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Holmes Boxing's New Mexico Pride & Glory Play by Play - Southwest Fight News
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Holmes Boxing’s New Mexico Pride & Glory Play by Play

Felipe Castaneda def. Tony Valdez via 8th rd TKO 01:34
Men come out and trade. Probably a bad game plan for Valdez. Valdez cuaght with four big shots. And another huge flurry from Valdez. Castaneda is on a rampage Valdez stumbles around the ring. Valdez is holding strong. Ref stops fight after a huge exchange Castaneda landed some huge powershots!

7) Veteran move by Valdez steps on Castaneda lead foot and lands straight right. Valdez now stalking Castaneda around the ring. Hip shot left hook from Castaneda lands flush. Castaneda with a little bit more urgency. Valdez now against corner men are throwing cautiously and not landing big. Castaneda is allowing Valdez to rest by not throwing as he stalks him around the ring. Valdez lands lunging right and is countered with a left.

6) Valdez comes out fresher and lands stiff lefts and body shots. Castenda isn‘t getting time to set. Valdez throws before Castaneda has time to think about punching. Valdez a lot more aggressive in this round. Valdez with an over the top right misses with left but lands another right. Castaneda tries to block Valdez’s pittypat punches, not strong but they are scoring nonetheless. Castaneda comes back with stiff lead lefts of his own. Valdez‘ hands are below his waist. Castaneda  appears tired.

Castaneda trying to establish the left jab again. Valdez staying in the pocket now. Valdez now looking to counter Castaneda. Castaneda being patient this round and countering very effectively. Valdez gets caught lunging in. Valdez‘ legs aren’t as strong. Men trade shots with Valdez coming out on top of the exchange with a big straight right. Huge right from Castaneda, Valdez responds with a left of his own.
Castaneda in a very close round

Castaneda comes out busier with his jab. Valdez contemplating moving in and out because of it. Valdez dropping his hands a little in this round. Valdez trying to make his way into Castaneda’s body with his shoulder. Big over the top right for Castaneda punches Valdez back. Castaneda lands another big punch. Valdez is starting to retreat, looks a bit tired. Castaneda does not take advantage instead waits to counter with right uppercut. Valdez is not throwing with power this round.

Tony being very aggressive 20 lightpunch combo, literally, with no response, his last 8 punches missed. Crowd chants TONY TONY! Castaneda standing straight up, no fluidity in his movement. Tony get’s caught by a counter right hook as he walks toward Castaneda, Valdez takes a moment to blink several times. Valdez so much more fluid, is giving Castaneda problems. HUGE right cross from Castaneda sends Valdez to the ropes but he stays up.

2) Valdez is not looking to trade with Castaneda. Valdez so far is pretty elusive. Lead left followed by two consecutive left hoos for Tony Valdez. Castaneda trying to lead Valdez into a corner but Valdez easily walks out of it again. Valdez misses wide and Castaneda makes him pay with a left right hook combo, Valdez responds with a strong left of his own. Men and trading straights. Valdez trips over Castaneda, no knockdown. Two straight right hooks from Castaneda, Valdez plays his game and stays in the corner. Valdez comes back strong forcing Castaneda back and finishing round with clean 5-punch combo

Valdez start out strong, sticking and moving. Castaneda stuff him with a solid left hook. Castaneda playing the countering game waiting for Valdez to make a mistake. Valdez is in and out though. Valdez lunges in and is caught by a fading right hook. Valdez responds walking around rings and delivering three bodyshots.      Castaneda stalks Valdez around the ring. Valdez measure with with a his lead left hand. Men exchange in the corner but it’s Valdez that ends the round strong.

Co-Main Event:
Brandon Holmes def. Daniel Salinas via 2nd rd KO 01:15
2) Salinas comes out and forces Holmes to the ropes. Holmes respond with two huge hooks, the men separate and Holmes lands a huge five punch combination topped off by a big left hook that floors Salinas. Men move to the ropes where Holmes unleashes a devastating left hook, right hook combo Salinas eyes are gone Homes follows up with a punishing left hook that KOs Salinas!

1) Salinas does in with very low stance and flares lead left jab out but draws all air. Holmes waiting to throw. Salinas catches him off balances Holmes appears to  trip on Salinas foot as he catches a right hand and almost falls, pretty athletic not fall there. Salinas is clinching Holmes and is finding open shots in the inside. Holmes brings action back to the center where he lands a flush right and left hook. Salinas waits for Holmes to come in and counters him with a right to end round.

Angelo Leo def. Brian Garcia via MD 40-36×2 38-38
Leo starts by shooting a huge right hook from his hip. He has Garcia against the ropes an unleashes a huge flurry. Break in action, the referee asks the ringside physician to look at Garcia’s cuts. Garcia comes out very energized but consecutive straight left jabs from Leo end that. Leo is determined to end fight but in the process has to gain breath against the ropes. This give Garcia an in but he’s tired and can’t follow through on punches he lands to Leo’s face. Leo is extremely composed he dances around ring stops and lands a straight left jab followed by a right cross, Garcia didn’t even react to the punches.

Leo moving well around ring whenever he decides to use footwork. Leo now stalking Garcia around the ring. Leo lands big uppercut with straight right and steps out. Beautiful comobs by Leo force Garcia back into the ropes. Garcia cut above right eye and out of nose. Leo punches now landing with a thud, he’s finally sitting on them, he’s finding it easy to do with a slower Garcia. Left hook right hook combo from Leo, Leo looks to finish the fight but is interrupted by the bell.

Garcia looking to wear down Leo against the ropes. He’s much more muscular his short punches on placing his weigh on Leo is slowing Leo down. Neither guy has really hurt each other but are working for every punch. Leo body work finally comes back. Garcia is now failing to follow through on punches, he throws a wide left and is countered with a cross-right from Leo.
Men start off head to head, literally. Interior work by both. Leo works Garcia int he ropes and lands several body punches. The speed is clearly on Leo’s side. Good head movement demonstrated by Leo. Garcia is lacking a jab and is looking to force action in the interior whenever he gets the chance. Tried to bully Leo against the rops but his shots are light. Leo easily works out of the ropes.

Brandon Salazar def. Patrick Holmes Jr. via 3rd TKO 02:45
3) Salazar tries to force action on the inside, Holmes counters with a bit of dirty boxing, ref immedeiately breaks them up. Salazar shows a little more aggression and gets Holmes in his own corner with a mean four-punch combinations to the head. Holmes flails punches in defense. Holmes rides ropes trying to recuperate; still has his legs. Salazar attacks Holmes in a neutral corner and lands a huge five punch combination, Holmes mouthpiece almost comes out; he is turned sideway. Referee jumps in to stop the action. Holmes appeared to be hurt but able enough to continue but the ref felt the last combination was big enough to stop contest at 02:45.

2) Salazar muay thai stance is leaving punches right up the middle open. Salazar throws three punch combo that lands. Holmes doing a good job of countering with one-time straight rights. Holmes now bleeding from nose. Holmes is leaving chin out but reflexes are quick. Big straight right from Holmes backs Salazar up. Slower pace this second round but still entertaining. Holmes has shaken off any cobwebs he had from the first. Salazar a little for patient. Men now trades straights against the ropes.
Holmes 10-9

1) Both fighters come out in a wide stance. Holmes demonstrating great head movement just avoided three straight rights. Holmes throwing a lot of power rights and is leaving himself open. Holmes caught with a huge right! He’s staggered! He holds even after the ref break. Salazar is leaving left lead jab hanging throw big right cross and is countered by a HUGE right cross from Holmes that puts him down. Salazar gets up and drops big right that momentarily stuns Holmes. Holmes now starts using jab and manages the middle of the ring. Salazar reluctant to punch to end the first.
Holmes 10-8


FOY Candidate
Antonio “Tone” Martinez (137.4) vs. Matthew Baca (138.4)**
Matthew Baca vs. Antonio Martinez DRAW 39-37 Martinez, 39-37 Baca, 38-38
Martinez walks down Baca to start round. Baca responds and now dancing around ring. Huge over the top right for Martinez! Action resumes Baca dives on Martinez to the corner. Martinez now catching a slower Baca with 1-2 combos.. Baca goes to the body with a big left. Martinez double left hooks now. “Finish strong Matt!” exclaims his corner. Baca looks fresher in final half. Baca drops a five punch combo. Even

Men are now putting on a show in the 3rd. Maritnez hooking with a hooker and is losing that battle. Baca goes for wide right hook and gets countered with a huge left. Martinez now building momentum, Baca is slowing down. He goes back to body momentarily slowing Martinez. Martinez responds with a straight left and Baca rides him to the ropes. Baca traps Martinez in his own corner and works the body. Great round of action, Baca won last 30 seconds but Martinez had his best round. Martinez

Baca boxing at a distance now. Martinez is throwing over Baca’s head really strange. Martinez now having success with back against ropes catching Baca with short shots upstairs and downstairs. Martinez bleeding from mouth. Baca’s having great success long to mid range when he’s up close Martinez has success with those short shots. Baca

Both men come out slugging. Baca gets best with huge bodyshots. Martinez grabs an arm a bit overwhelmed. Straigh right from Martinez settles Baca back momentarily. Martinez’ left side of body is extremely red. Martinez tried a big of roughhousing as his back is against the ropes. Baca

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