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King of the Cage “Duke City” Will Be A Family Affair For Judgement MMA & The Rozema Brothers

Next Saturday, November 1st, a family outing will take place and the activity and location is unlike most outings. It isn’t common to grab take your two sons out to an event center to compete in close action combat and do so as a family unit. However that is exactly what is going to happen on Saturday night for the family over at Judgement MMA.

While most fight fans are familiar with the name of Judgement MMA’s Head Coach Scott Marlowe, his wife can fly beneath the radar so to speak as Robin Marlowe is responsible for so much of the strength and conditioning that happens in the gym and really masters the fitness aspect for the members of the gym. Not only is Robin leading the way for cardiovascular strength within the gym for all of the gym’s patrons but she is also doing so for her two sons, Anthony and John whom will both be part of King of the Cage “Duke City” next Saturday night.

Inside Albuquerque’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, the show will feature a true family affair. The amateur Anthony Rozema (2-0) and the professional John Rozema (2-0, 1 NC) will participate in featured bouts, John’s specifically will be the main event of the “Duke City” fight card.

“Honestly I have only hoped for an opportunity like this! I’m so happy and thankful for King of the Cage giving me this opportunity. My brother is my best friend and training with him has been amazing. I’m beyond blessed to be a part of his fight camp and have him be a part of mine.” – Anthony Rozema

Anthony is two fights into his amateur career which includes a submission and TKO finish. An imposing figure, Rozema shares the talents of his brother amplified by the fact he is a larger fighter two weight classes higher. The powerful Rozema can strike fluidly but also translate his dominant style of fighting to the ground where he can wear an opponent out.

“Rock’em Sock’em” John Rozema jumped to the professional ranks after a successful amateur campaign that earned John a reputation as a knockout artist. It seemed as if every time John had an opening to land a clean strike, the opponent would tumble to the mat shortly after and lead to John’s hand being raised in victory. John is a technical striker who lands with brute power and is extremely durable inside the confines of the cage which helps assist John fighting in-range.

“Both brothers on the same card is a perfect thing. Both brothers push extremely hard during training, so they push each other even harder. They spar hard and grapple hard with each other making their workouts almost look like actual fights. The great part about it is they both look up to each other, I think each brother is the other’s inspiration. The whole gym is excited for this event because they are such a major part of our gym. I expect both brothers to bring each other to a new level on this one.” – Scott Marlowe

King of the Cage "Duke City"Both fighters have found their own individual success in the cage but this will mark the first time the brothers will fight on the same fight card and be able to share fight camps. Being that John and Anthony are true competitors with a passionate competitive streak, the training in the gym may in fact be more intense than some aspects of the actual fight they are about to encounter. For John, training with his larger brother will prepare him for anything his opponent has to offer in terms of strength and for Anthony, training with his quicker brother will definitely prepare him for anything a larger opponent has to offer in terms of speed and agility.

“Duke City” will provide an avenue for the Rozema brothers to steal the show and standout as premier “fighting brothers” in New Mexico. The state has had other family members finding prominence in the fight game, examples like cousins Lenny and Mike Lovato, and brothers John and Eric Dodson.

While the dynamic of the brothers may help them in their training and preparations, how does it affect their mother who also is one of their coaches?

“First and foremost it is an honor and a privilege to work with my son’s. They have the best work ethic, commitment, and desire to do their best and to be the best. I know it must be hard for them as it is for me to separate the two, mother and trainer, but they do very well. There are days when I’m sure they really don’t want to hear my voice or see my face in that they are tired and worn down and just don’t really feel like doing another hard training session. I, on the other hand have to remember not to take any comments or remarks personal, I know I am pretty hard on them. When it is all said and done they always thank me and tell me great workout mom and sorry if we were short or grouchy! It is different and better this time because the two together are better as one. They push each other to their limits in training and sparring is hard at times to watch as a mother but I know it will pay off in the end for both. We are looking forward to what is in store for these two in the future. There is no telling what they well do but I can say this will be the most exciting card yet.” – Robin Marlowe

Anthony’s opponent has yet to be announced but John will be taking on Harvey Park of Clovis, NM in a 155-pound battle. Always the entertainer, it seems as if every time John hits the cage the fight fans in attendance leave satisfied from an exciting bout. With a win on Saturday night, John definitely thrusts his name into discussion as one of New Mexico’s premier prospects on the rise.

Stay tuned for more “Duke City” coverage and for ticket information visit www.holdmyticket.com or by contacting your favorite fighter!

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