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Legacy FC 36 Route 66 Casino Play by Play

Legacy FC 36 Play by Play and Results

Sean Jeantete 156.4 vs. Dominic Chavez 149.6

1 Jeantete attempts early takedown but eats a serious of hammerfist as he’s forced down to the ground. The hammerfists continue to the side of his end. Jeantete in kneeling position leaving his back open. Chavez immediately sees the opening and implements a strong rear-naked choke.

Result: Dominic Chavez def. Sean Jeantete 01:14 RNC

Slade Ring 125.6 vs. Adrian Lopez (Unknown weight) 

1 Slade attacking with lead kicks. Lopez able to force quick takedown. Ring doing  good job of using rubber-guard to defend. Lopez spins himself into trouble, has back to Ring. Ring has omoplata attempt and at the same time has a strong rear-naked choke. Lopez tries to battle out of the awkward position but with arm stuck in omoplata and strong RNC hold is forced to tap.

Result: Slade Ring def. Adrian Lopez 01:49 RNC

Hunter Tower (Winks MMA) 169.6 vs.
Miguel Delgado (Lovato’s) 170.4

1 Delgado very tight. Tower throwing wide and is trying to throw kicks with Delgado extremely close. Tower bleeding from nose cause by a hard straight left. Round ends with both men attempting submissions. Rd 1 Delgado

Tower hesitant to throw. Delgado also very patient. Very technical 2nd round, neither man realy looking to take round. Tower because more aggressive to end round; lack of jab leaves the middle open for Delgado straight lefts. Rd 2 Delgado

Delgado attacks like he’s the one behind. Tower positioning himself to land counters. Delgado powers Tower into cage trying for a single leg takedown. Delgado now appears to be bleeding from the nose, possible a counter that caused it. After a standing tussle Delgado awkwardly trips and does not get up. Tower takes a moment and proceds to work from the guard. Delgado does a good job defending from ground but mount likely gives the round to Tower. Rd 3 Tower.

Result: Miguel Delgado def. Hunter Tower via UD 29-28×3

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