin causing a huge diagonal slash across his forehead. The cut was deep and bloody enough to have Burke call the ringside physician into the ring. The doctor would allow the contest to continue sending the crowd into another level of excitement.

Once the action ensued the fighters would immediately jump into a slugfest sending Crespin’s blood splattering across press row. Blood would profusely start spilling from the New Mexican’s forehead. The doctor, who never got off the ring apron, would check on Crespin again but it would be Burke not the doctor who forced the fight to go to the cards.

As both men paraded around the ring with hands held high chants of “Blue! Blue! Blue!”– Louishomme’s corner– filled tiny venue that at times during the fight felt like an arena.

The judges would be forced to score the unfinished seventh round.

There was a level of uneasiness in the crowd as the scores were tabulated. A miraculous silence would cover the venue as the scores of 67-64, 66-65, 66-65 were read by ring announcer Mike Adams, giving Louishomme a unanimous victory to the satisfaction of most of the crowd.

“I thought the referee could have done a more efficient job at giving out warnings and (taking) away points for the headbutts,” said 36-year-old Louishomme. “Arturo is a great opponent, he’s a tough guy. I hit him with some shots and I’m glad I came out with the win.”

“You can’t use your head as a weapon; I’m dinged up I got a knot on my forehead, my ear is bleeding and those are headshots,” said Louishomme in a post fighter interview where he also confirmed that his equilibrium was off balance after the ear injury.

“I’m disappointed that the referee didn’t address that in a sterner fashion which is the referee’s job to make sure that only legal blows are landing.”

Filipino Ganoy Wins 11th Straight  

The mostly neutral crowd in the main event appeared to have been drawn to the card by co-main event participant Ranee Ganoy who because of his relationship with Albuquerque manager Jacob Maes and trainer Sergio Chavez had a large fan base on-hand.

The Filipino-born and recently Australian-trained Ganoy (36-11-22, 32KOs) wore down a game Shawn Gallegos (19-6, 5KOs) in the middle rounds.

Choosing to lie against the ropes Ganoy would bait Gallegos allowing the Filipino to land power shots.

A total of four knockdowns would be scored by Ganoy none more brutal than a sixth round left hook that would send a wobbly Gallegos down against the neutral corner. On the way down Gallegos head would violently be snapped sideways by the bottom rope immediately prompting his corner to throw in the towel at 01:22 of the round. 

The stoppages makes it 11 straight wins for Ganoy 10 of which have come by KO or TKO.

Holguin Hunts Down Armendariz

In his third fight of 2014 Jesus Alex Holguin (3-1, 2KOs) took less than 40-seconds to stop Miguel Armendariz (0-10-1). A flush hard straight right hand dropped Armendariz. The stunned fighter would not take a moment to compose himself. The quick attempt to stand up on shaky legs would be a mistake as he would immediately fall back down forcing the referee to call a hold to the action.

Banegas Earns Close Victory Over Osorio

If it were not for the novelistic drama in the main event this well fought bout would have been the fight of the night.

Choosing to box from the outside Las Cruces’ Augustine Banegas (2-0, 1KOs) was able to work his plan early one. Once finding his range the very much improved Jose Osorio (3-1, 2KOs) found his own range to make the bout exciting and competitive.

Appearing to split the four round fight it was surprising to press row that a unanimous decision was awarded to Venegas. One judge amusingly scored a shut-out, 40-36 card, for Venegas.

Press row scored the fight as follow: Austin Killeen 39-37 Osorio, FightNews: 39-37 Osorio, SWFight: 38-38.

Battle At 5 Points – Full Results

Maurice Louishomme def. Arturo Crespin via UD (67-64, 66-65, 66-65)
Ranee Huinda Ganoy def. Shawn Gallegos via 6th rd. TKO 01:22
Jesus Alex Holguin
def. Miguel Armendariz via 1st rd. TKO 00:38
Augustine Banegas 
def. Jose Osorio via UD (39-37, 40-36, 39-37)
Tony Hirsch (17-6-2, 7KOs) def. Kelly Wright (4-16) via 1st rd TKO 02:04

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