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SWFight.com and Local Websites Need Your Support to Build a Stronger Combat Sports Community!

Fans of the local MMA scene here in New Mexico…. Southwest Fight News is at a crossroads.

As a staff, we are giving our best effort in assisting this combat community in its growth and expansion. We are attending 95% of the local events and spending countless hours watching fight streams in order to get the results of our local fighters. Add in the hours put in weekly to write as many quality and unique articles as possible and to photograph as many local athletes as we can, and you can start to understand how much goes into the efforts we make.

This goes back to the whole reason SWFight was started. The birth of the site came about because we believed that at the end of the day our local fighters weren’t getting the proper attention they needed to grow. From debuting amateurs to reemerging professionals; there wasn’t an outlet around that would give these hard workers the attention they rightfully deserved. That is why we take so much time attempting to give amateur fighters and events the closest thing to a professional product that we can provide. When put into perspective, do you think the larger news providers (Sherdog/MMAFighting/MMAJunkie) care about our local undercards?

No, but we do.

When was the last time one of these national coverage teams have shown up for a King of the Cage event? When have they ventured into a local gym to capture images of the athletes who are still competing on the kickboxing smoker level?

This is where our difficulties come into light most brightly. In order for our site to stay standing in the upright position we need the support from the very community that we work so hard to support.

When a fighter/team/promoter/coach/family member doesn’t take the minimal time it takes to share or “like” our articles we not only question our efforts but we also start to worry about the resources necessary to keep on doing all that we do.

Our feature writers are consistently working a grueling pace to keep up with content and both Phillip and Jorge have received multiple offers to write for national media including blogs part of the SBNation and FanSided websites. Fortunately for the site, both have committed to being part of the movement that we have believed in for some time.

Will shoots regularly for the UFC and just about every fight magazine on newsstands. His professional quality photography has been coveted by high profile and financially advantageous companies and he returns from those gigs to continue his hard-work photographing the local scene.

With those kind of opportunities looming for our staff it comes very apparent that the time and work spent during our weekends becomes very frustratingly unnecessary when all it takes to aid our effort in helping the community grow is to spend less than a few minutes per week to help spread our brand. Regardless, week after week we continue in hopes that we will make a breakthrough to the community.

We aren’t just speaking solely for ourselves and the SWFight brand. Sites like NewMexicoBoxing.com also deserve the same support. When anyone takes the time to attend a weigh-in or a presser, visits a gym or attends an event; they deserve the communities support.

There are dedicated media members like Mika Frankl, Trula Howe and Dave Friedlander who really sacrifice time and monetary opportunities to be apart of our regional media. This craft, this hobby, does not pay back in money what is given in time and equipment. Whether it is expensive camera equipment or time away from full time jobs, the hard working media teams put plenty aside to do their best in all respective sites. We are simply asking for your support. It costs nothing and it takes almost no time at all. We believe this area can expand to unchartered levels and the only way it is possible is if we all work together to help one another in their efforts.

We will take care of the athletes and promoters if they take care of us, these events will take care of you the fans if you show up to support them. It is all a domino effect that is necessary to create a really successful combat community.

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