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A staple of mixed martial arts in New Mexico, "The Dirty Bird" Tim Means is one of the best offensive strikers in our State's combat history and a fighter SWFight has worked with for many years.

SWFight.com’s Dirty Bird Fight Camp: ‘Best Of Tim Means’

The “Dirty Bird” has been flapping his wings since 2004 and fans in New Mexico and surrounding areas have had the opportunity to catch it in action several times over the last nine years. FIT NHB’s Tim Means embarked on a MMA career 26-fights ago and has delivered combat action ever since. Training out of the FIT NHB camp under the tutelage of coaches Jon Judy, Tom and Arlene Vaughn; Means has blossomed into one of MMA’s most effective offensive strikers.

After reaching the sports grandest stage, the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC); Tim Means wrecked havoc on his first two opponents. With brutal knees and an efficient Thai-boxing style of striking, Means would defeat his first two opponents and really create some buzz in the MMA community. While Means would lose the next two fights, he would do so impressively as he would force Jorge Masvidal and Danny Castillo into a wrestling based game plan.

After the consecutive losses, Means would be cut from the UFC and quickly signed by Legacy FC to compete in the September 13th event, headlining against UFC veteran Pete Spratt. Before that match-up draws nearer; SWFight.com thought it would be compelling to take a look at the record and resume of Means and remember some of the best moments of the “Dirty Bird’s” fight career.

October 7th, 2010 – King of the Cage: Inferno – Means Claims KOTC Gold

Means (9-3-1) was brushing off a draw a few months prior after an illegal elbow forced the referee to penalize the “Dirty Bird” one point. That point deduction ended up being very significant as the three judge’s cageside scored the bout a Majority Draw between Means and Dom O’Grady.

Coming out with ill-intent, Means would wallop opponent Bobby Green in front of the California crowd for two rounds. The high pressure and overwhelming offensive onslaught would defeat Green thoroughly as he would not make the bell for the third round. Means would capture King of the Cage Gold making it the most relevant win for Means to that point.

Green was 14-3 at that point and had won the King of the Cage Junior Welterweight Title and defended it. After capturing the title, Means would defend the title three times. It would be a showcase fight for Means; with the victory the promotion would increase his marketing and visibility turning him into one of the popular promotions most recognized fighters.

February 11th, 2011 – ECSC Friday Night Fights 2 – Means Battles Injury, Finishes Late

It came out much later after the event concluded that Means was dealing with an injury heading into his bout against the undefeated Ricky Musgrave. Despite that, Means would come out of Clovis, New Mexico with a big time win. Means uncharacteristically fought outside of the King of the Cage promotion making the trip to Clovis to fight for the Singleterry Brothers and the Evolution Combat Sports promotion.

Musgrave attacked the legs of Means early which incidentally was the part of the body ailing the FIT NHB fighter heading into the bout. Despite that obstacle, Means pushed forward against the very talented Musgrave and experience would triumph as Means finished the fight with seven seconds left in the third and final round making it very easy for the Judge’s cageside as they no longer needed to hand in scorecards.

The precision striking on display was impressive as Means dropped Musgrave after a failed flurry and flying knee was countered perfectly by Means. The stoppage and fight was a reminder that Means was one of the toughest and most talented fighters in New Mexico.

January 21st, 2012 – King of the Cage: Total Destruction – Means needs 30 seconds, ends regional career

Tye Brown was 7-3 heading into the bout with Tim Means and the King of the Cage promotion put up the Lightweight Title up for grabs between the two fighters. Means needed exactly 30-seconds to end the fight with his lightning quick and powerful strikes. The stoppage came violently and abruptly showcasing in the perfect way the talent Means possessed.

It must have been an impressive showing in Thackerville, Oklahoma because less then four weeks later Means was walking down the pathway to the UFC’s Octagon.

February 15th, 2012 – UFC ON FUEL TV ‘Sanchez vs. Ellenberger’ – Means shines in UFC debut

What happens when you put a Jiu Jitsu specialist into the cage with a lethal, precision striker? You end up with Bernando Magalhaes fighting Tim Means and in the UFC debut for the “Dirty Bird” he showed why striking still remains the most dangerous tool to possess inside the Octagon.

Over the course of three rounds, Means bloodied and battered Magalhaes consistently finding a home for jabs, knees and kicks with ease. If not for toughness, Magalhaes certainly would have been finished and the fight very nearly came to an end in the third round. Means showed the UFC fans his high tempo striking attack and rolled out the welcome mat for himself as he announced his presence into the division.

June 8th, 2012 – UFC ON FX 3: ‘Johnson vs. McCall’ – Means Shows Striking Dominance

In a span of 66-seconds, Tim Means showcased the potential and talent accumulated over several years in dominant and vicious fashion. When Justin Salas entered the octagon to face Means on that Saturday evening he didn’t expect the thunder that was about to come his way.

A left hand seconds into the bout sends Salas reeling and the Thai Plum of Means proves to be lethal as he unleashes a barrage of knees and punches. The fight was thorough domination despite the fight being only about a minute long. Means put on a highlight reel performance; the striking precision and devastating power being the focused strengths in Mean’s arsenal shined for the crowd in Sunrise, Florida.

While Means would drop the next two bouts, it is only a matter of time before Means finds himself adding to the list of impressive performances of his already illustrious career. Another highlight reel performance may be awaiting the “Dirty Bird” on September 13th at Legacy FC and we encourage fight fans to send their support over his way during his fight preparations. Stay tuned for more Tim Means coverage, event breakdowns and analysis.

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