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John Dodson Scheduled To Replace Ian McCall, In Against Scott Jorgensen At UFC On FOX 9

After his highlight reel knockout of UFC newcomer Darrell Montague, John Dodson pleaded for a quick turnaround to prevent being on the shelf for several months. Dodson fought for the Flyweight Title against Demetrious Johnson in January and wouldn’t step into the Octagon until two weeks ago, making his shelf time in 2013 a long 10-months.

Earlier today it was confirmed that Dodson got his wish.

An injury to Flyweight mainstay Ian McCall opened the door of opportunity and John “The Magician” (15-6) was more than willing to capitalize on it. He will now be part of the UFC On FOX 9 event that is scheduled to go down on December 14th inside the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. He will be matched up with Scott Jorgensen (14-7) who is making his Flyweight debut.

Dodson will get his shot to get back on the contender path against Jorgensen in December.

Dodson will get his shot to get back on the contender path against Jorgensen in December.

Regarded as one of the hardest hitting fighters pound-for-pound in MMA, Dodson is as dangerous as they come when it comes to the lighter weight classes. He has unheralded power which has played a major role in each of his UFC fights. He has won four of five UFC bouts, three of which have been spectacular knockouts. In his lone loss to Johnson, Dodson nearly finished the Champion on three occasions when Dodson dropped Johnson to the mat several times in the early rounds.

Jorgensen is a former Bantamweight Title Contender, having only lost to the top guys in the 135-pound division in the last few years. Jorgensen has fallen short in fights with Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao, Eddie Wineland and Urijah Faber while picking up notable wins over Brad Pickett, Jeff Curran and John Albert.

More often then not, Jorgensen stifles the offense of opponents and outlasts them throughout the course of the fight and pushes a grueling pace which often leads to a Judge’s decision in favor of “Young Guns”. Dodson also pushes a grueling pace however he uses his pace to force an opening on opponent’s defense in order to land his knockout shots. Dodson’s boxing is technical and crisp and Jorgensen’s game revolves around straight punches and takedowns.

As a matter of fact, Dodson and Jorgensen had a straight grappling match back in July at the UFC Fan Expo. When strikes were taken out of the equation, Jorgensen won a close match in overtime where it was the eventual takedowns of Jorgensen that earned him the match ending points.

The pair will throw punches into the equation this time around and Dodson has been notoriously difficult to takedown. In match-up’s with grapplers  and wrestlers, Dodson has used his wrestling talents in reverse to keep the fight standing where he often holds marginal advantages in the striking game. However, Jorgensen’s pace may be his biggest difference maker in that should he be able to avoid the striking skills of Dodson he may find his opportunity to play the top game that has won him several UFC and WEC bouts.

A fight on network television is always a big-time opportunity and for each fighter, the implications after a possible win are immense. Jorgensen will have knocked off one of the division’s premier contenders and immediately put himself in a position to fight for a top contender spot. Dodson can pick up a win over another quality opponent and step that much closer to a 2014 title shot.

It will be Dodson’s striking and defensive wrestling against Jorgensen’s pace and takedowns. Stay tuned to SWFight.com for more event updates and thorough breakdown as the event draws nearer. Follow me on Twitter @KingStark24 and the SWF handle @SWFight.

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