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Bellator 91 was arguably the biggest event in recent memory to happen on New Mexico soil but the show failed to propel a local into the spotlight of a regional "Star".

Bellator 105 Live Results And Play-By-Play

Tonight is the night for Bellator 105 inside the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Orhtrus Promotions in conjunction with Bellator MMA is invading Rio Rancho for the third time in 2013. Amongst the notable local competitors set to compete are Adrian Cruz, Steve Garcia and Frank Baca. The main card features the Lightweight Tournament Semi-Finals which includes the re-match between Will Brooks and Sad Awaad who fought for the first time back in February at Bellator 91 at this very venue.

Stay tuned to this page as we will be updating live results all throughout the evening. Make sure to refresh periodically to see the updates and don’t forget that if you aren’t in the arena, the fights will be broadcasted on Spiketv.com and the main card will be live on Spike TV.


Bellator 105 Quick Results:


Lightweight Semifinal: Will Brooks defeats Saad Awad via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous)

Lightweight Semifinal: Tiger Sarnavskiy defeats Ricardo Tirloni via Submission (Triangle Choke)

Heavyweight: Mighty Mo defeats Ron Sparks via Submission (Americana)

Middleweight: Eugene Fadiora defeats  Keith Berry via TKO (Strikes)


Bantamweight: Steve Garcia defeats Shawn Bunch via TKO

Middleweight: Eddie Larrea defeats Rocky Ramirez via Submission (Heel Hook)

Bantamweight: Jesse Brock defeats Adrian Cruz via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous)

Bantamweight: Luis Nogueira defeats Frank Baca via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)

Light Heavyweight: Volkan Oezdemir  defeats Josh Lanier via TKO (Strikes)

Heavyweight: Raphael Butler defeats Joseph Bryant via TKO (Strikes)

Featherweight: Desmond Green defeats Angelo Sanchez via TKO (Doctor Stoppage)


Live Play-By-Play:

Steve Garcia vs. Shawn Bunch

Round 1 – Garcia starts with a front kick and Bunch pounces out of the way. The fighters now feinting, Garcia is much longer and fights southpaw. Bunch ducks under for a double leg and picks Garcia up and slams him. Garcia immediately sweeps and nearly gets top control but settles for getting back to the feet. The two clinch and leverage seems to be playing a role as Garcia is much taller. Nice short reverse elbow from Garcia but Bunch gets another huge slam takedown. Bunch just holding on here and Garcia is attempting to wall walk. Garcia is up with Bunch wrapped around him. Bunch has the back standing. Bunch drags Garcia down. Garcia pops up. Bunch has a tight body lock and Garcia gets taken down again. Now Garcia starts throwing huge elbows from bottom that seem to hurt Bunch. Bunch is just holding on as Garcia punches from the bottom. Garcia is back up but eats a knee to the body. Now they separate. Garcia throws a head kick. At a distance and Bunch is on his bicycle. Body kick by Garcia lands hard but Bunch takes him down. Exciting round. Bunch 10-9

Garcia played the waiting game during rounds one and two, then outworked Bunch to a stoppage in the third round.

Garcia played the waiting game during rounds one and two, then outworked Bunch to a stoppage in the third round.

Round 2 – Garcia changes levels a lot and Bunch dives for a leg but Garcia sprawls and looks like he has him in a advantageous position. Bunch is tight on the leg still and that is all that prevents him from getting his back taken. Solid hammerfists now. Garcia landing hard now. Bunch isn’t even moving. Garcia is just teeing off but now Bunch sweeps under and gets a takedown. Bunch now throwing short strikes from guard but Bunch isn’t very offensive from top position. Garcia is flat on his back but he is throwing short strikes. Garcia gets back up. His display of cage walking is impressive. Now back to striking distance. Garcia with a jab. Bunch is circling and a straight right connects for Garcia and Bunch shoots in and gets the takedown. Bunch content with just laying in position as Garcia works from bottom with strikes. Referee stand up. Bunch shoots and Garcia sprawls but as soon as they get back in range Bunch shoots and gets it. Garcia works rubber guard as the round ends. Bunch 10-9

Round 3 – Garcia has looked good against Bunch but he is definitely down two rounds to zero and needs a finish. Garcia working the punches and lands some strikes and defends two early shots from Bunch. Front kick for Garcia to the body and he sprawls a Bunch takedown. Punches from top from Garcia and he is tagging Bunch. Elbows now. Bunch is just holding on. There up and Garcia is pushing it now. Straight right and a kick but Bunch catches the kick. Garcia pressing Bunch now and he lands uppercuts and hooks a plenty. He sprawls Bunch again. Bunch looks tired. Garcia nearly has the back standing but Bunch escapes. Sprawl again and Garcia is punching away. Garcia hunting down a retreating Bunch. A failed takedown leaded to Garcia getting some punches in and the ref STOPS THE FIGHT. Wow… what an impressive stoppage in the third round in a fight Garcia was clearly losing.

Steve Garcia defeats Shawn Bunch via TKO (Strikes) Round 3 – 3:29


Eddie Larrea vs. Rocky Ramirez

Round 1 – Larrea whips a kick that lands hard and Ramirez wades in but doesn’t land. Another kick and Ramirez shoots but gets sprawled. Rocky isn’t finding his range early. Larrea and Ramirez exchange but neither land. They are back to circling outside of range. Larrea with another leg kick. Jab by Ramirez. Larrea lands another kick but Ramirez catches it. Ramirez throws a flurry and gets in some punches. Rocky with an overhand off a caught kick and he is in top position as Larrea went down possibly off balance. Rocky working from inside the guard. Keylock from Larrea sweeps Ramirez and now Larrea attacks with a kneebar and it is deep! Ramirez quickly rolls and defends but nearly walks into a triangle! Nice grappling exchange and now Ramirez is back working from top position. Referee stand up. Left hook from Larrea. Round ends and that was close but I would give it 10-9 to Larrea for more activity, the leg kicks and near submissions.

Round 2 -Body kick from Larrea opens the round. Ramirez now with the kicks to the leg and body. Striking guru Mike Winklejohn in the corner of Ramirez shouting instruction. Hook to the body and then the head lands fro Ramirez. Larrea drops Ramirez and Ramirez on the ground instructs Larrea to go down to the mat too. Larrea falls back on a heel hook and he has it. A nasty pop from the leg of Ramirez and he taps in pain. Ramirez is still down on the mat clearly injured. Scary stuff but a slick submission from Larrea.

Eddie Larrea defeats Rocky Ramirez via Submisison (Heel Hook) Round 2 – 1:45


Frank Baca vs. Luis Alberto “Betao” Nogueira

Round 1 – This is the fight of the undercard in my opinion. Two fighters of high ranks within the Bellator roster. Betao lands the kick inside the leg to start the action. Baca sneaks in a jab and an inside leg kick. Right hand for Baca and left hook for Betao. Outside leg kick for Baca. Body head combo lands for Baca. Inside leg kick for Baca. Betao throws a haymaker and gets the clinch. He picks Baca up and puts him on his back. Betao is in side control and Baca is looking to shrimp out. Betao is looking to trap an arm possibly to get to the crucifix position. Baca gets half guard. Betao goes to side control. Betao gets that arm trapped and now is almost in the mount position. Baca gave his back up but Betao slickly latches on to an arm triangle. Betao moves to side control tightening the choke and he gets the submission. Betao was too much in that top position.

Luis Alberto “Betao” Nogueira defeats Frank Baca via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Round 1 – 4:41 


Volkan Oezdemir vs. Josh Lanier

Round 1 – Big time knockout artist who is young and undefeated versus a long time fight veteran who is tall, lanky and has world class Jiu Jitsu. This one should be fun. Lanier throws the jab early. A body kick and a leg kick. Volkan rushes in and clinches. Knee from Lanier inside the clinch. Volkan working the body with some dirty boxing. Lanier now pushing the action but Volkan drags him out and ends up on top of Lanier. Solid punches from Volkan. Lanier looking to get guard but Volkan is landing hard from a distance. Volkan passes. Volkan mounts. Volkan with some big elbows and the referee steps in. Lanier wasn’t going anywhere and Volkan landed big time elbows.

Volkan Oezdemir defeats Josh Lanier via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 3:13


Joe Bryant vs. Raphael Butler

Round 1 – The two heavyweights charge in and Bryant gets it to the cage. Bryant looks for a single leg but Butler counters with a rolling Kimura and upon impact gets on top of Bryant and starts throwing bombs. Bryant is flattened out and Butler is bombing away. Quick stoppage after some brutal shots.

Raphael Butler defeats Joe Bryant via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 1:04


Des Green vs. Angelo Sanchez

Round 1 – Green should be familiar to fight fans as he brutally finished former Alabuquerquean Henry Martinez earlier this year. He will take on the experience and technical skill of fan favorite Sanchez. Green the southpaw checks a leg kick from Sanchez. Sanchez lands one to the outside and steps in with a straight right. Green gets a takedown and suplexed Sanchez. Now Green works while Sanchez is using the cage to stand. Back to standing. Outside kick to the leg by Sanchez and a straight right. Inside hits the knee. Outside now. Ouytside now and Green counters. Straight right lands for Sanchez. Outside leg kick. The nose of Sanchez is red and might be bleeding. Sanchez sneaks in a jab. Outside leg kick. Another. Green shows but is stuffed but still eats a knee. Outside leg kick again. And yet again. Green lands a straight left. Left hook for Sanchez. Now he goes to the body. Green counters a kick. Green rushes in and catches a few punches to the chin of Sanchez. Double jab from Sanchez. Left hook over the top for Sanchez lands. Outside kick from Sanchez is caught and Green gets a huge takedown. Left hook for Sanchez. The busy boxing and leg kicks of Sanchez won that round 10-9

Round 2 – Green taking big breaths in between rounds. Is the elevation a key here? Sanchez pushing the pace with a punches but is sloppy and slips twice. Both counter and continue to strike inside. Green lands a jab. Outside leg kick fro Sanchez. Left hook for Green hurts Sanchez and Green is all over him. Sanchez falls to the back and Green going crazy. WOW a referee stoppage to check the cut. Horrible stop in action. HUGE gash on the forehead. The elbow standing from Green did the damage as shown on replay. They have Sanchez on the bench and this is very odd. Now here is the stoppage. The doctor has stopped the fight. The doctor walking out of the cage told my colleague that the cut was so bad you could see the skull.

Des Green defeats Angelo Sanchez via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Round 2 – 1:04


Keith Berry vs. Eugene Fadiora

Round 1 – Berry charges in and throws big to get inside. Fadiora reverses and now pins Berry to the fence. He has the body lock and he lands some knees. Now he gets the trip takedown. Berry uses the cage to wiggle back up but Fadiora just puts him down. Berry is back up. Fadiora gets another takedown and now he is muscling for position. Fadiora working out of half guard now and there isn’t a lot of action happening. Fadiora gets to side control now and lands some nice elbows. Berry throws up a triangle but Fadiora escapes. They separate now and Berry comes out firing. Berry is a bloody mess but he is engaging. Fadiora now with the takedown attempt and there back on the fence. Berry launches a haymaker that misses. Easy round for Fadiora 10-9

Round 2 – Berry starts stalking down Fediora but eats a few jabs. Fadiora gets a punch in that stuns Berry and he gets inside to clinch but quickly separate. Fadiora lands again and now Berry clinches but is reversed quickly and pushed on the fence. They are back striking. Berry gets in a body kick. Berry catches a left straight that snaps Fadiora’s head back and they clinch but Fadiora gets the takedown. Working from the half guard, Fadiora is landing short elbows. Fadiora to side control and this has become a positional war with little ground striking. Berry is trying to escape but Fadiora is working that top game strong. Now some short elbows and Berry escapes briefly. Fadiora has dominant position. Fadiora now landing elbow after elbow and the referee is forced to stop it.

Eugene Fadiora defeats Keith Berry via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 – 4:19


Mighty Mo vs. Ron Sparks

Round 1 – Sparks shoots and is easily stuffed. Mo gets to side control quickly. No strikes yet as Sparks has wrapped Mo up but he isn’t doing much to get up. Mo lands a few small strikes. Sparks rolls to get his guard but Mo follows him and holds position. Sparks tries to muscle up but to no avail. Mo is in top but doesn’t look like he is comfortable as a ground and pounder. The crowd chants for the referee stand up. Mo goes for the Americana and Sparks doesn’t even look like he is defending it much. More pressure and Mo gets the tapout from Sparks. Slow paced fight but nice submission, the first in the striking aficionado’s career.

Mighty Mo defeats Ron Sparks via Submission (Americana) Round 1 – 2:52 


Lightweight Semi-Final: Ricardo Tirloni vs. Tiger Sarnavskiy

Round 1 – One of the most underrated talents on the Bellator MMA roster, Tiger Sarnavskiy is 24-1 and has finished 20 of 24. Tiger drops Tirloni with a spinning back fist quickly and pounces all over him. That was fast and devastating stuff from Tiger. Tiger is all over him and now Tirloni battles back for a takedown and Tiger throws up the triangle. Terloni picks him up but it is too deep, Tiger clamps down on the choke as Tirloni tries to posture up and gets the tapout.

Tiger Sarnavskiy defeats Ricardo Tirloni via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 1 –  1:08


Lightweight Semi-Final: Will Brooks vs. Saad Awad.

Round 1 – Awad has a big time fanbase sitting on the floor behind the media table. While there has been big time locals, Awad has had the biggest fan pop so far. This fight has buzz… the crowd has gotten behind Will Brooks now to counter the section of Awad fans. Staredown is INTENSE. Brooks with hands down feinting. Leg kick from Awad and Brooks counters with the takedown. Half guard from Awad. Brooks passes to side control. Brooks stays heavy on top landing short strikes. Knee on belly from Brooks but Awad rolls and as he gets up Brooks lands a nasty knee but they scramble and Awad gets the takedown along the fence. RIGHT INTO MOUNT. Now Brooks is in trouble. Wow Awad looked rocked from that knee. Brooks powers up and now he is on top. But he is caught by wrist control but he gets loose and now he works from guard. Wow, this fight is intense and the crowd is into it. Awad has the leg trapped inside almost in a butterfly position. Brooks stands up but catches an upkick. Now Brooks looking to get inside and lands a straight right down the pipe and almost ends up in a leg lock but Brooks passes and gets side control. The Awad fan support is deafening. Brooks holding tight to position and gets the crucifix and starts pounding away! WHAT A ROUND. I give that to Brooks 110-9.

Round 2 – Wow the environment in here is quality. Awad is talking in there. Two leg kicks from Brooks. Brooks is talking now. There both saying things television channels will now allow. Awad is feinting an uppercut. Awad grabs the guillotine as Brooks ducks under for a takedown. Looks like it could be deep but… NOPE he’s out. Brooks is in half guard. Will tries to pass but Awad scrambles and they are standing. Leg kick from Brooks and he almost catches a counter hook. Straight lands for Brooks and he transitions beautifully into a power double leg. Back in the half guard. Closed guard now and the action has slowed. Awad is locking Brooks up and Brooks is content landing short punches. Now Brooks unloads with big punches to the body that open up the defense of Awad. Two upkicks land for Awad now and on the way down Brooks gets caught in a triangle. SAVED BY THE BELL! I give that one to Brooks 10-9 but Awad had his moments. GREAT FIGHT.

Round 3 – This bout has been INTENSE. They hug in the middle of the cage. Inside leg kick for Brooks. Outside now. Straight right lands too. Awad looks slower maybe tired after the grueling pace they have pushed. Brooks shoots in but is reversed on the way down by Awad who now works from top position in the half guard of Brooks. Brooks is just holding on as Awad tries to pass. They scramble and there up. Brooks ducks a punch and gets the back. He drags him down and lands a knee to the body that gets the crowd roaring. Awad on the fence trying to get up but Will slickly takes the back but they are up. Both fighters throw slow punches. Awad chasing but he is very tired now. Awad wakes up with three big punches and starts taunting Brooks. Brooks ducks under for a power double that takes Awad off of his feet. Now in the full guard. Brooks lands some short punches. They get stood up by the referee. Awad with his hands down and looking to land the KO shot. Brooks just ducks back under and gets yet another double leg. That is the story of the fight, the pace of Brook’s takedowns. Side control now and Brooks lands a couple knees. Awad tries to buck but he gives his back up. Round almost ended and there it is… I have it Brooks 10-9 for the clean sweep on a VERY exciting fight.

Will Brooks defeats Saad Awad via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27 x3)


Final Swing Bout: Adrian Cruz vs. Jesse Brock

Round 1 – Arguably the most anticipated and relevant local fight was held out for the swing bout of the evening. This bout is huge for Rio Rancho’s Adrian Cruz. This is what the crowd hear was waiting for, despite the televised event being over the crowd roars for the fan favorite. Brock comes out fast but doesn’t throw. Brock throws and Cruz shoots but is stuffed. Now Brock ducks under but he is stuffed. Cruz charges in with punches, maybe eight of them and catches Brock on the tail end of the flurry but in the flurry Brock is able to get the takedown. Brock in the half guard now. Brock has a guillotine and now Cruz is out but Brock has the body lock on the fence. Brock works the trip but it is defended. Big knee from Cruz. Tries again but this time gets taken down. Back in the half guard. Brock passes to side control. Brock’s game is smothering. Short elbow from Brock. Mounted! Cruz is rolling to get back guard and he gets it. Brock takes the back and starts to land some punches. Now he throws in the hooks hunting for a rear naked choke. Cruz gets back the half guard and Brock lands some short elbows. Round ends and that was a 10-9 for Brock, arguably 10-8.

Round 2 – Cruz lands the straight right but the kick and takedown from Brock counters. He takes his back and now with the roll he lands in side control. The two exchange blows from the ground. Brock is just looking positional dominant. Half guard work from Brock. Side control now. Knee on belly. Cruz is defending well but Brock is putting on a positional grappling show. Short elbows from Cruz land but off his back they don’t land hard. Brock is all over Cruz on the mat. Cruz rolls up to his knees and pushes Brock on the fence. Guillotine from Brock with a modified grip and Cruz escapes and back to side control for Brock. Cruz rolls to the knees again and drives on a single leg. But Brock gets it back to where he wants it. Half guard work again from Brock. Side control. Very little strikes thrown from Brock but he just rides position perfectly. 10-9 Brock

Round 3 – This fight has played out in a surprising manner. Cruz needs a huge third round finish or he’ll lose a decision in front of his home town crowd. I would imagine Brock will look for the takedown to continue his dominant grappling. Cruz is throwing but not landing. Knee on the entry but Brock eats it and gets the takedown. Cruz gets the reverse triangle now and it is locked in. Brock pops out but that is the kind of desperation Cruz needs. Brock back in half guard. The two battle for position with Cruz trying to explode up and Brock staying heavy. Cruz explodes up and now he is back to the feet. Leg kick from Cruz. Brock dives on a takedown, scoops Cruz above his shoulders and slams him down. Back into the side control position where Brock has made his home tonight. Now Brock gets the D’Arce Choke and it looks deep but Cruz gets up and eats a knee in the process. Cruz can’t get the timing down as he comes in Brock just gets the takedown. Knees from a grounded Cruz but this won’t win the fight. The story of this one is the pace and grueling work that Brock put in with his grappling. 10-9 Brock and that should be a clean sweep.

Jesse Brock defeats Adrian Cruz via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27 x3)


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