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King of the Cage “Driven” – Results From Ute Mountain Casino

We are live inside the Ute Mountain Casino in Colorado for King of the Cage “Driven”. The fight card is full of mostly amateur bouts and features so many of our local, hard-working local fighters from around the Southwest.

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Quick Results:

Main Event:

Steve Hanna defeats  Kani Correa via Submission (Triangle) Round 1

Co-Main Event – 135-Pound Amateur World Title Fight:

Robert Herrera defeats Kevin Wirth via Decision (Unanimous)

Joey Trevino defeats Ozzy Chavez via Submission (Triangle) Round 1
David Lyons defeats Matt Strawn via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Caden Rezeck defeats George Clynes via Submission – Round 2
Andy Salas defeats Brendan Barker via Decision (Split)
Zack Sanchez defeats Leroi Light via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Amanda Lovato defeats Melody Nanez via Decision (Unanimous)
Jesse Sandoval defeats Mike Silva via TKO (Strikes) Round 3 
Ryan Wirth defeats Ambrose Teasaytwho Jr. via Decision (Unanimous) 
Seth Leake defeats Anthony Bowler via Submission (Strikes) Round 1
Fred Rodriguez defeats Randy Blackwell via TKO (Strikes) – Round 3


In-Depth Round-By-Round Commentary:


Randy Blackwell and Fred Rodriguez went to war in a Heavyweight bout.

Randy Blackwell and Fred Rodriguez went to war in a Heavyweight bout.

Randy Blackwell vs. Fred Rodriguez

Round 1 – Blackwell in with a flying knee. Rodriguez shoots hard and Blackwell sprawls hard to avoid but Rodriguez just keeps pushing for it. They disconnect. Rodriguez charges in again and starts to land knees but Blackwell threatens with a choke. Knee from Blackwell inside and Rodriguez is just putting his weight into Blackwell to close the distance. They begin to trade now with Blackwell getting the better of the exchanges. Right hand stuns Rodriguez. Now Blackwell lands. It is a slug fest with both guys swinging and landing huge shots. I would give the round to Blackwell 10-9 but it was close.

Round 2 – Rodriguez comes out throwing bombs and is all over Blackwell early. Now Blackwell returns shots but Rodriguez has him out on his feet momentarily but Blackwell comes back strong. Rodriguez is pouring it on here. Rodriguez has him hurt bad and Blackwell doesn’t look like he is all there right now from those shots. Rodriguez is landing in the clinch but visibly exhausted his punches aren’t landing hard. Front kick from Blackwell lands. Some late offense from Blackwell but Rodriguez takes this one 10-9.

Round 3 – Rodriguez storms in but Blackwell gets a quick takedown. Now Rodriguez reverses and gets mount and looks to unload. After Blackwell stopped defending or improving, the referee had to step in.

Fred Rodriguez defeats Randy Blackwell via TKO (Strikes) 1:46 


Seth Leake showed HUGE power in his stoppage victory.

Seth Leake showed HUGE power in his stoppage victory.

Seth Leake vs. Anthony Bowler

Round 1 – Leake lands a right hand immediately that stuns Bowler and pushes him hard into the fence where he turns it into a takedown. He jumps the guillotine but Bowler escapes and now has top position. Swelling on the forehead of Bowler. They get back up. Leg kick from Bowler and a left hand from Leake drops him. Some ground and pound finishes the fight. Some real power shown by Leake.

Seth Leake defeats Anthony Bowler via Submission (Strikes) 1:24


Leroi Light vs. Zack Sanchez

Round 1 – Sanchez lands a leg kick and they both trade and now the fight hits the mat. Light rolls on a leg lock but Sanchez is all over him. Light has his chin straight up and Sanchez is catching him with big shots. Three left hooks rock Light and a right hand buckles him. Sanchez is all over Light here and it is all over. The crowd explodes for Sanchez!

Zach Sanchez defeats Leroi Light via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 1:12



Ryan Wirth slams and grapples his way to a Decision victory.

Ryan Wirth slams and grapples his way to a Decision victory.

Ryan Wirth vs. Ambrose Teasaytwho Jr.

Round 1 – Ambrose with a kick to the body and they trade but Wirth shoots in and gets stuffed. Wirth working against the cage now and Ambrose is looking to circle off the fence. Wirth takes the back and HUGE suplex slam. He is taking the back now and has the hooks in. Body triangle now and Ambrose looks to be in trouble. Ambrose is fighting valiantly. Wirth peppering him with shots now and he is in total control. Flattened out and now Ambrose rolls but Wirth gets mount. Short elbows and punches. Wirth looks tough from mount. Now back to back control. Ambrose looks to roll but Wirth goes with it. All Wirth, even a 10-8 round.

Round 2 – Leg kicks from Wirth. Now to the clinch, where Wirth is looking for a takedown. Wirth picks Ambrose up and carries him to the middle of the cage and slams him down. From side control to mount, Wirth is winning this fight with grappling. Isolating an arm, Wirth gets a gogoplata! But Ambrose gets out and they return to the feet. Ambrose lands hard now and has Wirth on his heels. Wirth misses a haymaker. Ambrose is pouring it on now. Wirth looks tired and feints a takedown. Ambrose lands again. Wirth looks tired and Ambrose looks much fresher but as I type that Wirth pushes forward with a takedown into Ambrose’s guard. Round ends, 10-9 Ambrose.

Round 3 – Ambrose needs this round badly. Wirth doesn’t look recovered and Ambrose hits Wirth low. Stoppage time for the low blow. Right hand counter from Ambrose. Wirth tosses Ambrose but a scramble leads to Ambrose on top. Ambrose has a modified bulldog choke which is basically a headlock. He sits in side control. It is more of a crank. But Wirth gets to the back and now is working atop Ambrose’s back. What a turnaround! He is working the rear-naked choke. Loses it and is just looking to stay on as Ambrose rolls to the top but now Wirth gest position. This is a scramblefest. Round ends with Wirth in the mount. Got to give this to Wirth 10-9 who should get the nod.

Ryan Wirth defeats Ambrose Teasaytwho Jr via Decision (Unanimous 30-27, 29-28)


Mike Silva vs. Jesse Sandoval

Jesse Sandoval outworked, outhustled and fought valiantly earning the third round TKO.

Jesse Sandoval outworked, outhustled and fought valiantly earning the third round TKO.

Round 1 – Sandoval with two push kicks and Silva comes in and gets a takedown. Silva moves to side control. Half guard now. Sandoval is active but Silva is staying locked on. Sandoval is landing short punches and Silva is just putting his head down and controlling position. Silva jumps into side control. Tries to go to mount and Sandoval elevator sweeps up but Silva gets back to side control. North-south for Silva. Some questionable punches to the back of the head from Silva. Round ends and that is 10-9 Silva.

Round 2 –  Sandoval lands a front kick and leg kick and now charges in and lands a right hand. Silva moves to a takedown and picks Sandoval up for the slam. Full guard for Silva. Sandoval is actually outlanding Silva from beneath. Sandoval almost has a triangle and is landing some shots here. Silva drops down on a leg lock and Sandoval is a still punching away. I think Sandoval wins the round from bottom and ends the round pounding Silva. Sandoval 10-9

Round 3 – Sandoval charges in and lands hard but Silva pulls guard. Sandoval slams him down and now Sandoval is on top. Arm bar from Silva and Sandoval slips out. Sandoval has the sprawl position and may have a choke but Silva is pressing forward. Now Sandoval on the back slamming the body hard. Full guard from Silva and Sandoval is pouring it on. Sandoval is on top working the strikes and staying busy. Sandoval opens up but Silva is defending well enough. Referee stand up. Silva is slow to get up and is exhausted. Sandoval pouring it on and Silva isn’t defending and it is stopped standing.

Jesse Sandoval defeats Mike Silva via TKO (Strikes) Round 3 – 2:46


Andy Salas vs. Brendan Barker


Andy Salas threw everything but the kitchen sink in his Split Decision victory.

Andy Salas threw everything but the kitchen sink in his Split Decision victory.

Round 1 – Salas lands first and Barker is looking to clinch. Salas goes body-body along the fence and is working to control the clinch along the fence. Barker reverses and has the control on the fence. Reversal for Salas. Leg kick for Salas. And now big shots for Salas. Salas is digging into that body. Barker gets the takedown and Barker quickly jumps guard into mount and begins pouring down punches. Barker opens up his posture and Salas is in defense mode. Round ending, 10-9 Barker

Round 2 – Salas sneaks in a jab and Barker closes the distance. A knee from Salas gets a takedown from Barker in response. Side control from Barker Barker spins to take the back and gets a huge suplex. Now back to standing and Salas lands clean. Barker is back to the takedown attempt. Salas gets a guillotine standing and is really arching tight on it but Barker hangs tough. Salas unleashes some  nasty strikes and I think I may give him the steal on the round. 10-9 Salas.

Round 3 – Salas opens up once again with huge shots and Barker works the single leg. Salas wisely pushes down the head and is working to be heavy from the sprawl. They separate. Six consecutive right hooks land for Salas. Two uppercuts land clean and Salas is pouring it on an exhausted Barker. Salas is beating up Barker in the clinch. Salas is just landing some nasty shots. Uppercuts hurt Barker. Salas is throwing everything but the kitchen sink. Round ends with Barker clinging on to Salas. Salas takes that arguably 10-8 and the fight.

Andy Salas defeats Brendan Barker via Decision (Split)


George Clynes vs. Caden Rezeck

This was one was fast paced, Caden Rezeck got the submission over George Clynes.

This was one was fast paced, Caden Rezeck got the submission over George Clynes.

Round 1 –  Clynes hits hard with a right and they both flurry. Caden  is pressing Clynes into the fence. Knees from Caden. Another. Another. Again and a barrage of punches brings the crowd to a ROAR. Clynes shoots but is stuffed. Clynes still on a single leg. But Caden is punishing him. Clynes now in top pounding from Caden’s guard. Clynes landing some strong punches. Half guard now for Clynes. I think Clynes should get the nod 10-9

Round 2 – Clynes lands a nice right and they both start slugging until Clynes starts working a low single. He gets it. Caden gets to Clynes’ back now and pins an arm threatening the rear naked choke. He gets it! Quick reversal and Caden made Clynes pay for the mistake.

Caden Rezeck defeats George Clynes via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 2 – 0:50


Amanda Lovato vs. Melody Nanez

It wasn't easy but Amanda Lovato out-worked Melody Nanez over 15-minutes.

It wasn’t easy but Amanda Lovato out-worked Melody Nanez over 15-minutes.

Round 1 –  Lovato with a front kick and they trade. Lovato pushes forward but gets thrown when Nanez catches a kick. Back up now. Nanez catches another kick but as Lovato falls she gets a triangle but it isn’t fully locked on. Arm bar transition. Back to the triangle. It is locked in. Lovato is doing everything to finish this but Nanez is tough. Lovato moves to the armbar and it looks deep but Nanez survives. They are back up. Lovato with a leg kick. Lovato throws her down. Nanez to her knee and as she rises Lovato lands a HUGE knee. Round ends with Nanez on top. Lovato’s round 10-9.

Round 2 – Nanez misses a leg kick. Body kick from Lovato. Spinning back kick from Nanez and Lovato eats it to land a flurry. Now Lovato in the clinch beating Nanez up with some elbows and punches. Lovato is pressing Nanez into the cage. Standing arm triangle from Lovato but that is hard to finish. Spinning back fist for Nanez and Lovato storms in unphased with punches. Leg kick for Lovato. Another and a flurry of punches. Front headlock from Lovato along the fence. Knees to the body. Round ends and that is another Lovato round. She is winning on pressure, 10-9.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Lovato and Nanez pushes into the fence. Lovato slips. Low kick for Lovato. Spinning back kick misses for Lovato. Lovato charges in with punches and into the clinch they go. Lovato bullying from the clinch. Digging into the body now. Lovato waits out a few front kicks and charges in again with punches. Shoulder strikes from Lovato. Nanez lands a knee inside. Jab is in for Lovato and a leg kick. Spinning back fist for Nanez and Lovato throws her own. The round ends with a flurry. 10-9 Lovato which should give her the Judge’s nod.

Amanda Lovato defeats Melody Nanez via Decision (Unanimous)


David Lyons vs. Matt Strawn

David Lyons weathered the storm from Matt Strawn and picked up the TKO victory.

David Lyons weathered the storm from Matt Strawn and picked up the TKO victory.

Round 1 – Strawn with a leg kick.Another. They trade but nobody lands. Strawn stiffens him with a punch but Lyons gets the takedown and now he is in a guillotine but Strawn is out and now he is moving in for the takedown. Lyons digging into the body now but Strawn is pushing forward and gets the slam. Side control now. Back to standing now. Leg kick from Lyons but he falls but gets up quickly. Body kick from Strawn. Lyons pours it on and drops Strawn and ground and pounds as the fight ends. 10-10 round for me. That was close

Round 2 – Strawn doesn’t have his legs under him and he is looking to grapple. They both trade and Strawn drops Lyons! Now Strawn in side control. They are back up and Lyons is bleeding. Two right hands for Strawn land. Now a big punch from Lyons DROPS Strawn. Almost an illegal head kick but Lyons refrains. Now he pours on the ground and pound and forces the referee to step in!

David Lyons defeats Matt Strawn via TKO (Strikes) Round 2  


Ozzy Chavez blitzed Joey Trevino early, Trevino survived and got the submission.

Ozzy Chavez blitzed Joey Trevino early, Trevino survived and got the submission.

Ozzy Chavez vs. Joey Trevino

Round 1 – Chavez in the clinch and lands knees and now gets the takedown. Chavez is all over Trevino with punches. Chavez has him flattened out and he is pouring it on Trevino. Now to the full guard. Trevino throws up the armbar but Chavez slides out and continues to punch away. Chavez stacks and Trevino nearly reverses. Now he catches a triangle and Chavez is in it deep. Chavez taps! Trevino gets the come from behind victory.

Joey Trevino defeats Ozzy Chavez via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 1 2:08


Kevin Wirth vs. Robert Herrera

Round 1 – Wirth clips Herrera charging in. Herrera is working the body lock along the fence and gets a slam. Herrera suplexes Wirth as he gets to his feet. Another suplex this time off the fence and Herrera is mugging Wirth with his body lock. Herrera just staying heavy but not much activity. Wirth isn’t doing much for the full guard but he is keeping the posture of Herrera down. Herrera is stacking now. A kimura attempt from Wirth doesn’t get far but at least he is working. The round ends, 10-9 Herrera.

Round 2 – Body kick lands for Wirth but Herrera punches his way into the clinch. The body lock from Herrera is tight once again. They break. Head kick from Wirth glances. Wirth gets the collar ties and lands an uppercut and knee. Wirth ducks under punches and takes the back and is now working the grappling game. Smooth reversal from Herrera and not only does he escape but he gets another trip takedown. Side control for Herrera. Knees to the body from Herrera. Referee stand up, which is horrible since they are in side control and Herrera was in a dominant position. Round ending and it was much closer but Herrera gets another slam to solidify the round. 10-9 Herrera.

Round 3 – Big leg kick from Herrera and he gets another slam takedown. His wrestling is dominant. Wirth back up. Herrera is all over him but they break. Inside kick lands for Wirth and a left hook. Another left hook. Herrera really driving for a takedown but Wirth has it defended. He gets the takedown and Wirth has his back on the fence. Wirth rolls on a kimura and he has it deep, modified armbar and it is also deep! Herrera grimaces but he escapes. Round ends and again close, but Herrera’s aggression is winning it. 10-9 Herrera.

Round 4 – I believe Wirth needs a stoppage to win this one. Outside leg kick for Herrera. Knee inside for Wirth as Herrera looks for the body lock. Herrera gets the takedown. That is very simply the theme of this fight. Kimura attempt from Wirth and he had it. Looks DEEP! Herrera escapes! Wirth still has an arm as they scramble. Herrera hits a knee to a downed Wirth and they take a point. Break for the illegal shot. Re-start. High kick hits the shoulder of Herrera. They both land. Herrera swings for the fences and Wirth catches him. Back to the clinch. Wirth pressing Herrera now. Wirth has to be careful as Herrera has the suplexes to reverse this. Now Wirth gets tripled and Herrera is working for top position. But Wirth reverses and takes the back. He has his hooks in. He slides off the back and Herrera is pounding away. Round ends. With the point that is a 10-8 round for Wirth.

Round 5 – With the point deduction, suddenly this fifth round has become very interesting. Wirth looks like the fresher fighter and he lands a punch in close. Herrera is finding air when he throws. Inside leg kick drops Herrera and the crowd is going insane in here! Inside kick for Herrera lands. Head kick blocked by Herrera and now he grabs the body lock. BIG SLAM! That’s been Hererra’s go-to move. Full guard for Wirth. Wirth reverses and gets the back but then Herrera rolls and gets back to guard. Closed guard for Wirth. Referee stand-up. Jab for Herrera. Body kick lands. Round ends with Herrera on top. Close round. 10-9 Herrera. What a GREAT fight. That was a classic for the King of the Cage and the amateur ranks.

Robert Herrera defeats Kevin Wirth via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 48-45, 49-45 x2)


Steve Hanna vs. Kani Correa

Round 1 – Main EVENT time! Correa with a front kick. He lands a nice front kick. Low kick for Hanna. Right hand clips Correa and Hanna presses in. Correa muscles him in he clinch. The fight goes to the ground and Hanna lands right in mount. Body triangle from Hanna and Correa is in trouble. Hanna starts to land some punches now and Correa is trying to wiggle out. Mount for Hanna. Correa is bucking and now back to the back control. Correa is hanging tough with Hanna on his back but Hanna has awesome pressure. Hanna went for the twister but Correa toughs it out. Now Correa is on top and Hanna slaps on a triangle but he is stacked by Correa for the time being. Correa taps! Hanna looked impressive.

Steve Hanna defeats Kani Correa via Submission (Triangle) Round 1 – 3:15


And that’s a wrap fight fans!




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