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Why We’re so Hype for Tonight’s Sano vs. Tenneson Amateur Fight at Jackson’s MMA Series 11

It will be the cobra versus the mongoose tonight on Jackson’s MMA Series 11’s featured amateur fight inside the Tingley Coliseum when Andrew Tenneson faces Jerry Sano.

We are not going to lie, as soon it was announced that this fight would be part of the Jackson’s MMA Series 11 card the entire SWFight.com staff became giddier than middle-school chicks at a Justin Bieber concert. That is because we know the talent Sano and Tenneson possess and not to mention they come from two of the most talented gyms from their respective areas.

Tenneson has drawn a lot of praise from his trainers including Jackson-Winkeljohn striking coach Mike Winkeljohn and is currently on an undefeated amateur campaign. Sano hails from El Paso’s Bushido MMA gym where he is trained by Shane Schuman and gym owner and professional fighter Hugo Sida. Sano is coming off a year layoff since his last contest in August 2012. Most of the layoff can be blamed on a motorcycle accident that hospitalized him and put him out of training for quite sometime.

If styles make match-ups then those in attendance might want to prepare themselves for one hell of a battle.

The El Pasoan, Sano has power that allows him to neutralize fighters with top position on the ground. He has a strong clinch that allows him to land huge knees on fighters who do not know how to defend the advances.

Sano’s continuous pressure and onslaught attacks in the stand up lead many think his punches are wild but the truth is he keeps his power punches tight and his chin tucked in like any intelligent fighter. With that same power Sano was able to knockout Sano vs ClynesJackson MMA’s George Clynes with a huge right cross at last April’s Summer MMA Showdown in Gallup, New Mexico. The punch earned Sano SWFight.com’s 2012 KO of the year.

Coincidentally, one of Clynes’ cornermen that evening was none other then Tenneson. Tonight, Tenneson will be looking to avenge his teammate’s loss and is looking to narrow the record margin between Bushido MMA and Jackson’s. Currently, Bushido is one of the few gyms in the world that holds a positive record against Jackson’s MMA,  boasting a three win to one loss record.

Tenneson is a self-proclaimed anime geek but do not let the glasses and his disciplined demeanor fool you. Since picking up Andrew Tenneson Winning by Heel Hooktaekwon do, jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts in college he has been a sponge with every art he has practiced – think Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung, the character that had the ability to absorb his opponents skills.

Very technically sound Tenneson has the ability to finish fighters standing up or on the ground. He has never been in a match where a judges decision was rendered finishing all four of his opponents by submission or KO.

No matter the outcome of this contest both men are sure to show that they can be successful at the next level.

Short History Between Bushido and Jackson’s MMA
Jackson’s MMA Series IX – 09/08/2012
Alida Gray (Bushido) def. Lorna Johnson (Jackson’s) via 1st round Sub.-Armbar 09/08/2012
Eric Dodson (Jackson’s) def. Fernie Garcia (Bushido) via 1st rd TKO
Mescalero Warrior Challenge 2 – 05/12/2012
Martin Sano (Bushido) def. Adam Gonzales (Jackson’s) via 1rd Sub.-Triangle 05/12/2012
MMA Summer Showdown – 08/04/2012
Jerry Sano (Bushido) def. George Clynes (Jackson’s) via 1st rd KO  08/4/2012

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155lbs. Gabriel “Moggley” Benitez 14-3 vs. Richard Villa 7-5   –   Team Roswell, NM
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155lbs. Andrew Tennesson 5-0 vs. Jerry Sano 2-1   –  Bushido El Paso, TX
170lbs. Brandon Jones 1-0 vs. Eddie Gamboa 5-0   – Bushido El Paso, TX
135lbs. Eric Dodson. 2-0 vs. Thomas Mills 2-1  – Perez Fighting Systems Los Lunas, NM
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