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King Of The Cage “Future Legends 18” Weigh-In Results

The King of the Cage “Future Legends 18” amateur event will be live inside The Crowne Plaze Hotel tomorrow night October 5th. Before that event takes place however the fighters had to first make weight for their respective bouts. The weigh-ins for “Future Legends 18” was held at Albuquerque’s Sadies restaurant, which is easily one of the area’s most popular Hispanic cuisines.

This is the last step for the competitors before tomorrow evenings event. Make sure to head over to the SWFight Facebook page for a full photo gallery of nearly 100-pictures. (Link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.530234607061921.1073741869.188352617916790&type=1&l=a26d06642d)


Future Legends 18 Weigh-Ins:

Main Event – 125 Pound Bout

Jerome Rivera (125.2) Judgement MMA vs. Joey Trevino (125) Cortez, Co


151 Pounds: Ryan Fillingame (147.8) California vs. Dorian Dixon (150.8) Albuquerque, NM

155 Pounds: Gabe Rodriguez (156.2) Sparta Academy vs. Jess Martinez (153.6) Gracie Barra/Santa Fe BJJ

170 Pounds: Kern Collymore (168.6) Gallup, NM vs. Carlos Casados (170.2) Westside Power Gym

135 Pounds: Joseph Veloz (134.2) El Paso, TX vs. Charlie Williams (136.8) FIT NHB

145 Pounds: Nathan Vidana (152.8) El Paso, TX vs. Robert Herrera (149.6) Farmington, NM

145 Pounds: Mike Silva (145.4) El Paso, TX vs. Arsenia Barksdale (145.2) Virginia Beach

145 Pounds: Mike Aguilar (145.2) El Paso, TX vs. John Rozema (145.2) Judgement MMA

120 Pounds: Joseph Hartnell (116.6) Albuquerque, NM vs. Sergio Gutierrez (118.6) FIT NHB

205 Pounds: Eric Prieto () El Paso, TX vs. Elias Proce (206.6) Albquerque BJJ

195 Pounds: Antonio Valencia (187.2) Albuquerque, NM vs. Nathan Nieto (195) Albuquerque, NM

155 Pounds: Johel Deleon (154) Ray Yee’s ABQ Kickboxing vs. Javier Cordova () Que Loco Disciples

150 Pounds: Victor Masayesva (151.6) Albuquerque, NM vs. Rick Nater (146.4) FIT NHB

145 Pounds: Jeremy Alba (147) Get Fit Fight Gym vs. John Jastzebski (146) Westside Power Gym


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