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“Havoc” Holm vs. Hayes Results

Last night, the highly anticipated Fresquez Productions fight event concluded inside the Route 66 Casino in the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The show represented the last major MMA show in the confines of New Mexico and the event delivered action from start to finish, from the amateurs to the main event featuring Holly Holm and Angela Hayes.

Unfortunately, SWFight was not able to bring you live play-by-play like we traditionally do but we did live tweet event results and updates. We hope followers joined us on Twitter and if you did not, make sure to follow in the future on our Twitter handle @SWFight.

We have the summary of action from every round and every fight right here for those of you who missed the action:


Jerome Rivera vs. Ricky Esquibel

Round 1 – The two fighters started the opening frame exchanging with both fighters sneaking punches in. Rivera landed a front kick that was slightly deflected by Esquibel. Esquibel throws now and launches a kick to the body of Rivera. The fight goes into close range now and Rivera gets the collar tie moving into the fence. Both fighters throw knees and neither land as they are both throwing and moving. Esquibel reaches up and over to snatch up the neck of Rivera. Rivera for the fourth straight fight finds himself defending a choke. Rivera gets the takedown in form a big slam and moves to side control. Esquibel works his way back to full guard still attacking the choke but Rivera isn’t in any danger here. While Esquibel tries to adjust his grip, Rivera pops out. Rivera starts to land big time ground and pound. Mixing up hammerfists, punches and elbows the lengthy Rivera is dominating now. Rivera moves to mount and is unloading and Esquibel gives up his back. Rivera slides into a body triangle on the back of Esquibel, lands some shots to soften Esquibel and smoothly transitions into the rear-naked choke. Awesome stuff from Rivera.

Jerome Rivera defeats Ricky Esquibel via Submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 2:21


Anthony Morales vs. Nate Armstrong

Round 1 – Morales throws and catches a 1-2 combo flush on Armstrong but Armstrong absorbs it and gets on the waist of Morales. HUGE slam that sees Morales lifted up over Armstrong’s head. Half guard now, it is loose and Armstrong passes. Armstrong’s state championship wrestling credentials showing through. There in side control now and Morales isn’t offering any offense off of his back. Armstrong gets mount, he is keeping good posture. He starts unloading punches. Armstrong takes the back. He is all over him here. Back to mount and after a barrage of punches the referee steps in. Dominant stuff from Armstrong.

Nate “The Fury” Armstrong defeats Anthony Morales via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 2:50


Kelly Westby vs. Steven Baca

Round 1 –  Westby comes out strong with straight punches and charges in unloading. Baca is grounded behind the pressure. Baca back up and Westby pushes forward and grounds him again. Westby is working top striking now. They return to standing position and Westby continues his onslaught of powerful offensive striking. Back to the ground and Westby is continuing to unload. Dominant first round. Westby 10-9

Round 2 – Westby is just too strong, he starts the round with heavy pressure like round one and Baca is just surviving. Same as round one, Westby is just pushing forward and his strikes are beating up Baca. Baca working on a takedown but Westby reverses and briefly has the back. Westby is just too much in this one. Westby 10-9

Round 3 – Jab from Baca and it was the first major shot he has got in. Westby does look tired from his high paced offense in the first two rounds. Baca shoots but is stuffed. Westby in top position and he is doing enough work to avoid the stand up. Round was same as one and two just much slower paced. Westby with the clean sweep 10-9

Kelly Westby defeats Steven Baca via Unanimous Decision


Eddie Gamboa vs. Clint Roberts

Round 1 – Roberts opens up with a leg kick. They exchange and Gamboa touches the body of Roberts. Flying knee lands hard from Roberts and Gamboa flies into the fence. Overhooks for Gamboa controlling Roberts. Wait, the referee calls the timeout and they call in the ringside physician. The ref waves off the fight and video reveals Gamboa had a nasty broken nose. Wow, his nose was in bad shape.

Clint Roberts defeats Eddie Gamboa via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Round 1 – 0:38


Jesus Urbina vs. Nick Urso

Round 1 – Nick comes out and catches Urbina with a series of punches and kicks. They both trade now. Urso lands a nasty right hand that DROPS Urbina. Huge punch! Some follow up punches and the referee jumps in! Urbina pounces back up in protest and the crowd boos but it looked like Urso had him very compromised absorbing a lot of damage.

Nick Urso defeats Jesus Urbina via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Rey Trujillo vs. Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez

Round 1 – Switch headkick from Moggly. Now he pushes forward with punches. Clinch work now. Uppercut misses for Moggly but he gets in a leg kick. Superman punch from Trujillo. They trade and Moggly gets the clinch along the fence. Trujillo works a takedown but Moggly escapes and lands a leg kick. Another. Overhand narrowly misses for Trujillo. Flying knee from Moggly touches the body of Trujillo. Trujillo wings big wading punches but they don’t land. Moggly gets caught off balance and eats a shot. Moggly digs into Trujillo’s body. More clinch and Moggly is doing some good body work. They separate and Trujillo lands in an exchange. Moggly may be hurt here and Trujillo swarms but Moggly counters with a huge left that backs Trujillo up. Trujillo throws a front flip kick that comes nowhere near landing. Flying knee misses for Moggly. Moggly gets the clinch and lands a series of knees and elbows. Body body combo punches from Moggly. A hook and jab land for Trujillo land before the round ends. 10-9 Moggly in a high-pace fight.

Round 2 – Moggly hits a flying kick to the body. Trujillo gets a takedown but Moggly is right back up. They trade. Spinning back fist lands for Moggly that stuns Trujillo. Uppercut lands for Moggly in the clinch and Moggly flurries a rocked Trujillo along the fence. Left hand lands now. Moggly digs to the body. Moggly is dominant in the clinch and gets the fight to the mat where Moggly starts raining down punches. Trujillo isn’t moving to defend and the referee steps in.

Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez defeats Rey Trujillo via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 3:25


Cris Leyva vs. Chuck Piedritz

Round 1 – Lots of feints and Piedritz hits a left. Leyva gets a quick takedown. Leyva leg kick. Another. Another. Piedritz isn’t throwing anything here just feints. But now a takedown attempt and gets it. Piedritz takes the back. And Leyva wall walks back up. Now the clinch. Chuck gets a single and dumps Leyva but Leyva stays up for  a moment until Piedritz keeps running the pipe. Back on the fence Leyva is taking some punches. Now back to standing. Leyva goes to the kicks again. Legs and body attacks from Leyva. Leg kick. Left hook for Piedritz. Leg kick for Piedritz. Leyva flurries with a mix of kicks and punches . Leg kick for Piedritz. Head kick misses for him. Huge flurry from Leyva but nothing lands clean. Spinning back fist misses for Leyva. Piedritz dives in and gets Leyva to the ground. Leyva may look for a choke but Piedritz gets his posture. Piedritz lands some punches and a knee to the side. 10-9 Piedritz

Round 2 – Leyva with a jab. Another. Chuck back to feinting. Overhand misses for Chuck. Overhand glances for Leyva.Jab for Leyva. Right hand for Chuck stiffens Leyva up but Leyba is back throwing flurries. Leg kick for Chuck. They trade punches. Chuck is more offensice, leads with a hook and gets the takedown. Now he is ontop of Leyva doing damage. Standing. They tarde and both land. Takedown. Huge slam. Right into side. Chucl landing some good shots. Standing. Cguck gets anither takedown. Jumps mount. Now tha back. RNC attemot. Chuck softening him up. Knee to the body now on the fence. Round ends. Chuck 10-9

Round 3 – Piedritz. Lands three stiff strikes and barrels into another big takeodnw. Chuck on his back now. Rains down punches and threatens with the choke. Leyva gets back up but Chuck is clinging to the double leg. Half guard now. Chuck is looking to move into mount. Mount. Leyva wiggles out. Side control. Now mount. Now side control. Pinning the arm for the crucifix. Elbows in crufifix. Now to the back. Leyva trying to shrug him off. Punches now. Leyva gets up but Chuck gets the high crotch takedown. Standing. Right hand from Chuck and now Chuck gets a takedown. Back control. Dominant. Chuck 10-8

Chuck Piedritz defeats Cris Leyva via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)


Cody East vs. Esteves Jones

Round 1 – Big pop for Cody as he walks out. East walks Jones down immediately. Right hand glances and a missed punch from Esteves leads to takedown for East. Back up and East gets a suplex. Knees from East. BIG knees to a turtled Esteves. Back up to the feet. East misses a flurry but is stalking Jones down. East hurts Esteves and he is covering up on the fence. Huge knees and punches from East. Now it is an onslaught. East lands a HUGE right hand. And Esteves crumbles.

Cody East defeats Esteves Jones via KO (Punch) Round 1 1:51


Holly Holm vs. Angela Hayes

Round 1 – Building erupts for Holm as she walks out to the sound of bagpipes. Inside kick for Hayes lands. Outside kick for Holm. Inside for Hayes. Another. Body kick for Holm. Superman punch from Holly and that got the crowd to cheer. Flurry from Holm finished with a body kick. Hayes clinches and Hayes is fighting for position with an overhook. Holly presses the fight up on the cage. Knees to the legs from Holm. Hayes looks for the guillotine and Holm escapes the position. Still clinching. Near trip from Hayes but Holly stays standing with some great balance. Holm pressing on the fence putting her weight on Hayes. Hayes has a strong overhook locked in still. Knees from holly but Hayes is just holding on. Holly muscles Hayes down and throws her tot he canvas. That was impressive strength. Now hovering above her Holly lands some kicks the legs of Hayes. Hayes looking to get up but Holm kicks her down. Near illegal kick. But now a leg kick. Standing and deep breath from Hayes. Left hand sneaks in during a flurry for Holm and the clinch game again. Round ends with Holm pressing on the fence. 10-9 Holm

Round 2 – Holly looks fresh heading into the round. Front kick lands hard and backs up Hayes. Right hook over the top stuns Hayes. Leg kick for Hayes. Side kick to thigh for Holm, a Winkeljohn special. Leg kick from Hayes but it doesn’t hit with power. Flurry misses for Holm. Leg kick lands now for Holm. Hayes throws head kick and it misses. They trade body kicks. Holm circles out of a takedown. Punch, body kick combo lands for Holm. Knees collide and seems to hurt Hayes and Holm immediately kicks the leg. That was brutal. Side kick to the head barely misses for Holm. Kick to the head for Holm lands. Left straight, body kick combo lands for Holm and it backs Hayes up. Head kick blocked by the arms of Hayes. Exchange of body kicks. Side kick to thigh for Holm. Holm looks so much bigger in the cage. Holm catches a punch on a flurry from Hayes but seems to take it fine. Nobody has the kicking arsenal of Holm and she chops in with a leg kick that looked to hurt Hayes. Hayes leaps into the clinch. Clinch work and Hayes holding on tight. They separate and Holly unloads. Round ends. 10-9 Holm

Round 3 – Holm charges forward to start the round and lands a leg kick. Hayes is hurting, her legs are damaged. Side kick to the body for Holm. Holm is showing how well conditioned she is, she is not tired and looks just as good as round one. Same quick pace as the first combo she threw. Leg kick again chops leg. Holm being a southpaw really allows her to hit different angles. Left hook, body kick combo lands for Holm. She is moving so well and Hayes cant catch her. Another leg kick and Hayes is hurt, walking on that leg gingerly. Head kick gets through and Hayes eats it and stays up. Body punch and front kick to the body for Holm. Body kick and Hayes tries to clinch but Holm tosses her off. Another leg kick. Leg kick then head kick and another head kick. WOW! Holm with a flurry. But Hayes survives. Now they clinch. Hayes is trying for a headlock throw from the clinch. Gets it down but Holly is on the back. Now to the mount. Punches from Holm lands but Hayes grabs onto Holm for posture control. More punches now. Barrage. Hayes rolls for the legs and Holm gets up. She has a leg. And now Holm is out. Hayes is tough as nails. Leg kick for Holm. Another. Another and a head kick barely misses. Round ends with a Holm takedown. Yes a Holm takedown. Holm 10-9 for the clean sweep.

Holly Holm defeats Angela Hayes via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27 x3)

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