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XFC 25 "Boiling Point" Live Play-By-Play And Results - Southwest Fight News
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Politics have always played a role in sports. Unfortunately, at times the negative impact leaves for untapped opportunities.

XFC 25 “Boiling Point” Live Play-By-Play And Results

Tonight is the night for XFC 25 “Boiling Point” live inside Albuquerque’s Convention Center right in the heart of the downtown area. The XFC’s debut event within New Mexico is set with several exciting match ups featuring local and non-local fighters. The show will be headlined by the Strawweight World Title Fight between Team Four Corner’s fighter Angela Magana and Gracie Tampa’s Stephanie Eggink. South Valey’s Angelica Chavez was slated to compete tonight as well but it was announced late yesterday that an illness forced a scratch of her highly anticipated bout with Stephanie Skinner.

Keep up to date with all of the MMA action right here on SWFight.com where we will be bringing you play-by-play and updates all throughout the evening. Make sure to refresh your browser periodically to get all of the updates.

XFC 25 “Boiling Point” Fight Card:

Main Event Women’s Strawweight Championship:
Stephanie Eggink defeats Angela Magana via Submission (Triangle)

Co-Main Event:
Dhiego Lima defeats Ricky Rainey (Decision)

Feature Bouts:
Farkhad Sharipov defeats Stephen Bass (TKO)
Ryan Thomas defeats Rocky France (Submission)
Landon Vannata defeats JP Reese (Decision)

Opening TV Bout:
Joby Sanchez defeats Eric Moell (TKO)

Undercard Preliminary Bouts:
Joshua Montoya defeats Ed Tomaselli (TKO)
Jordan Espinosa defeats Tim Sosa (Submission)
Martin Manrique defeats Francisco Marin (Decision)



Martin Manrique (pro debut) vs. Francisco Marin (pro debut)

Martin Manrique grapples his way to a dominant victory over Francisco Marin

Martin Manrique grapples his way to a dominant victory over Francisco Marin

Round 1 – This is a bout between two local gyms as Manrique represents Albuquerque’s Mean 1 MMA and Marin trains out of the South Valley’s Chavez Dojo. Marin will have a sizeable height and reach advantage in this one. Manrique opens up with a leg kick and the two fighters paw at one another. Manrique shoots in and gets a huge double leg takedown slam. Marin moves to the cage but Manrique grounds him. Manrique passes to a side control position and lands short strikes. Marin is working to isolate the head but Manrique postures up. Marin gets the guard back. Now Marin locks up the arms. Manrique opens up with big punches from inside the guard. Now elbows. Manrique starts working the body with punches. Three minutes to go. The pace has slowed as Marin looks to lock Manrique up tight in his guard while Manrique lands short strikes. Manrique opens up again and moves to side control. Short knees land for Manrique. Now Manrique pins the arm but MARIN reverses and now he works from top. He looks to land but Manrique grabs a single leg and now back to the feet. Manrique shoots again and after the initial sprawl, Marin goes down. As the round ends Manrique is caught in a guillotine and saved by the bell! Close submission! 10-9 Manrique

Round 2 – Great opening round, lots of exciting points. Manrique with a leg kick and now another. Another. Straight right from Marin and Manrique immediately shoots in. Marin has a choke but it doesn’t look deep. Now it is sunk deeper and Manrique drags Marin down still in the choke. The arm is under the chin but the hands aren’t locked in to really apply the pressure. Manrique lands short punches to the body. The fight is just stalemated here. Marin also does not have optimal ground position without the full guard. Now Manrique gets the mount but still has his neck locked beneath the arm of Marin. He’s out. Marin has the body of Manrique locked down. Manrique isn’t able to gain space. Two minutes to go. Little to no significant strikes but Manrique holds dominant mount position. Marin bucks but gets his back taken by Manrique. Now another roll and Manrique has side control. Scarf position from Manrique which is allowing him to find a home for elbows and punches. Elbows to the body as the round ends. Dominant 10-9 round for Manrique.

Round 3 – Marin will need a finish but he isn’t able to find an answer for the grappling of Manrique. Manrique threatens with a level change and throws a big time leg kick. Feint the level change again. Right hand from Marin nearly lands. Another. Leg kick to takedown from Manrique and Marin finds himself beneath the side control of Manrique. Manrique looking for that scarf side control position once again but instead goes cross body. Short elbows land. Three minutes to go and now Manrique is threating the arm for possible submissions. Marin doing all he can to escape but Manrique is holding position well. One minute to go here. Manrique stands up and ends up in the guard. Action slowed in the later rounds but this is another 10-9 Manrique round which should earn him the clean sweep on the scorecards.

Martin Manrique defeats Francisco Marin via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27 x3)


Tim Sosa (Pro Debut) vs. Jordan Espinosa (2-1)

Espinosa snatches a North-South Choke On Sosa in the first round

Espinosa snatches a North-South Choke On Sosa in the first round

Round 1 – This bout is another great local vs. local fight. Sosa represents FIT NHB and Espinosa spent time in the past with the Mean 1 MMA and Jackson-Winklejohn camp. Sosa had a great amateur career fighting for the King of the Cage promotion where he racked up over a dozen amateur bouts. This is a bout that features two of the area’s more talented young professionals. Sosa with the inside kick and he slips. Some punches from Sosa and Jordan shoots in. Sosa initially sprawled but Jordan hit that second burst and got the takedown. Sosa working a high guard. Jordan jumps in to the guard and eats an upkick but he survives and gets better position. Espinosa is in side control and rolls into an Anaconda Choke. He is powering himself from that front choke position. It looks deep. Jordan rolls with it. He gets it! They call it a North-South Choke but it looked like a front choke. Upon seeing it again, it was a modified North-South where the arm was caught inside the choke. Very crafty from the wrestler Espinosa.

Jordan Espinosa defeats Tim Sosa via Submission (North-South Choke) Round 1 – 1:36


Joshua Montoya (10-8) vs. Ed Tomaselli (3-6)

Josh Montoya was too much for Tomaselli, picking up the referee stoppage victory.

Josh Montoya was too much for Tomaselli, picking up the referee stoppage victory.

Round 1 – This fight has some intrigue in that Montoya is in his young 20’s and Tomaselli is well into his 30’s and ending a half-decade hiatus from fighting. This is a young lion vs. old lion type fight where Montoya represents the new wave of MMA and Tomaselli is from the old school of fighting. Tomaselli comes out in a boxing robe and Montoya enters wearing his Gi and Brown Belt. Front kick from Tomaselli. Montoya drops him with a straight right. Tomaselli gets up. Inside leg kick from Tomaselli. Left hook from Montoya and Tomaselli presses him on the cage. Montoya gets a takedown eating a knee on the way down and works from the guard. Tomaselli locks up the arms and Montoya lands short. The ref stands them up. Tomaselli looks hurt and that’s it. Very odd. Upon the stand up, Tomaselli clutched his face and did not get to his feet. The referee was forced to wave it off. Apparently Tomaselli could not recover from an elbow upon attempting to get to his feet.

Joshua Montoya defeats Ed Tomaselli via TKO (Referee Stoppage) Round 1 – 1:47


Eric Moell (3-1) vs. Joby Sanchez (4-0)

Round 1 – Sanchez is one of New Mexico’s premier young talents and was the winner of the XFC tryouts that awarded him a lucrative deal with the promotion. Moell is a training partner of Sanchez’s last opponent so this fight holds some out of the cage intrigue. The crowd roars for Sanchez and that is the biggest pop of the night so far. The buzz in hear just went to the next decibel level. Moell shoots a single leg and Sanchez sprawls nicely. Now Moell presses it up against the cage. Moell is throwing some knees and short punches. Really applying the pressure here landing knees to the body and now changing levels but now they separate. Joby lands a head kick that bloodies Moell and after a brief clinch they return to striking range. Sanchez circles and unleashed a right hand that Moell counters with an unsuccessful single leg. Moell once again presses Sanchez against the fence. Short punches from Moell and after a sprawl Sanchez lands a right hook that stuns Moell. Flying knee from Sanchez and Moell with a takedown. More cage work from Moell. Now Moell in side control landing short punches. Back to the feet. This is place is roaring. Sanchez hurts Moell with a right hand as Moell gets to his feet and is all over him on the mat landing big punches. The ref steps in after some hammer fists and vicious short elbows sending the arena in an explosion chanting Joby, Joby, Joby….. Moell is still down being looked at by the ringside physician.

Joby Sanchez defeats Eric Moell via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 3:25


Landon Vannata (2-0) vs. James Patrick Reese (9-6)

Landon Vannata picked up a split decision over JP Reese in a grueling fight full of action

Landon Vannata picked up a split decision over JP Reese in a grueling fight full of action

Round 1 – Vannata represents the Jackson-Winklejohn gym and comes from a legit wrestling background. This will be the toughest test of his young career. Vannata has a heavy hitting corner that includes Greg Jackson, Mike Winklejohn, Brandon Gibson and John Dodson. Reese runs in with a flying knee, Vannata lands a nasty right hand and fends off a takedown. Another right hand for Vannata. Another and they clinch. Inside kick for Reese. Reese shoots but is easily shrugged off. Vannata lands a clean uppercut and pursues the right hand but misses. Reese slings an overhand. Right hand from short range sends Reese backwards. Another uppercut lands and now he sprawls on a Reese takedown. Reese on his back and Vannata is looking for some ground and pound. He is caught in an odd half guard and now they are back to the feet. Jab from Reese and another jab. Another jab now. They clinch and Reese drops down for a double leg and gets it. Now Reese looks to take the back and they roll with Vannata impressively getting top position. Now he has Reese’s head stuck between his legs but they return to the feet. Vannata misses an uppercut and throws a head kick. Reese shoots in and presses Vannata on the cage and gets the scoop takedown. Reese threatening to take the back again. Lands short punches. Under a minute to go. He grabs the choke but Vannata recognizes and escapes danger. Reese has the hooks in and is on the back. Reese has a crank and he is applying pressure. Close round but it should go to Vannata 10-9 for more effective offense.

Round 2 – The fighters throw big punches all that miss to start the round. Now a head kick that misses from Vannata. The jab lands for Reese and he shoots in for the double. Vannata uses the cage to mid-air somersault but it gets him nowhere and now Reese takes the back dragging Vannata down. Vannata fights off the legs to keep the hooks away and now he rolls and he TAKES THE BACK! Now back to the feet. Jab for Reese. Another. He shoots in for a takedown and tries to sneak to the back. He drags Vannata down again and now has one hook in. Under three minutes to go. Vannata gets to his feet but dragged back down. Vannata rolls to safety and uncorks an head kick. Jab lands for Reese. Left counter hook for Vannata. Stiff jab again for Reese scores. Vannata looks tired. Reese shoots and gets the back standing. He drags him down. Vannata fights off the arms. Both hooks in. Forty seconds to go. Vannata impressively rolls to the feet once again. Uppercut narrowly misses for Vannata. Good round for Reese 10-9.

Round 3 – Big round for both fighters as they arguably have now won one round each. Vannata looked to slow down but still had explosion in his scrambles. Reese has the takedown game working. Front kick right hand combo from Vannata grazes Reese. Now an uppercut inside the pocket lands. Vannata much more aggressive. Right hand barely misses Reese’s chin. Jab for Reese. Reese ducks a punch and takes the back standing. WOW Vannata nearly hops into a inverted triangle from a cage jump and now back to the feet. 1-2 for Vannata. Vannata charges in and Reese clinches. Jab for Reese. Left hook right hand combo lands for Vannata. Reese is backpedaling a lot here. Right straight left hook straight right lands clean rocking Reese. Reese is asking for his mouthpiece and the ref grants it. That was bad reffing as Vannata was pressing the action. Left hook stuns Reese. About a minute to go. Front kick to the face from Vannata. Right straight lands for Vannata and Reese shoots in. Defended by Vannata. 1-2 for Reese. Knee nearly clips Reese. The round ends with Vannata in pursuit. What HEART shown by Vannata in a big third round. That should be 10-9 for Vannata giving him the 29-28 unofficial scorecard. Regardless, pure heart from Vannata coming up big after losing round two.

Landon Vannata defeats JP Reese via Decision (Split) 30-27 Vannata,29-28 Reese, 29-28 Vannata


Rocky France (3-6) vs. Ryan Thomas (16-7)

In a brawl, Ryan Thomas uses a flying armbar set up to secure a triangle choke.

In a brawl, Ryan Thomas uses a flying armbar set up to secure a triangle choke.

Round 1 –  France comes out in boxing trunks only to reveal the MMA shirts right after. There have been interesting wardrobe choices tonight. Ryan fights out of American Top Team. France with a pair of kicks and Thomas returns fire. Now Thomas shoots in and gets France to the mat. Thomas lands short punches from the guard and stacks France on his neck. France looking to work an active guard. He is absorbing punishment from Thomas in top position. Thomas just working from the top landing solid punches. Elbow lands clean. France is cut. France rolls fro a kimura but Thomas rolls with him escaping to half guard. France gets his guard back. Thomas very active but not landing clean in these flurries. Thomas stacks as France threatens an armbar. Thomas eats a punch from the bottom and France uses that space to get to top position. Now Thomas reverses and gets the back. He is very high here. There is a lot of blood coming from France’s cut. France now has side control top position on Thomas. Knees to the body from France. Good way to end the round but that was a Thomas round. The referee calls in the cage side doctor to check out the cut on France.  They continue for the few seconds left in round 1. Thomas 10-9.

Round 2 – If the cut worsens this fight may be stopped. Leg kick from France as he charges in. Two right hands land for France. Jab lands for Thomas. Leg kick lands for France. Now a right hook. Left hook and knee rock France and Thomas is bullying from the clinch. Flying armbar by Thomas draws roars from the crowd. The fight hits the mat and Thomas goes from an armbar to a triangle and now back to an armbar. He locks in the triangle with pressure on the arm and gets the tap from France.

Ryan Thomas defeats Rocky France via Submission (Triangle) Round 2 – 1:27


Stephen Bass (10-1) vs. Farkhad Sharipov (13-5)

Round 1 – Bass strikes first with a kick to the leg. Bass throws and Sharipov ducks under. Bass clinches on the fence. Bass throws a knee as they go back to striking range. Sharipov throws a head kick that nearly lands. Hook to the body for Sharipov lands. Leg kick now. Double jab for Bass and now Sharipov rushes in. Big hook lands hard for Sharipov. Double jab for Sharipov. Left hook lands now. Head kick nearly clips Bass. Sharipov seems to have found his range. Sharipov shoots and gets the takedown. Inverted guard from Bass but Sharipov quickly gets out and takes the back. Bass to his feet but Sharipov presses Bass on the fence with back control. They disengage. Jab for Bass. Bass clinches and presses Sharipov on the fence landing some knees. Right hand for Sharipov as the round ends. 10-9 Sharipov for much more polished striking.

Round 2 – The fighters throw heavy and Sharipov shoots in for the takedown. Bass is on his back looking to threaten with a choke. Sharipov is out and looks to stay busy landing short strikes. Sharipov lunges in with a lead hook that connects on a grounded Bass. Back to the feet. Left counter hook for Bass. Leg kick lands for Sharipov. Hook to the body rattles Bass and Sharipov gets another big takedown. Now Sharipov lands strikes from top position and passes to side control. Sprawl position with Sharipov on top and Bass gets to his feet. Bass charges in for a takedown and eats a knee and gets put on his back. Now Sharipov is on the back looking for the choke. Hooks are in and Sharipov is peppering with strikes. Flattened out now and Sharipov is putting the pressure on with punches. He is just pounding away here. The referee steps in after it was clear Bass would not improve position.

Farkhad Sharipov defeats Stephen Bass via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 – 4:19


Co-Main Event: Dhiego Lima (8-1) vs. Ricky Rhainey(8-1)

In a very close fight, Dhiego Lima takes a close and arguably controversial split decision over Ricky Rhainey

In a very close fight, Dhiego Lima takes a close and arguably controversial split decision over Ricky Rhainey

Round 1 – The talk in this one is that Lima has been rumored to be UFC bound with a win. Rhainey now has the chance to steal that thunder. Both fighters very hesitant early throwing feints. Lima unloads a nasty leg kick. Head kick now grazes Rhainey. Leg kick from Rhainey. Both fighters showing respect to the other as they both very uncommitted to throwing. Lima opens up a little with a right hand. Rhainey catches a good kick on Lima and now they clinch with Lima pushing Rhainey into the fence. Lima drops down but Rhainey defends. Rhainey’s overhook is keeping him in control now as he reverses and presses Lima into the cage. Short elbow for Rhainey and now Lima switches to work a takedown on the fence. Working the outside leg trip along the fence. Rhainey now in pressing position. Lima switches now. Rhainey again. The ref calls time as it appears Rhainey caught Lima with a knee below the belt. Lima is walking it off. They re-start. Lima catches a leg kick on Rhainey but Rhainey charges back with a head kick and flurry of punches. Lima with a BIG takedown but Rhainey jumps back up and presses Lima up on the fence. Rhainey showing his strength keeping Lima between his shoulder and the fence. He works some strikes. The round ends and that is super close. Could go either way, arguably a 10-10 round.

Round 2 – This fight is very evenly matched. Should be a good round two. Headkick for Rhainey allows him to press the action and a flurry puts Lima on the fence. Lima narrowly misses a hook. Lead hook leg kick combo land for Rhainey. Leg kick from Lima. Uppercut in the clinch lands for Rhainey. Rhainey walking down Lima now who looks to be tired. Leg kick for Lima. Right hand lands for Rhainey and a nice knee to the body. Now Rhainey puts Lima on the fence. Lima gets away. Leg kick lands for Lima. Lead hook for Lima. Rhainey clinches and puts Lima on the fence but Lima switches and looks for a single leg along the fence. Lima is pressing Rhainey into the cage which might allow him a second wind. Rhainey reverses now. Lima reverses. Lima gets a takedown now. Under a minute and Rhainey is back to his feet with Lima attached to a leg. Lima dumps him and takes the back. Now they roll and Lima looks for a triangle and Rhainey escapes. Another insanely close round that could be 10-10 but Rhainey may take this one 10-9.

Round 3 – This fight could be easily 20-20, 20-19 for either fighter or 20-18 or really anything. That is how close this fight is. Rhainey looks to be fresher heading into the round. Lima presses Rhainey up on the fence. Rhainey looks to disengage but Lima starts working for a single leg. Back to striking range. Lima throwing but Rhainey easily defends. Right hand for Rhainey. Jab now. Leg kick from Lima. Rhainey lands a big left. Knee to the body for Rhainey. Jab for Lima. Rhainey lands a jab. Now Rhainey works the clinch with Lima’s back on the fence. Lima wings an overhand. Rhainey shoots and gets the takedown. Working from the guard. Both fighters have slowed and Rhainey now looking to take the back. He starts to punch a turtled Lima and now they are up. Left hook to the body lands for Rhainey. Rhainey grabs a single leg but Lima defends. Thirty seconds to go. Jab for Rhainey. Neither fighter has any pop in the strikes as they are looking very tired. Round ends with Rhainey getting a takedown. Rhainey 10-9 which unofficially on our card gives Rhainey the 30-28 victory.

Dhiego Lima defeats Ricky Rhainey via Decision (Split) 29-28 Lima, 29-28 Rhainey, 29-28 Lima    

XFC Strawweight Championship Bout

Main Event: Angela Magana (11-5) vs. Stephanie Eggink (3-1)

Round 1 – These two girls have real drama between them out of the cage so I expect some brutal fighting within the cage. Eggink is much longer then Magana. Magana with a teep. Now a leg kick. Jab for Eggink lands stiff. Leg kick counter lands for Magana. Boxing stance for Eggink as she wings punches. Magana with another leg kick. Now they trade inside leg kicks. Eggink misses with a hook. Front kick misses for Magana. Eggink comes in with a double jab. Right hand connects for Eggink. Leg kick for Magana. Magana is very effective defensively staying just out of Eggink’s range and moving the head well. Magana catches a kick and launches two straights. Teep counters a punch from Eggink. Hook combo rocks Magana. Magana answers with a leg kick. Overhand stuns Eggink. Leg kick for Magana. Right hand lands on Magana. Leg kick for Magana. Round ends and Magana should take that one with leg kicks, effective striking and cage control with her defensive foot and headwork. 10-9 Magana.

Round 2 – Magana is shorter and doesn’t have the reach but she has a great gameplan allowing her to stay within her own range. Hook body kick lands for Eggink and Magana gets the leg kick. Eggink looking to move a lot more in this round. Right hand lands hard for Magana and now she has Eggink on the fence. Eggink is tripped down by Magana and wow Magana is an animal taking her down again as Eggink got up. Now Magana sits in Eggink’s guard. The long legs of Eggink are keeping Magana from passing. Magana passes to half guard. Now back to guard. No significant strikes yet just jockeying for position. Eggink throws up a high guard but Magana works to stack and remain in good posture. She is in a triangle! Eggink is punching from bottom. It is DEEP. Eggink taps Magana!

Stephanie Eggink defeats Angela Magana via Submission (Triangle) Round 2 – 3:10

Stephanie Eggink is your NEW XFC Strawweight Champion!

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