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King Of The Cage "Future Legends 23": Live Play-By-Play And Quick Results - Southwest Fight News
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The King of the Cage promotion may be the owner of the richest history in the New Mexico combat sport's world and despite keeping consistent on ticket sales, the promotion has lacked the premier "Star" that would typically emerge from their ranks.

King Of The Cage “Future Legends 23”: Live Play-By-Play And Quick Results

Tonight is the night, King of the Cage “Future Legends 23” will be live inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More than a dozen fights are scheduled to be held inside the cage and over a dozen gyms are to be featured in tonight’s action. The May 24th event will mark the third event for the promotion in New Mexico and will be highlighted and main evented by FIT NHB’s Charlie Williams in a 145-pound amateur bout.

Follow SWFight throughout the night to catch up with quick results and live play-by-play. Refresh the page continually to receive the updates.

King of the Cage “Future Legends” Quick Results:  

Main Event:
135 Pounds: Charlie Williams  defeats Juan Gandara via KO (Punch) Round 1

145 Pounds: Brent James defends Victor Orquiz via Submission (Von Flue Choke) Round 1
145 Pounds: Brandon Trujillo defeats Ronald Smith via Submission (Strikes) Round 2
140 Pounds: Nicco Montano defeats Leann Acosta via Submission (Armbar) Round 1
155 Pounds: Gerald Aldaco defeats Lamar Lee via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Round 2
170 Pounds: George Clynes defeats Hosay Batts via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
125 Pounds: Louis Papas defeats Joey Trevino via Decision (Unanimous)
135 Pounds: Luis Castillo defeats Jesse Sandoval via Decision (Split)
145 Pounds: Carlo Rodriguez defeats Mike Silva via KO (Kick) Round 2
155 Pounds: Ryan Wirth defeats Steve Ojeda via Submission (Rear-naked Choke) Round 1
135 Pounds: Shawn Montoya defeats Johnny Dobbs via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
155 Pounds: Robert Taylor defeats Shannon Curlee via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
170 Pounds: Sherwin Price defeats Abraham Loya via Split Decision
170 Pounds: Frank Troncosa vs. Hector Lumba
118 Pounds: Isai Bartolone defeats Adrian Lopez via Submission (Armbar) Round 1


Live Play-By-Play:

Isai Bartolone vs. Adrian Lopez

Round 1 – As the venue nears capacity, the first fight of the evening is ready to begin. There is a marginal height difference between Bartolone and Lopez. Inside kick from Bartolone and Lopez lands one of his own. Lopez shoots and falls into a guillotine. Lopez escapes but falls into an armbar! Lopez picks him up and slams him but the armbar is locked in. Bartolone fights off the defense of Lopez and gets the tap!

Isai Bartolone defeats Adrian Lopez via Submission (Armbar) Round 1 – 0:33


Abraham Loya vs. Sherwin Price

Round 1 – Price fights out of a low stance and lands a leg kick early. A lot of strikes but none landed so far. Price clinches but Loya reverses and the two fight for position. Knee to the thigh for Loya. Now knees to the body and they disengage. Loya switches stances. Head kick misses by Price but it was close. Leg kick lands hard for Price. Right hook from Loya. Front kick from Loya but Price catches it and pushes Loya to the fence. Price with the takedown but Loya quickly reverses and gets to top control in a loose half guard from Price. Loya is battering Price while he is between his punches and the cage. Round ends and it was close but Loya finished stronger, Loya 10-9.

Round 2 – Price leaps in with a kick and punches. Inside leg kick from Price. Outside leg kick from Loya and Price catches it but can’t get the takedown. Now both fighters narrowly miss head kicks. Price swings but can’t land. They clinch and Loya gets the control after a wild exchange from both fighters. Price works a front headlock while Loya works the knees. Price forces the action off the cage and begins to unleash a barrage of knees to the body before his own clinch forces the fight to hit the mat. Price works from guard now. Loya is looking to isolate the arms but isn’t throwing up the legs. The round ends and this was a Price round as he ends with a flurry. 10-9 Price.

Round 3 – This round is for all the marbles so to speak. Kick lands for Price but Loya lands a side kick to the face. Price gets a takedown after Loya leaps in with strikes. Price is looking to advance past half guard and Loya throws elbows from bottom position. Loya has the lockdown position on the trapped leg of Price and looks to sweep. Not a whole lot of action but Price remains busy enough to hold position. The ref stands them up. Loya lands a kick and clean punch lands. Now Loya clinches but Price gets the takedown. Back in half guard for Price. Round ends and that should be a 10-9 Price round and a 29-28 Price fight.

Official Decision: Sherwin Price defeats Abraham Loya via (Judge’s Decision Split) 29-28 Loya, 29-28 Price, 29-28 Price


Robert Taylor vs. Shannon Curlee

Round 1 – Taylor ignores the glove tap and rushes Curlee with punches but Curlee defends and as they rise, Curlee takes the back and starts working the choke. He initially traps an arm with his leg but Taylor frees it. Curlee is tight on the back with a body triangle. The arm is on the chin and he is looking to get it under the throat. Taylor goes to the thigh with elbows to break the body triangle. Curlee is not giving an inch and Taylor fights valiantly to avoid the choke. The round ends and Curlee owns it 10-9.

Round 2 – Taylor comes in firing and they clinch with Taylor taking the control position. Taylor bullies Curlee to the fence. Taylor punches the calves of Curlee which is interesting. Taylor gets the takedown and Curlee’s back is on the fence. Now Taylor has side control and Curlee is using the fence to attack. Curlee threatens with the triangle but Taylor stacks. Curlee reaches under to cut the angle and the triangle is almost in…. it is in! Taylor escapes. Taylor begins to unleash with punches and huge elbows to the body! Taylor is unloading! Now he unloads with knees as he postures up the body and Curlee turtles up forcing the referee stoppage.

Robert Taylor defeats Shannon Curlee via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 – 2:15


Johnny Dobbs vs. Shawn Montoya

Round 1 – Leg kick from Montoya. Left hook from Montoya and Dobbs looks very timid.  Dobbs gets hit with a flurry of punches and his chin is right up in he air. Montoya unloads in the flurry with punches from all angles. Dobbs drops and Montoya swarms! The ref is forced to step in. Dobbs was hit with big punches, upon getting up it appeared as if Dobbs thought the fight was going to continue.

Shawn Montoya defeats Johnny Dobbs via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 0:38


Steve Ojeda vs. Ryan Wirth

Round 1 – Ryan Wirth is brother to Kevin Wirth, both of which are successful amateur fighters and bring very supporting crowds wherever they fight. Wirth starts with a jab and two front kicks. Ojeda answers back with his own kicks to the leg and body. Ojeda latches on to Wirth looking for the takedown and when Ojeda picks Wirth up, Wirth tries to sneak to the back. Back to the clinch and Wirth is bullying Ojeda on the fence. Wirth gets the single leg and sends Ojeda for a ride and once it hits the mats Wirth is all business going to the back and sinking the rear naked choke. That was dominant stuff from Wirth.

Ryan Wirth defeats Steve Ojeda via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 1:23


Carlo Rodriguez vs. Mike Silva

Round 1 – Rodriguez is all of 18-years old but is one of the brightest young fighters coming out of the area. This fight should be fun. Leg kick from Silva and another. Rodriguez swarms and starts to land until Silva shoots. Rodriguez defends well and fights Silva with his back on the fence. Silva opens up with double hooks. Rodriguez throws and gets inside. Now Rodriguez tries to bully Silva but Silva throws knees to disengage. Silva unleashes again and lands until once again Silva shoots for the takedown. Silva gets a big takedown. Silva gets to half guard and works the head and arm choke. Rodriguez literally muscles out and starts unloading. Rodriguez is all over him with flurries. They clinch again and take turns getting control. Silva is tired and Rodriguez is all over him. Silva just swinging and Rodriguez is pouring it on. Rodriguez 10-9. What a FIGHT!

Round 2 – Silva with two leg kicks and Rodriguez is all over him. Silva retreats and WOW.. Rodriguez lands a head kick and Silva is out cold. Scary knockout.

Carlo Rodriguez defeats Mike Silva via KO (Kick) Round 2 –  0:13


Luis Castillo vs. Jesse Sandoval

Round 1 – The hype behind Castillo is his exceptional grappling talents. Castillo has won some legitimate grappling tournaments and trains out of the 10th Planet school in Santa Fe. Sandoval is young and experienced inside the cage, Judgement MMA has Sandoval improving seemingly every fight. He last won at the Legacy event in Albuquerque.

Castillo charges in with punches and he ducks under for the takedown. Castillo lifts Sandoval up and slams him down. Castillo fights from half guard. and digs deep to pass and get dominant control. Sandoval is doing what he can to defend but Castillo is all over him. Castillo drags Sandoval all the way to his corner and his coaches are screaming instruction. Full guard for Sandoval. Sandoval gets the foot to the hip to create space but Castillo swarms. As Sandoval gets up, Castillo lands a knee to the head. Now they are standing. Sandoval rocks Castillo with a series of punches and Castillo takes Sandoval down. Castillo gets mount. Sandoval spins and gets to his feet. Round ends and Castillo gets that one 10-9.

Round 2 – Sandoval charges with a knee but Castillo uses it to get a takedown. Sandoval uses the fence to get up. Castillo powers through with the clinch and Sandoval is throwing to the body. Sandoval presses Castillo to the fence. Castillo gets a double leg and lifts Sandoval up over his head and hard to the mat. Not much action from Castillo but he applies the pressure. Sandoval with an omoplata attempt but Castillo defends and we are back to Sandoval’s guard. Gogoplata from Sandoval but Castillo defends. Sandoval is very active with the legs. Castillo passes to the side control position and Sandoval rolls back to guard. Great chess match! Castillo oases again and went for a kimura but Sandoval powered out. Round ends and it is Castillo 10-9. GREAT FIGHT.

Round 3 – Sandoval needs a finish to win this one. Castillo catches two overhands in a wild exchange and as Sandoval begins to land Castillo hits a blast double leg. Sandoval defends the passing of Castillo with his active guard. Sandoval is very active from his back. Castillo is working to pass but the legs of Sandoval are very active. Sandoval has landed more from his back this round than Castillo. Sandoval kicks Castillo to get up but Castillo shoots again and gets the takedown. Sandoval sweeps position and gets up but Castillo once again charges in for the takedown. Sandoval is working the punches but unfortunately the judge’s rarely award rounds to the bottom fighter. Sandoval gets a triangle but Castillo defends. Castillo is clearly the more tired fighter but he did enough to win the round and should get the clean sweep on the judge’s scorecards in a fight that was razor close throughout as Sandoval did a great job fighting from his back and Castillo was a wizard in the wrestling and grappling departments.

Luis Castillo defeats Jesse Sandoval via Judge’s Decision (Split) 29-28 Sandoval, 30-27 Castillo, 29-28 Castillo


Hosay Batts vs. George Clynes

Round 1 – Best nickname of the night goes to Clynes who is announced as “The Magnificent Bastard”. Awesome. Clynes narrowly misses a head kick. Leg kick from Batts. Body kick solid lands for Clynes. Two right hands graze Batts as Clynes charges in. Batts presses forward with a front kick but Clynes circles out. Left hook stuns Batts. Right hand for Clynes and a hook from Batts lands as the two go into flurry mode. Clynes working a takedown and runs the pipe to get it. Clynes is in side control and Batts has the head trapped to defend. Clynes gets to mount and starts to unload. The ref has to stop it. Batts protests but it was the right call as Clynes rattled Batts’ head on the canvas several times.

George Clynes defeats Hosay Batts via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 2:04 


Joey Trevino vs. Louis Papas

Round 1 – Experienced and technical Joey Trevino vs. athletic and explosive Louis Papas, this fight was the most anticipated on a personal level. I was excited the second I saw this match-up. Head kick grazes above the head of Trevino for Papas and Papas sprawls immediately on a Trevino takedown. Trevino works the double and gets it with a leg trip. Trevino jumps mount and starts unloading but Papas escapes. As Papas rises, Trevino dumps him again. Front headlock from Trevino but Papas is out and back to the feet. Papas misses an overhand. Head kick for Papas and this one catches the hands of a defending Trevino. Left hook stuns Trevino and Trevino shoots. Papas scrambles and gets top position. Elbows to a turtled Trevino are mauling Trevino as he stays deep on a single leg. Ref stands them up to a called illegal knee to the back of the head. Round ending with Papas sprawling on a Trevino shot.

Round 2 – Both fighters start slow but Papas comes out with the lead hook, slips on a feint but pops backup. Leg kick and lead hook land for Papas. Another leg kick lands. A head kick just misses for Papas. Trevino seems to be uncomfortable throwing and Papas unloads another leg kick that lands with a thud. Spinning back fist catches air and Trevino uses it as a way to get deep into a double leg for a takedown. Papas nearly sweeps and Trevino is staying heavy with his posture. Trevino buries his head deep into Papas’ chest and defends Papas attempt to get up. Can opener from Trevino and the pace has slowed. Round ends and that would be a tough one to call, it could be a 10-10 but it will probably be 10-9 Trevino.

Round 3 – Papas rushes in with a lead hook and Trevino circles out. Head kick hits forearms for Papas. Both fighters seemed to have slowed after two rounds of fast pace action. Leg kick from Papas. Jab from Papas. Knee to the body from close range for Papas and Trevino misses over the top. Trevino shoots but bails and backs out. Trevino tries for the trip but Papas takes his back, Trevino rolls and now Papas is in the guard. Trevino rolls on an armbar and Papas begins to stack. It looks deep and Trevino goes belly down but Papas escapes! Now some ground and pound from Papas. The round comes to an end and the it should be a 10-9 Papas round and a 29-28 Papas fight. Great stuff from these guys.

Official Decision: Louis Papas defeats Joey Trevino via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous) 29-28 x2, 30-27


Gerald Aldaco vs. Lamar Lee

Round 1 – Front kick from Lee drops Aldaco and Aldaco scrambles to get to the feet. Now a kick and a flurry sends Lee off balance and Aldaco chases him to get the back but Lee scrambles. We are on the cage now with Lee in control. Aldaco has head control but now they are back to standing. They exchange kicks. Wild overhand from Lee. Spinning back fist misses from Lee and Aldaco lands a leg kick. One two lands for Aldaco and he charges in to get a clinch position. Aldaco looking to bully with knees. Break from the ref. Right hand from Lee and a body kick from Aldaco. Superman punch from Lee which was called a “Spartan Punch” from his corner. Aldaco charges him down with kicks and the round ends with Aldaco looking to clinch. VERY tough round to score. But I would see Lee for activity. But close!

Round 2 – Lead elbow from Aldaco is countered by Lee’s lead hook. Simultaneous Superman punches and Aldaco is deep on a takedown. Lee circles out and Aldaco is pursuing. Lee is signaling an eye poke but the ref didn’t see it, Lee literally runs from Aldaco and Aldaco swarms by taking the back. Interesting. Aldaco flattens him out but Lee rolls and gets half guard. Aldaco gets the head and arm choke and jumps to side control to get the choke!

Gerald Aldaco defeats Lamar Lee via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Round 2 – 1:49 


Nicco Montano vs. Leann Acosta

Round 1 – Montano swarms with punches, none land but they get her into the clinch where she implores a body lock and drives Acosta into the cage. Short knees from Montano. Knee to the head lands. Montano attempts to drag the fight down but Acosta defends with nice balance. Montano with a font head lock and she drops back and rolls all the way through for the takedown Montano moves to the mount and grabs an armbar! It is deep! Acosta somehow managing to hold on and the ref is watching close! The referee steps in and stops it, the arm is already swollen. Dislocation or break could be very possible.

Nicco Montano defeats Leann Acosta via Submission (Armbar) Round 1 –  2:03


Ronald Smith vs. Brandon Trujillo

Round 1 – Leg kick from Trujillo and a hook from Smith. They are just brawling and scrambling, wild action to begin the round. Leg kick lands for smith. Now Trujillo lands a straight clean and Smith shoots. Back to standing. They trade again and when Smith shoots Trujillo is ready to get top position. Trujillo gets the scarf hold arm lock but Smith rolls out and gets to his feet. This is high pace action! They both trade again. And again the fighters flurry. The fight hits the mats and Trujillo takes the back for a moment until Smith rolls to his back. Trujillo works from the guard of Smith. Elbow lands hard for Trujillo. Smith reverses to MOUNT! Round ends and this was a wild round! Easy 10-10 round being that it was so close but I would lean towards a 10-9 Smith card.

Round 2 – Body kick from Trujillo gets in. Smith with a punch kick combo that lands. Leg kick from Trujillo. The pace has slowed. Trujillo drops Smith to the canvas with a straight and starts pouring it on. Smith taps!

Brandon Trujillo defeats Ronald Smith via Submission (Strikes) Round 1 – 0:49


Brent James  vs. Victor Orquiz

Round 1 – James whips a leg kick. Orquiz swarms but James ducks under and gets the takedown. James sneaks his arm in for an arm triangle and gets the submission as Orquiz goes out cold. Wow, blink and you missed that finish. He got the rare Von Flue choke in that one.

Brent James defeats Victor Orquiz via Submission (Von Flue Choke) Round 1 – 0:25


Charlie Williams vs. Juan Gandara

Round 1 – Main Event Time! Williams starts with a leg kick. Both fighters feint and Gandara scores with a leg kick and Williams answers. Williams always looks so poised in the cage. Left hand stuns Gandara as Williams catches Gandara coming in. Leg kick for Williams. Low kick for Gandara. Right hand for Gandara stuns Williams. HUGE hook lands for Williams, knocks Gandara’s mouthpiece out and knocks Gandara out cold! What a knockout!

Charlie Williams defeats Juan Gandara via KO (Punch) Round 1 –  1:24


That’s a wrap fight fans! Another great night of fights for the King of the Cage promotion!

About Phillip Lujan

Phillip Lujan is one of the lead contributors and a featured writer for SWFight.com. Specializing in MMA breakdowns and analysis, Phillip is considered the MMA aficionado on staff. With nearly ten years of experience in combat sports, gazing through the eyes perceptively as a fan and a cornerman and from fight manager to analyst. He can be reached on twitter at @KingStark24 or through email at marcello.lujan@gmail.com.