Arturo Crespin vs. Maurice Louishomme
Maurice Louishomme (R) defeats Arturo Crespin (L) in wild fight at the McKernan Events Center.

Ranee Ganoy and Shawn Gallegos Make Weight for Highly Anticipated Co-Main Event

The McKernan Events Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s South Valley played host to “Battle at 5 Points” boxing card weigh-in this afternoon. Two fights saw fighters miss the weight limits including the main event as Las Vegas, N.M.’s Arturo Crespin weighed in at 165lbs for his 162lbs +/-2 bout against undefeated Maurice Louishome who made the cut all the way down to 158.4lbs.

Ranee Huinda Ganoy vs. Shawn Gallegos

Ranee Huinda Ganoy and Shawn Gallegos make weight. Photo: Bryan Gachuz

Both co-main event participants came well within their weight limit of 140 +/- 2lbs. as Filipino-Australian Ranee Huinda Ganoy and Albuquerque’s Shawn Gallegos came in at 140.8 and 140.6 respectively. Ganoy comes into this fight riding a career high 10 fight wins streak while Gallegos looks to bounce back from quickly from a unanimous decision loss to Cristian Cabral in October. The fight card itself takes place at the McKernan Events Center in southwest Albuquerque. Tickets run between $30-$75 and can be purchased by clicking HERE. Note: The following were weights announced out loud at the weigh-in. When a request was issued of the New Mexico Athletic Commission to provide a copy of the weights following the weigh-in we noticed noticeable errors and therefore have made the decision to go by the weights announced out loud.   Full Weigh-In Results: Arturo Crespin 165* vs. Maurice Louishome 158.4 Shawn Gallegos 140.6 vs. Ranee Huinda Ganoy 140.8 Jesus Alex Holguin 129.6 vs. Miguel Armendariz 137.4* Jose Osorio 120.8 vs. Augustine Venegas 121 Tony Hirsch 159.4 vs. Kelly Wright 154.2 *Fighter missed weight. No word on if the fighter will lose the excess weight or give up a portion of the purse. In Armendariz’s case, it’s likely he will give up a portion of his purse as he weighed in 7.4lbs over the allowed limit of 128 +/-2.

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