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King Of The Cage "Future Legends 18": Live Results And Play-By-Play - Southwest Fight News
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King Of The Cage “Future Legends 18”: Live Results And Play-By-Play

The King Of The Cage “Future Legends 18” event is live inside The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Southwest Fight News is here to bring you up the minute coverage and ply-by-play for anyone who wasn’t able to make it out to the event. The results will be posted periodically so make sure to refresh your browser periodically.

The fight card is scheduled two host over two dozen amateur athletes from Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Slated for the main event, Judgement MMA’s 18-year old undefeated fighter Jerome Rivera will look to take his unblemished record to 3-0. Also on the card, several FIT NHB fighters and one of the most talented grapplers in the state, Jess Martinez.


Fight Card and Quick Results:

Main Event – 125 Pound Bout

Jerome Rivera (2-0) Judgement MMA defeats Joey Trevino (5-2) Cortez, Co


Dorian Dixon (3-2) Albuquerque, NM defeats Ryan Fillingame (2-1) California

Jess Martinez (1-0) Gracie Barra/Santa Fe BJJ defeats Gabe Rodriguez (2-1) El Paso, TX

Carlos Casados (2-0) Westside Power Gym defeats Kern Collymore (2-0) Gallup, NM

Charlie Williams (3-2) FIT NHB defeats Joseph Veloz (1-2) El Paso, TX

Robert Herrera (3-1) Farmington, NM defeats Nathan Vidana (1-1) El Paso, TX

Amanda Lovato (2-1) Judgement MMA vs. Nikki Lowe (3-2) FIT NHB *CANCELED*

Arsenia Barksdale (2-0) Virginia Beach defeats Mike Silva (0-0) El Paso, TX

John Rozema (3-1) Judgement MMA defeats Mike Aguilar (1-0) El Paso, TX

Sergio Gutierrez (0-0) FIT NHB defeats Joseph Hartnell (3-2) Albuquerque, NM

Elias Proce (0-0) Albquerque BJJ defeats Eric Prieto (0-0) El Paso, TX

Nathan Nieto (2-0) Albuquerque, NM defeats Antonio Valencia (2-0) Albuquerque, NM

Johel Deleon (0-0) Ray Yee’s ABQ Kickboxing vs. Javier Cordova (0-0) Albuquerque, NM *CANCELED*

Victor Masayesva (2-5) Albuquerque, NM defeats Rick Nater (0-0) FIT NHB

Jeremy Alba (0-2) Get Fit Fight Gym defeats John Jastzebski (0-0) Westside Power Gym


Live Play-By-Play

Jeremy Alba vs. John Jastzebski

Round 1 – Teep from Alba and a low kick lands. Right hand drops Jastzebski for a moment and he charges in with a flying knee. Alba counters a takedown with a guillotine but Jastzebski fights out. They both start to get to their feet and as they do Alba locks in a standing guillotine. Applies the pressure along the fence and it is over, Jastzebski taps.

Jeremy Alba defeats John Jastzebski via Submission (Guillotine) 0:35 – Round 1


Victor Masayesva vs. Rick Nater

Round 1 – Nater has a unorthodox muay thai stance and he throws kicks erly as Masayesva launches haymakers. Thai Plum from Nater now. Again with the plum and Masayesva throws overhands over the tip. Masayesva land a powerful punch that looks to stun Nater. Masayesva has Nater along the cage and launches big knees to the body but Nater counters with counter knees to the head. Stuns Masayesva! Leg kick from Masayesva. Jab from Nater. Now another. Now from Masayesva. Thai Plum again and Nater lands a knee. He slips and Masayesva gets topposition and mounts him. Masayesva starts unloading. Nater looks to lock him up to prevent posture and a good buck lands Nater in top control. What a round! I would give that to Nater 10-9 but it was insanely close!

Round 2 – Both fighters look tired. Blood from the nose of Masayesva and he lands two solid leg kicks. Jab lands on Nater and now Nater lands his own. Thai Plum and two knees land. Masayesva shoots and gets the takedown but Nater reverses and now works to pass the guard. He passes to 1/2control and now mount. Looks like he is locking up the Americana but he lets it go. Short punches now. Short elbows land. Nater is very dominant here as Masyesva is not doing much to improve his bad position. Round ends at that is a clear Nater 10-9.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Masayesva and he looks exhausted. Body punch for Masayesva and he has Nater hurt with punches. Huge Judo throw from Masayesva lands him in mount over Nater. Masayesva is pinning an arm now. Nater seems tired now too as both guys have fought two grueling rounds. Masayesva lands big body punches. More punches from Masayesva and a big flurry. Nater locks up posture and this may be the only thing saving him now. Masayesva lands more punches but they don’t land with significance as Nater is defending. He bucks but Masayesva stays on top. 10 seconds left…. and Nater survives. Big time round for Mesayesva and it could be a 10-8 round making this fight very interesting heading to the scorecards.

Victor Masayesva defeats Rick Nater by Judge’s Decision (29-28 x3)


Antonio Valencia vs. Nathan Nieto

Round 1 – Leg kick from Valencia and they both flurry with Nieto pushing Valencia to the cage where he looks to get it to the mat. Nieto with a huge hip throw. Looking for mount and he gets it. Now Nieto throwing huge elbows and they are landing hard. Valencia doesn’t like those and he taps out from the position and elbows.

Nathan Nieto defeats Antonio Valencia via Submission (Strikes) Round 1 – 0:58


Eric Prieto vs. Elias Proce

Round 1 – Proce lands first and starts to flurry. He keeps pressuring with strikes and he drops Prieto dow. Now to mount and Proce is landing punches. Prieto is giving up an arm and Proce takes it. Prieto taps!

Elias Proce defeats Eric Prieto via Submission (arm-bar) Round 1 – 0:54


Joseph Hartnell vs. Sergio Gutierrez

Round 1 – Gutierrez gets the biggest pop of the night so far. Hartnell lands first with a teep and now Gutierrez is all over him with punches as Hartnell looks to counter. In the flurry Hartness lands a nasty takedown and the ref stops the fight to check a badly bleeding cut on Hartnell. The cut is bad and is still bleeding. The ringside doctor calls the bout. I am not sure when the cut happened but it very well could have opened up during that huge takedown.

Sergio Gutierrez defeats Joseph Hartnell via TKO (Referee Stoppage) Round 1 – 0:46 


Mike Aguilar vs. John Rozema

Round 1 – Rozema is the step-son of Judgement MMA head coach Scott Marlowe and is expected to turn pro after this bout and he enters the arena to a huge pop from his supporting section. Leg kick from Aguilar and again but this time Rozema lands a counter. They trade with huge punches. They tie up after a flurry and Aguilar pulls guard but keeps pressing forward and Aguilar gets the takedown. Aguilar now has him pressed in the fence. Both fighters landing short punches from in range. Huge knee from the double collar clinch and Aguilar buckles. The follow up punches are unnecessary as he is out. Aguilar still very weak legged as he gets up and WOW that was a knee from Rozema.

John Rozema defeats Mike Aguilar via KO (Knee) Round 1 – 0:56 


Mike Silvia vs. Arsenia Barksdale

Round 1 – Silva launches punches but draws air. Again. Same combo. Inside kick for Silva. Now outside leg kick lands. Another. Barksdale feinting a lot. Wide punches from Barksdale. Now they trade and Barksdale lands most significant strike of the exchange. Silva is throwing more but isn’t landing and Barksdale is just feinting. Huge one punch KO seemingly out of nowhere from Barksdale knocks Silva clean out, it looked like an uppercut/hook punch. He was out cold. What a nasty punch. It looked like he had that in the holster for the whole fight.

Arsenia Barksdale defeats Mike Silva via KO (Punch) Round 1 – 1:58


Nathan Vidana vs. Robert Herrera

Round 1 – Herrera catches Vidana with a straight left and the southpaw has him pressed on the fence. Vidana is defending well but Herrera goes for the lateral throw and gets it. That was slick! Now he is in mount with Vidana struggling to hold posture. He nearly gets up but Herrera takes him down and now takes his back. He sinks in the choke.

Robert Herrera defeats Nathan Vidana via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 1:10


Charlie Williams vs. Joseph Veloz

Round 1 – Veloz throws several kicking feints. Williams lands an outside leg kick. Another. Veloz takes the fight to the fence where he looks to throw him down. Now he drops for the double. Williams pushes forward to get top control and now he works from the guard. Williams is looking to pass. Veloz has the full guard tight. Williams is stacking now and he is keeping very good posture but hasn’t landed too many strikes. Now he opens up. He weaves past the legs of an attacking Veloz but finds himself in an omoplata. Williams is close to clearing it and will end up now in a side control position. Veloz still attacking with his legs but without his hips beneath him it isn’t much. He ends the round running the pipe on a single leg. That is a Williams 10-9.

Round 2 – Williams lands a strong outside kick. Again and this one lands harder. Veloz ties it up and presses the action to the fence. Williams reveres and Veloz reverses back. Judo throw from Williams and short elbows now. Williams looks calm in the guard and presses Veloz into the fence and lands short elbows. Punches to the body land. Veloz is trapped here. Veloz rolls on an arm bar but it was not set up so Williams passes. In side control now. Veloz rolls and gets back guard. Short elbows for Williams. Round ends and that is another 10-9.

Round 3 – Veloz is tired. He is very flat footed and eats a body kick. He rushes in but Williams answers with a flurry. Outside leg kick for Williams. Veloz gets a takedown and now Williams sweeps right to top position. Williams inside the guard now. Short elbows open up the guard for Williams. Williams postures and lands. Now they stand back up. Veloz is bleeding. Outside leg kick lands and hurts Veloz. Veloz dives in for a takedown and Williams gets the front headlock. Now in a sprawl position and Veloz rolls into the guard. Williams takes this one and that should be a clean sweep 10-9.

Charlie Williams defeats Joseph Veloz via Judge’s Decision (30-27 x3)


Kern Collymore vs. Carlos Casados

Round 1 – Jab rocks Casados for a moment. Another jab lands for Collymore. Outside kick for Collymore and now Casados is looking for a takedown but Collymore snatches a standing guillotine. Looks deep and now Collymore lands a knee with the choke locked in. Casados pushed forward with a big takedown and breaks the choke. Now Casados is in mount. Collymore is looking to roll and Casados may take the back. Elbows. Collymore gets his guard back and lands nasty upkick to the body. Casados works to get back but Collymore is kicking. Those upkicks are landing. Tough round to score. Casados in my book 10-9.

Round 2 – Collymore throwing some huge punches but they are not landing. Now big flurry from both guys. Spinning back fist misses for Collymore. Haymaker from Collymore and he pushes for the takedown. Now Casados clinches and lands some knees. Ref breaks for short grabbing from Collymore. Casados misses with a huge punch and he eats a lunging right hand from Collymore. The fighters exchange 1-2’s. Now thai clinch and Casados is landing some knees. Collymore fires back but this is a Casados round.

Round 3 – Ovehand from Collymore connects. Jabs from both guys and Casado is pushing the pressure with his striking. Casados clinches and presses the action to the fence. Knee from Collymore lands. Clean break from the referee. Jabs land for both again. 1-2 from Casados and now a big flurry from both guys. Straight right over the top lands for Casados. Inside leg kick for Casados. Big takedown from Collymore and now a sweep from Casados turns into a guillotine attempt. Collymore jumps to side control so the choke is loose. But now they get up and Casados locks in a standing guillotine. Round ends and that should be a clean sweep for Casados.

Kern Collymore defeats Carlos Casados via Judge’s Decision (29-28 x3) Wow … now that was a surprising scorecard.


Jess Martinez vs. Gabe Rodriguez

Round 1 – Martinez just became the evening’s loudest pop surpassing Rozema for the most audible crowd roar. The building is really buzzing, nearly deafening in this small ballroom. Martinez gets his legs kicked from underneath him but shoots a power double leg and gets it. He passes to side control and takes the back. Rodriguez gets up but Martinez is firmly on him. Martinez suplexed Rodriguez and takes the back. Now Martinez is on his back with his hooks around Rodriguez. Now knees to a turtled Rodriguez. Rodriguez back up now and Martinez just drags him down. Now in side control with an arm pinned, Martinez lands some punches. Now to the back again. Raining down punches and he sinks n the choke. It is all over. Just dominating grappling over a clearly outmatched opponent. The crowd roars for Martinez.

Jess Martinez defeats Gabe Rodriguez via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 2:03


Ryan Fillingame vs. Dorian Dixon

Round 1 – Dixon has a unorthodox karate style stance. Jab for Fillingame. Left hook now. Body kick from Dixon after a flurry. Dixon hits the inside kick. Head kick from Fillingame is countered with a leg kick that drops him. Dixon defends against the clinch takedown attempt. Body hook lands for Fillingame. Kicks hurt Fillingame’s legs. Outside leg kick from Dixon. Right hand lands for Fillingame. Round ends with a flurry from both guys. Dixon 10-9.

Round 2 – Dixon charges in early and lands a kick immediately. Fillingame lunges and misses. Leg kick for Fillingame. Outside kick from Dixon. Dixon’s eye is red and swelling slightly. Outside leg kick in a flurry lands for Dixon. Again. Another. Leg kicks are landing plenty for Dixon. Two more. Fillingame lands huge punches and connects! More bombs and now to the body and now a takedown. Fillingame turned the tide. Now on the mat both guys scramble for position. The round ends and that is hard to call as Fillingame did the most significant damage but Dixon won majority of the round. Could be anyone’s round but I will call it Fillingame 10-9.

Round 3 – This fight could be even or two rounds for Dixon. Big head kick attempt. Leg kick hits the inside and now a side kick from Dixon. Ref stops the fight for an apparent low blow but I didn’t think it hit low. Fillingame takes his time to recover. Dixon’s coach screams that Dixon needs to use his mind not just his body. Fighters exchange leg kicks. hard inside leg kick lands for Dixon. Again. Fillingame charges in with body punches. Outside leg kick from Dixon. Dixon is walking him down and lands a superman punch. Hook to the head and body land for Fillingame. And now he gets the takedown. Another referee stoppage maybe for an upkick but everything looked legal. Back to standing. Outside leg kick and Fillingame gets a late takedown. Round ends and I have it 10-9 Dixon.

Dorian Dixon defeats Ryan Fillingame via Judge’s Decision (29-28 x3)


Jerome Martinez vs. Joey Trevino

Round 1 – Rivera gets a huge pop from the Judgement MMA support crowd. He is an 18-year old gifted athlete who has a ton of potential and may end up being a quality prospect in this area should he keep to his winning ways. Rivera uses a superman punch to work a double leg. He presses Trevino into the cage and Trevino locks on to a guillotine but it doesn’t appear tight. Not it looks tight. Wow it is deep. It hits the may to Trevino’s guard. Jerome stacks bit he still has the choke. This is impressive defense. Rivera is OUT! Now he lands some ground and pound. Trevino throws up the high guard. Rivera passes and lands a nice punch. He MOUNTS and takes the back. Locks in the rear-naked choke and ITS OVER! What a performance. The crowd goes insane.

Jerome Rivera defeats Joey Trevino via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 2:45

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