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Josh Torres vs. Jose Marrufo
Torres vs. Marrufo for WBC USNBC Title. Photos: Bryan Gachuz/Orthrus Promotions

Torres and Marrufo Make Weight- Battle at Sunset Weigh-In Results

Josh Torres and Jose Marrufo WBC USNBC Title Is a Go as Both Fighters Make Weight

The McKernan Events Center officially broke boxing ground today when it hosted the weigh-in for tomorrow nights ‘Battle at Sunset’ card.

While a few fighters had trouble making weight, the main event WBC USNBC title participants Josh Torres and Jose Marrufo easily came under the welterweight limit of 147-pounds.

Josh Torres (141.2) vs. Jose Marrufo (140.6)
Arturo Crespin (165.6) vs. Augustine Renteria* (166.8)
Jesus Alex Holguin (134.8) vs. Marcel Cloud (133.4)
Jose Osorio (124.8) vs. Gene Perez** (125.6)
James Martinez*** (150.6) vs. Dorian Dixon (148.2)

*No word as of yet if Renteria cut 0.8lbs needed to make the 164lb. +/-2 weight limit.
**No word as of yet if Perez cut the 0.6 needed to make the 125lb. max weight limit.
***Martinez verbally agreed to give up 10% of his purse to Dixon. Would not cut extra 0.6lbs.

WBC USNBC Welterweight Title 8 rounds-Main Event:
Josh Torres 13(6)-3-1 vs. Jose Marrufo 4-2(1)-1
Middleweight 8 rounds Co-Main Event :
Arturo Crespin 11(4)-3(2)-1 vs. Augustine Renteria 10(3)-25(6)-6

Super Featherweight 4 rounds:
Jesus Alex Holguin 1-1-0 vs. Marcel Cloud 0-1(1)
Featherweight 4 rounds:
Jose Osorio 0-1(1) vs. Gene Perez 1-1(1)
Light Middleweight 4 rounds:
James Martinez 1(1)-1(1) vs. Dorian Dixon (Debut)

Doors for the fights Saturday night will open at 6:00 p.m., with the first fight starting at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets for Battle at Sunset start at $25 and can be purchased by contacting the promoters:

Isabel Chavez, Chavez Promotions
PH: (505) 261-1502
E: Chavezpromotion2012@gmail.com

Carlos Crespin, Crespin Promotions
PH: (505) 429-4068
E: Crespinsboxing@hotmail.com

The McKernan Events Center (South Valley Sports Complex) is located at 913 Sunset Rd SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105.


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