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King of the Cage “Duke City” Quick Results & Live Play-By-Play

Southwest Fight News is live inside the Crowne Plaze Hotel in Albuquerque for King of the Cage “Duke City” tonight, November 1st. With just two months left in 2014, the event is one of the best fight cards of the year for New Mexico MMA and is poised to be a memorable nights of mixed martial arts action.

King of the Cage “Duke City” Quick Results (refresh for updates):

Main Event:
155lbs- Harvey Park defeats John Rozema via Submission

Co-Main Event:
135lbs- Charlie Williams defeats Joseph Veloz via TKO
170lbs- George Clynes defeats Denton Comyford via KO

Amatuer Under Card:
170lbs- Anthony Rozema defeats Austin Wourms via TKO
140lbs- Carlos Montano defeats Rene Rangel via Submission
120lbs- Roberto Nater defeats James Wilkerson via Submission
145lbs- Jesse Sandoval defeats Carlos Pacheco via TKO
155lbs- Bronson Mitchell defeats David Carter via Submission
180lbs- Travis Arellano defeats Dave Nater via Decision
135lbs- Roman Aranda defeats Jacob Tosh via Submission
130lbs- Allison Price defeats Ruby Santos via Submission


King of the Cage “Duke City” Live Play-By-Play

Ruby Santos vs. Allison Price

Ruby SantosRound 1 – The ladies start out moving around and Price scores first with a jab but Santos answers with a right hand and the thai clinch. Santos lands another flurry of hard punches but Price catches several solid strikes on the chin and Santos is rattled. They clinch and Santos puts the pressure on Price but Price finds a way to disconnect. Price starts teeing off again and upon her coaches instruction Santos shoots a deep double and gets a huge takedown. Santos lets Price up and now the action slows. Price lands clean against but Santos falls back and explodes up with a double leg takedown. Santos lands strikes to the body on top of Price. Santos pins Price on the fence but Price gets to her feet. The round ends again with Price flurrying and at the last second Santos gets a third takedown. Close round and tough to score but Price for significant damage.

Round 2 – Santos lost a contact between rounds, lets see how that changes her stand up. Santos shoots and Price times it with a knee and hammerfists that rattle Santos. Santos gets deep on a single leg and Price is working hard to defend. Two knees to the body from Price and now she is caught in a guillotine but she defends. One minute to go. Price rattles Santos again in a flurry and now she is hunting the head kick. After a snap jab from Price, Santos shoots under for the takedown. Price is beating up Santos on the feet and she is throwing straight crisp strikes to overwhelm her. Round ends 10-9 for Price.

Allison PriceRound 3 – Santos’ eye is basically completely shut headed into round three and she needs a finish this round on my scorecard. A level change from Santos and she lands but Price swarms her again with a flurry. Overhand misses from Santos. The action has slowed. Santos shoots but she is defended coming in. Leg kick lands inside for Santos and Santos times a flurry for a huge double leg takedown. Inside the guard of Price now and Santos needs to stay here landing strikes. Price goes to a high guard and throws up a triangle. The triangle is loose for now but as Santos goes to pass Price locks it in. The tap comes with under a minute left. What a great fight!

Allison Price defeats Ruby Santos via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 3 – 2:19

Jacob Tosh vs. Roman Aranda 

Roman ArandaRound 1 – Tosh lands with a quick one-two that lands flush but Aranda eats it and gets a huge double leg. Aranda moves to side control but Tosh craftily gets his half guard back. Aranda moves back to side control and Tosh starts to work up to his feet. A knee lands and it looked to graze the head but it isn’t called. Aranda jumps on a very tight guillotine, rolls it over to mount and the tap comes quick. The hand position on the guillotine makes that choke insanely tight.

Roman Aranda defeats Jacob Tosh via Submission (Guillotine Choke) Round 1 – 1:14

Dave Nater vs. Travis Arellano

Round 1 – One third of the Nater Brothers, Dave ends up being one of two brothers on the fight listing. Arellano fakes the punch and shoots a super fast takedown that grounds Nater quickly. Arellano moves to side control as Nater tries to use the fence to wall walk up but Arellano takes him down with a high flying takedown. Nater reverses and gets the back in a quick reversal. Body triangle from Nater as he threatens the choke. Nater is fighting hand control and wrist control with Arellano as Nater is planted firm on the back. Arellano is working double wrist control in a baseball bat grip/technique. Nater lands some short strikes as he opens up the posturing of Arellano. Nater traps the mouth to stop breathing and is truly in a dominant position. Round ending and that is a dominant 10-9 Nater round.

Travis ArellanoRound 2 – Arellano catches a wide open stance from Nater. And again. A jab now from Arellano. Overhand barely misses and a leg kick turns Nater around. Jab from Nater and a flurry from both men. A kick hurts Nater. Another leg kick. Head kick hits the chest of Nater. Nater looks to have slowed. Another head kick and Arellano ducks under for a standing arm-triangle. Arellano works in the guard of Nater. Nater has his trapped in the guard as the round ends. 10-9 for Arellano.

Round 3 – Even fight on my card! Arellano launches an overhand that misses and a leg kick/overhand lands and stuns Nater. Nater responds with a takedown and he is now in half guard atop Arellano. It looks like Nater is moving to pass. Nearly a crucifix and Arellano is looking to turn this into a takedown reversal of his own as he tries to sneak out the backdoor. He does! Now Arellano is in side control. Arellano lands some shots to the body. Arellano seems to be content on holding on here and the ref takes a peek and may stand them up. Arellano opens up with short elbows. Elbow to the head lands for Arellano. Arellano unloads as the round ends and should be another 10-9 Arellano.

Travis Arellano defeats Dave Nater via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 29-28 x3)

Bronson Mitchell vs. David Carter

Round 1 – Carter leads with a jab and Mitchell with a head kick. Carter comes in too aggressive and Mitchell counters with a takedown that sends Carter’s legs over both of their heads. Mitchell moves to mount and starts raining down punches. Mitchell is very crafty on the ground. Mitchell has pinned carter down and is landing brutal strikes. Mitchell goes to a dominant s-mount and locks in the fight ending arm bar!

Bronson Mitchell defeats David Carter via Submission (Armbar) Round 1 – 1:32

Jesse Sandoval vs. Carlos Pacheco

Jesse SandovalRound 1 – The two exchange quickly as expected. Sandoval is a bloggers nightmare. The Thai clinch from Sandoval and they go to the ground, they scramble up and they go back down. Sandoval falls into a triangle choke and he punches Pacheco attempting to escape. The choke looks deep and Pacheco moves to an armbar but then back to a triangle and Sandoval picks him to slam but no avail. Sandoval is landing strikes but he is deep in the submission. Sandoval smashes Pacheco up on the cage which should give him room to take a deep breath. Now Sandoval lands big knees to the legs and body while inside the choke. The knees are taking their toll as each one that lands Pacheco covers up. Sandoval is out! The round ends and this is insane to score! It has to be Pacheco being that he attacked with the sub all round but he did more damage while in that choke! 10-10???

Round 2 – Pacheco catches Sandoval and Sandoval and starts throwing knees and uppercuts! He drops Pacheco and the crowd erupts! This is insane! Sandoval atop Pacheco teeing off! Pacheco has a leg lock that saves him but Sandoval is too much pressure as the ref dives in! What a fight!

Jesse Sandoval defeats Carlos Pacheco via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 – 1:00

Roberto Nater vs. James Wilkerson

Round 1 – The other third of the fighting brothers! Wilkerson flies across the cage for a flying kick and Nater counters with a takedown and quickly punches himself into mount! Strikes coming by the dozens in seconds! This one started fast! Punches and elbows lead to Nater getting the rear-naked choke quickly! Wow!

Roberto Nater defeats James Wilkerson via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 0:34

Carlos Montano vs. Rene Rangel

Round 1 – Rangel is moving a lot giving lots of angles but Montano times it twice and catches him on the chin. Another for Montano. Rangel comes forward and drops Montano to a knee with a right hand but Montano goes to a takedown and then transitions to the back where he threatens the choke. Rangel scrambles and gets to his feet but Montano drops him right down. Montano is high on the back and Rangel is trying to slip out the back. He gets out and now Montano is on his back with Rangel diving into his guard. Montano works a high guard and Rangel scores from top position. Upkick from Montano allows him to move up and Rangel dives for a takedown but it is sloppy and Montano easily stuffs and gets to the back. A very good scrambler Rangel nearly escapes but Montano stays slick to the body. Round ending and that is a 10-9 Montano round.

Round 2 – Montano lands a left to start the round. Montano and Rangel scramble and Montano ends up on his back. Rangel tries to dive in and Montano rolls out of danger and reverses with a takedown of his own. Montano finds his way to the back and now Rangel is in danger once again. Montano has a body lock and takes Rangel back down as he tries to get back up. Montano has one hook in and that room is allowing Rangel room to maneuver. Rangel is flattened out! The choke is deep and he gets the tap!

Carlos Montano defeats Rene Rangel via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 2 – 2:05

Anthony Rozema vs. Austin Wourms

Round 1 – Rozema lands a lead hook early and checks a Wourms leg kick. Wourms storms in for a knee inside the clinch and it narrowly misses. Leg kick lead hook lands for Rozema. Teep and head kick miss and Rozema falls. Rozema gets the clinch and starts to unload knees and punches and Wourms drops. Rozema is on top dropping bombs. Big strikes from Rozema and the referee steps in!

Anthony Rozema defeats Austin Wourms via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 1:34

George Clynes vs. Denton Comyford

Round 1 – Always the most notable nickname of the night for Clynes, “the Magnificent Bastard”. Comyford has a low stance and the two pepper until Clynes erupts with a massive flurry that sees Comyford go unconscious after about four of five brutal strikes. That was violent! The impressive part may be that Clynes was eating strikes as he launched bombs at Comyford. That was a brutal KO.

George Clynes defeats Denton Comyford via KO (Punches) Round 1 – 0:24

Charlie Brown Williams vs. Joseph Veloz

Round 1 – Veloz pops a jab and leg kick early. Both fighters throw and miss. Williams catches a kick and takes the fight to the cage but Veloz gets position and gets a trip takedown. Mount from Veloz and Williams is using the cage for a beautiful reversal that lands him in top position. Veloz shrimps and Williams stays poised as he looks to pass. Williams is landing from inside the guard now as it seems Veloz doesn’t have much to offer in the form of a submission attempt. The guard is tight from Veloz but Williams is just posturing and landing, rinsing and repeating. Shots to the body now from Williams. Veloz opens his guard and Williams punches. Veloz finally goes high for an armbar but Williams passes and swiftly moves to mount. Williams starts throwing short elbows and mixes in punches for the TKO finish. Dominant ground work from Williams!

Charlie Brown Williams defeats Joseph Veloz via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 3:24

John Rozema vs. Harvey Park

Round 1 – The loudest ovation of the night of course goes to Mr. Rozema of Judgement MMA. Park feints a level change and gets tagged by Rozema. Rozema is grounded for a moment and gets back to his feet quickly. The two fight for position. Park drops for a takedown but doesn’t get it. They separate and Rozema swings while Park uses a standing arm-triangle to ground Rozema. Park goes to the omoplata and Rozema folls out. Rozema on top and lands a big strike. Rozema is caught in an armbar but gets out and stands up. Rozema passesbut Park reverses. Parks has Rozema stacked. He is in a modified omoplata and now gets his back taken and the rear-naked choke comes from Park. He is out but is back in deep! Rozema taps! Wow what an upset performance from Park.

Harvey Park defeats John Rozema via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 3:21


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