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Boxing: Southwest Showdown and Iron Boy XV Results

Shabazz Stops Undefeated Downs in El Paso

This weekend a slew of fighters from El Paso, Texas and New Mexico participated on boxing cards in Texas and Arizona; Escalante Promotions’ card in El Paso and the nationally televised Iron Boy XV card in Phoenix.

Check out the results of some of the fights that features boxers based out of our region…

Southwest Showdown, Alpha Athletics Center, El Paso, Texas

Siju Shabazz (Las Cruces, N.M.) def. Keith Downs (TX) via 6th rd TKO 01:27
Carlos Villa (El Paso, T.X.) def. John Montes via split dec. (77-73, 76-75, 75-79)
Juan Carlos Guillen (Las Cruces) def. Kevin Croom (Albuquerque, N.M.) via unamious dec. (60-54×2, 59-55)
Tim Meeks (El Paso) def. Frank Lester (Albuquerque) via split draw (39-37, 38-38, 36-40)
Josue Garcia (El Paso) def. Anthony Rocha via 2nd rd. TKO 01:49
Luis Zavala def. Thomas Drake (El Paso) ; Drake retires at start of 2nd rd.
Devonte Williams (TX) def. Esteban Villalba (Juarez) via unamious dec. (39-37×2, 40-36)

Iron Boy XV, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Arizona

Carlos Castro (AZ) def. Jaime Gutierrez (Albuquerque) via 3rd rd. TKO
Edgar Brito (AZ) def. Luis Montaño (Albuquerque) via 4th rd. TKO

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