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Fidel Maldonado Jr. Drops Luis Ramos Jr. Thrice En Route to 7th Round TKO

Fidel Maldonado Stops Luis Ramos in San Antonio

The stakes were high in last night’s light welterweight main event between Fidel Maldonado Jr. and Luis Ramos Jr. on Golden Boy Promotions Monday Night Fights on FoxSports1.

It did not take the two southpaws much time to warm up. Halfway through the first round a huge exchange between the two men created a cut to Ramo’s left eye. Maldonado did an excellent job of sitting of his punches and staying busy throwing 92 punches in the first; the light welterweight average in a round is 60.

The work may have taken a bit out of Maldonado as Ramos changed his gameplan and closed the distance, winning the second by smothering Maldonado against the ropes, not allowing the Albuquerquean to get off many shots.

Early in the third, Ramos attempted to box from the outside. When he would come inside, he attempted some roughhousing veteran-tactics of grabbing on the inside trying to position Maldonado. After an initial warning, referee Joel Lizondo would take a point from Ramos.

Ramos would implement better head movement and a body attack that would open up Maldonado’s head. Appearing to lose a bit of steam Maldonado became very flat-footed, losing precision in his punches.

Toward the end of the fifth Maldonado was less active while Ramos exerted a large amount of energy grappling and throwing wide shots that did not have much accuracy but nonetheless appeared to score on the inside.

A much fresher Maldonado would greet Ramos to start a crucial sixth round. About a minute into the action Maldonado would land three consecutive jabs and follow those up with a ruthless nine punch combination alternating left uppercuts and rights hooks. The delievery would stagger Ramos, who would desperately flail is arms in an attempt to grasp Maldonado to hold himself up. Ramos would fall forward hitting the canvas and get up at the count of eight.

Looking to capatilize on his weakened opponent Maldonado, would risk working hooks to the head and the body of Ramos from the inside as opposed to using long distanced punches. The tactic would pay off as the power shots would continue to weigh on Ramos, ultimately crumpling the 25-year-old again at the 24 second mark of the round.

The bell would save Ramos from further punishment but it would not save him from the jaws of defeat. As soon as the seventh round would commence Malonado, in shark-like fashion immediately unleashed a barrage of crosses and hooks that would drop Ramos only 15 seconds in, forcing Lizondo to call a stop to the action.

With the victory Maldonado increases his record to 4-0 with 3 knockouts in 2012.

Fidel Maldonado Jr. vs. Luis Ramos Jr. Full Fight


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