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A Tribute To Freddie Lux (1984-2013)

It comes with great sadness to announce to our fight fans that Apex MMA fighter Freddie Lux has passed away. The 29-year old flyweight fighter passed away sometime this weekend, September 15th. There is no official information from any source or outlet as to the causes, just announcements and discussion on the social media forum. We have lost one of the most talented flyweight fighters in our neighboring region of Arizona and possibly even the sport.

Freddie Lux with teammates

Anthony Birchak (left), Freddie Lux (middle)

Fight fans in New Mexico may recognize Lux as one of the Apex MMA fighters who have found great success in the state’s regional circuit. Amongst his most notable accomplishments, Lux entered into the arena for the Jackson’s MMA Series XI event to face off with Nick Urso who was at the time and remains to be one of the top flyweight prospects around. Lux would leave the cage after a grueling duel with a split decision victory. He remains the lone loss on Urso’s record and went on to improve to a 5-2 career mark.

Less than a year after the Urso fight, Lux returned to New Mexico to headline an event opposite fan-favorite Coty “Ox” Wheeler. Lux again played spoiler defeating a New Mexico hometown fighter, earning a late round submission victory over Wheeler down in Mescalero for the Mescalero Warrior Challenge 2 event.

While his memory will live much deeper than his MMA record, some of us on staff as well as Nick Urso would like to take the time to share our fondest memories of Lux.

Nick Urso “I received the very unfortunate news of the passing of a fellow competitor. My deepest condolences go to Freddie’s family and friends .. The mma world has lost a great athlete. May he rest in peace.”

Will Fox – “I remember the first time I saw the Arizona fighter. I was photographing cage side on October 28th, 2011 at the JMMAS 6 event. The APEX team came into town with all the confidence in the world with Freddie leading the pack. Three rounds later, Freddie handed a good friend of mine, Nick Urso his first loss. That definitely wasn’t the outcome we expected, but Freddie had a gift.

The second time I got to snap photos of Freddie was at the Inn Of the Mountain Gods card in Ruidoso. Freddie came out explosive as ever to finish the WEC veteran Ox Wheeler in the first round. Freddie shocked us once again with his dominance.

I never had the opportunity to meet Freddie on a personal level other than a few handshakes, but in the short time I was privileged to be cage side in his two bouts, I appreciated and admired his work and talents. I send my deepest of condolences to his family and friends.”

Phillip Lujan – “I met Freddie backstage at the World Fighting Federation 5 event while I was in the backstage working as a corner. Not only was the guy extremely animated and comical, but he was very down to earth. While the talk was brief, he remains one of the nicest guys I have met in my time involved with MMA. He sunk in a slick rear-naked choke that night and joined Joey Rivera and Nick Rhoades in notching wins for APEX that night.
It is always so disheartening to find out about someone passing, I offer the most positive and consoling wishes in the way of his family and friends.”

Jorge Hernandez– “I’m a fan of New Mexico fighters taking on fighters from outside the state. I detest whenever they’re forced to fight one another turning the state into an unofficial tournament. It’s a treat whenever we get the chance to see a New Mexican product test themselves against out of state competition.

I never thought I would become a fan of a visiting fighter but this would eventually be the case with Freddie Lux.

Twice I got to witness Lux defeat a New Mexico based fighter. The first time was a close split decision win over Jackson MMA’s Nick Urso in a fight where both men showcased excellent guards. Lux showed a large amount of determination narrowly squeezing the final round out with two takedowns.

The final time I saw Lux perform was at May 2012’s Mescalero Warrior Challenge 2 in a match he dominated and ended in the very first round against hometown favorite Ox Wheeler. Despite the vulgar verbal unpleasantries hurled at Lux by the pro-Wheeler crowd after his win he remained calm and thanked everyone for attending and was gracious for the opportunity.

The victory would be his last and it would be the last time New Mexico fight fans would see Lux in a cage. As loaded as New Mexico Bantamweight and Flyweight classes are, there is no doubt we would have seen him again.”

H89C7942There are never any words that can soften the sadness that encompasses death but as a staff, SWFight.com would like to send our deepest of condolences to the family and friends of Freddie Lux. We will remember him for the talent he brought to our area and forever appreciate the hard work that embodied his performances.

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