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The Jackson's MMA Series was once a premier promotion for fighters to announce their presence in the local fight scene but recently the promotion has failed to attract significant audiences to the once popular show.

Jackson’s MMA Series XI: Live Play-By-Play And Results

It is time fight fans! The Jackson’s MMA Series is live inside Tingley Coliseum and SWFight.com is in the arena ready to supply even more of New Mexico’s best local MMA coverage. We will have live play-by-play all throughout the fight card so make sure to refresh this page periodically to stay up to date with all of the action.

Albuquerque’s Conrad Padilla takes on Apex MMA’s Nick Rhoads in what should be an intense fight between two tough fighters. Four Latin American natives will be in action tonight, bringing in the Mexican and Argentinian flavor of MMA into New Mexico. Rounding out the main card, one of the states top prospects Nick Urso takes on the very tough Ron White in a flyweight bout.

The undercard is full of exciting local fighters including fan favorites Eric Dodson and Andrew Tenneson. The finals of “The Edge 104.1”  Fighter Challenge will also conclude. This and much, much more will be on tap for this evenings event.


Live Play-By-Play And Results:

Eric Griego (0-0) vs. Robert Fratterelli (1-2)

Round 1 – This kicks off the evening’s festivities. The crowd heavy in support of Griego. Griego throws a jab and fakes level change. Fatterelli with a leg kick and Griego charges in. Griego shoots in for a single and after some initial defense, he gets the back along the fence. He drags him down and works for the rear-naked choke. Quick finish for the host gym fighter.

Eric Griego defeats Robert Fratterelli via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 1:04


Vince Varela (0-0) vs. Ray Vaiza (0-1)

Round 1 – Varela is a elite level wrestle from Hofstra. Vaiza opens with a front kick and head kick as Varela barrels in. Varela throws and lands an overhand and turns it right into a takedown where get quickly gets mount. Now Varela punches down on a defending Vaiza. Vaiza gets his guard back but Varela very active with punches. Now Varela takes the back and locks in a fight ending rear-naked choke.

Vince Varela defeats Ray Vaiza via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 1:19


Eric Dodson (2-0) vs. Thomas Mills (2-1)

Round 1 – Dodson is a big time fan favorite and the crowd roars in support of their hometown fighter. Dodson starts with a punch-kick combo. Mills goes to the head kick and Dodson lands a punch. Now Dodson unleashes a combo that stuns Mills, the uppercut lands. Mills playing defense and Dodson is all over him. Dirty boxing from Dodson and Dodson drops Mills. Some ground and pound lands and the referee stops the fight.

Eric Dodson defeats Thomas Mills via TKO (Punches) Round 1 – 0:39


Brandon Jones (1-0) vs. Eddie Gamboa (5-0)

Round 1 – Jones is a name that buzzes in the area as a fighter to truly watch out for. The undefeated amateur Gamboa comes from an El Paso camp in Bushido MMA that carries with them some history of success in Albuquerque. A lot of feeling out by the two but Gamboa throws a leg kick and gets checked. Into the cage now and Gamboa is working the clinch. Jones is working to escape. Now Gamboa takes the back with one hook in. Gamboa drags Jones down and works the choke. He gets it! Gamboa looked strong from inside the clinch and becomes the first fighter of the night to defeat a Jackson/Winklejohn fighter.

Eddie Gamboa defeats Brandon Jones via Submission (Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 1:19


Andrew Tenneson (5-0) vs. Jerry Sano (2-1)

This is another Bushido MMA vs. Jackson’s MMA bout. Tenneson is one of the area’s top amateurs and Sano is one hard hitting fighter from El Paso. The two shared some tension yesterday at weigh ins. This fight has some serious BUZZ.

Round 1 – Tenneson with a leg kick. Body kick from Sano and a huge double leg from Tenneson. Sano works a high guard but Tenneson with awesome posture. Punches to the body for Tenneson. Sano works to tie him up and the fight hits close the cage where Sano starts working wrist control. Sano turtles and Tenneson locks on a front headlock but the fight returns to standing. Now Sano presses Tenneson into the cage. Tenneson looks for the guillotine again. Now he drops back for it but Sano gets out. Tenneson immediately works his guard and is high maybe for an armbar. Sano lands and they stand up. Sano taunts a little bit. Sano lands a right hand. Tenneson shoots at the end of the round and doesn’t get it. Close round, don’t know who that should go to! 10-10 round but possible more offense for Tenneson.

Round 2 – The fighters exchange and Tenneson exits a clinch with a knee. Now Tenneson gets a takedown. Sano has the head isolated but not choking. Tenneson postures, lifts Sano up and slams. Sano has his guard closed and locking up the body of Tenneson. Tenneson looks to posture and lands a short strike. Now he gets up and snatches a guillotine. Sano is defending and Tenneson has an arm-in guillotine in the sitting position. Now there back up along the fence and back down as Tenneson still works the choke. Sano Taps!!!!!!

Andrew Tenneson defeats Jerry Sano via Submission (Guillotine Choke) Round 2 – 2:00


104.1 The Edge Fighting Challenge Finals

Henry Barahona (0-0) vs. David Binder (0-0)

Round 1 – These two fighters are the finalist of a challenge event hosted by the local radio station 104.1 The Edge. They were coached by two UFC fighters who fight out the Jackson/Winklejohn camp. Binder throws two punches and charges in for the takedown and gets it. He looks to pass early and gets to ½ guard. Barahona gets guard back but it is passed quickly again. Now Binder takes the back and starts to work a choke but Barahona defends and gets up. Binder working a takedown again and Barahona defends initially but gets taken down. Barahona works a kimura from the bottom. Binder escapes. Barahona rolls for a leg lock and gets punched by Binder. Binder inside the guard staying busy with punches. Barahona rolls up to a knee and now he runs the single leg for a takedown. He moves to the back but is reversed. Binder wins the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Barahona starts with a leg kick and both fighters miss big punches. Barahona pushes forward and Binder clips him with a hook. Binder now looking for the takedown on the cage. Binder looks to get side control on a seated Barahona along the cage. Barahona is looking to walk up the cage and does. Binder now working the takedown and once again gets it. The story of this fight is Binder’s ability to get the takedown. Barahona punches from bottom and Binder just digs in and keeps his position. Back to the fence and Barahona begins to wall walk. Now Barahona works his sprawl and Binder is just pressuring that takedown. Binder’s pressure takes the round as Barahona lands some nice hammerfists as the round ends. Binder 10-9

Round 3 – Barahona needs a huge round or finish as he is down on the scorecards. Superman punch attempt from Barahona. Crane kick lands for Barahona and now he is being the aggressor. Binder shoots and Barahona sprawls. Hammerfists from Barahona. Now possibly a kimura from bottom position. Binder is out. Barahona looks tired but is still punching. Binder is in full on position mode but then he takes the back. He has the choke in but Barahona is defending. He slips out but is mounted. Now Binder moves to the arm-triangle. Escapes! Now Barahona is on top. Binder attacking with a triangle but Barahona defends and works his own top game. Round ending. Barahona 10-9 but he will probably lose the decision.

David Binder defeats Henry Barahona via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 29-28 x3)


Main Card Time!


Nick Urso (5-1) vs. Ron White (5-5)

Round 1 – This fight features a live dog in White who has one shot KO power and has fought a tough schedule throughout his career. On the other side of the cage, one of New Mexico’s premier talents and prospects in Nick Urso. The two fighters come out on fire! Throwing big hooks in the pocket. Urso is tighter and shorter in strikes and White is throwing bombs. They both separate just to come back again and trade. White is looking for that knockout shot while Urso is stalking White down. Jab lands for Urso. Front kick from White. Another exchange. Urso catches White with a knee in the clinch and White goes down. The referee stops the fight. White is protesting the stoppage but this one was a dog fight from start to finish.

Nick Urso defeats Ronnie White via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 1:53


Daniel “El Cazador” Salas (12-1) vs. Jason Brenton (9-2)

Round 1 – Salas starts with two head kicks the last of which lands with impact. Now Salas clinches and works some strikes inside. Left hand clips Brenton and Salas really pouring it on. Leg kick from Brenton. Salas with a combo. Brenton lands a right hand out of nowhere that folds Salas and some brutal ground and pound finishes the fight emphatically.

Jason Brenton defeats Daniel Salas via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 1:01


Guido “Ninja” Cannetti (3-1) vs. Eliasar Rodriguez (4-1)

Round 1 – The Argentinian Cannetti is talked about locally as one of the best imports from the Latin American movement. This fight should be a fun one. ­­­­­Cannetti with his hands at his waist lands a jab and then a body kick. Head kick misses for Cannetti. Now they trade and Rodriguez has Cannetti back pedaling. Both land clean. Inside leg kick for Cannetti and now they hit the mats. Cannetti ends up on his back. Now Rodriguez looks to take the back, He does and gets good position with his hooks in. Now working the choke. Flattened out and Cannetti is in danger here. He looks to stand up with Rodriguez on his back. He tries to brush him off by arching himself. Now he is out but he’s in an armbar! Rodriguez is latched on it tight! Guido picks him up like he weighs nothing and slams him! Gets top position and begins to throw punches. Back to the feet now.  Rodriguez drops levels for a takedown. Cannetti sprawls and throws him to his back. Cannetti is a strong 135er. Mount then the back for Cannetti. Big punches. Both hooks in and now Cannetti has the rear naked choke. He gets the tap!

Guido Cannetti defeats Elias Rodriguez via Submission(Rear-naked choke) Round 1 – 4:29


Salvador “Dodger” Montano (12-1) vs. Jason Clayton (8-3)

Round 1 – The middleweight “Dodger” has some chants already ringing around the arena. A lot of feeling out here and Clayton wings in a bomb that Montano evades. Montano charges in loading up the right hand. Leg kick for Montano. Montano with a flurry. Leg kick again for Montano. Jab lands. Montano looks more aggressive as Clayton is looking to counter. Clayton lands a solid hook. Inside leg kick for Montano. Outside leg kick for Clayton. “MEXICO” is the chant now in the crowd. Inside leg kick hurts Clayton. Montano seeps to be picking his shots. Rushing in now Clayton catches Montano and drops him! Now Clayton works on top, taking the back and attacking with a choke. Montano defends but he may still be hurt. Both hooks in and Clayton really looking for the submission attacking aggressively. He isn’t able to get it and Montano escapes. As he gets up he rocks Clayton with an knee/uppercut combo and flurries with a barrage of punches! Clayton is turtled up taking a beating! Montano is landing hard shots here and the referee is allowing it to go on. The onslaught continues and Clayton taps! That was a late stoppage as Clayton was turtled up for quite a while.

Augusto Montano defeats Jason Clayton via Submission (Strikes) Round 1 – 4:24


Conrad Padilla (4-0) vs. Nick Rhoads (5-2)  

Round 1 – The Apex MMA vs. Jackson’s MMA rivalry is a good one. Apex has played spoiler to plenty main card fights including the last main event. This fight has some intrigue behind it as Padilla is undefeated and Rhoads has shown his skillset to be very good in his pro career thus far. Both fighters moving a lot early. Rhoads goes high with a kick. Padilla follows up with a punch to the body. Rhoads chops Padilla down to the mat with a leg kick. Body kick for Padilla and Rhoads lands a combo inside. Again Rhoads throws a flurry. Padilla lands a straight right. Padilla misses with a huge overhand. Comes in and lands three punches on the chin of Rhoads. Rhoads with a low kick. Left hook for Padilla counters and Rhoads flurries in return. Low kick again lands for Rhoads. Dirty boxing by Rhoads and he lands some close range strikes. Padilla lunges forward and Rhoads counters but nothing significant lands. They both land hooks. Leg kick for Rhoads and body kick from Padilla. Padilla stalks him down and gets a hook in counter and now a kick to the body. Very close round but Rhoads may have landed more often throughout the round. Rhoads 10-9

Round 2 – Lots of feeling out to start round two. Body kick for Rhoads. Left hook lands for Padilla as he counters the kick. Low kick again lands for Rhoads. Another lands hard for Rhoads. Padilla wings two huge hooks and clinches but Rhoads steps out of it. Padilla barrels in again with a power shot. Low kick for Rhoads. They exchange and Padilla lands to the body and Rhoads to the face. Low kick from Rhoads. Flurry misses from Padilla. Padilla lands coming in and clinches where Rhoads looks to flurry. Padilla has some blood coming off of his cheek. Inside kick to the legs from Rhoads. Padilla charges in with a flurry. Inside leg kick lands near the cup. They trade and they both land. Padilla hits two hooks in a row. Jab for Padilla and as he lands a right hand, Rhoads drops him. The round ends! Rhoads 10-9

Round 3 – Padilla needs a big round or finish here as he may be down 2-0. He is bleeding and really needed that one minute to shake off the knockdown. Here we go! Third round! Jab for Rhoads. Right hand from Padilla drops Rhoads but he is back up. Flurry lands for Padilla but he does eat an uppercut. Wincing from Padilla as he cleans the blood out of his eye. Kick from Padilla lands to the body. Another flurry from both men inside. Padilla wades in with big punches. Lands a hook. Rhoads is continuing to work the low leg. Padilla lands a right straight punch. Body shot from Rhoads lands hard. Rhoads grabs the single collar tie and lands uppercuts. Body kick from Rhoads. Jab lands for both men. Overhand lands for Padilla that rocks Rhoads and the follow up punches hurt him more! Rhoads answers back and gets the fight to the mat where he has top control. Rhoads now works from the ½ guard. Padillla is up! 10 seconds! The bell ends and WOW what a fight! Close round that may be Padilla 10-9 and the first round will really decide this one.

Nick Rhoads defeats Conrad Padilla via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27,29-28 x2) 


Main Event:

Gabriel “Moggley” Benitez (14-3) vs. Richard Villa (7-5)

Round 1 – Benitez is a big time prospect and has some legit skills. Villa is a tough regional guy whose always game for an upset. Should be fun! Benitez whips a kick and Villa throws a bomb. Benitez flurries with some close range uppercuts and throws villa down the mat. As they scramble, Benitez slams again. Now Villa rolls for a leg lock and Benitez defends. Out of nowhere Villa cranks on the heel hook and Benitez taps! Wow that was out of nowhere. It sounded like Benitez’s leg crunched, hopefully no serious damage. What an UPSET!

Richard Villa defeats Gabriel Benitez via Submission (Heel Hook) Round 1 – 0:52



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