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Jackson’s MMA Series XI: Striking vs. Grappling, Guido Martin Cannetti faces off with Eliazar Rodriguez

When the Jackson’s MMA Series XI event goes down on Saturday, August 10th inside Tingley Coliseum, New Mexico will be glad to know that there will be some firepower in the building. Expected to the bring that boom are the two fighters squaring off on the main card, Argentina’s Guido Martin “Ninja” Cannetti (3-1) is set to face off with San Antonio’s Eliazar “El Oso” Rodriguez (4-1). The bout changed from the original match up that was set to pair Cannetti with Apex MMA’s Freddie Lux (5-2).

“Ninja” will be representing the Jackson-Winklejohn gym when he competes for the very first time in the United States and his U.S. debut will be inside what many believe to be the “Mecca” of mixed martial arts. Coming from the famous Jackson-Winklejohn gym, Cannetti is expected to be a well-polished mixed martial artist and if there is one thing that stands out immensely about Cannetti, it is that he has loads of raw talent.

Guido CannitiWhen viewing the past fights of Cannetti, it can be easy to label him as a striker being that in each fight he shows his lethal striking arsenal. In his most recent bout with 145-pound Rafael Dias, Cannetti showed his striking dominance in an 11-second fight. The American Top Team’s Dias stood little chance as Cannetti unleashed a head kick, leg kick, straight punch combo that had Dias off balance and eventually knocked out. The fight was short and brutal, showcasing why the 135-pound Cannetti is a firecracker ready to explode.

At one time, Cannetti had to worry about the speed of Lux, who has built a reputation as an upset-artist in the state of New Mexico. However, Cannetti will now have to deal with the aggression of the Mohlers MMA and Reyes BJJ fighter. Rodriguez has earned wins via submission, knockout and decision which aids to solidify his label of a well-rounded fighter.

While Rodriguez possesses a well-rounded skill set, there is no doubt that his grappling is his strong point which will add to the dynamic and intrigue of this match up. Rodriguez is a very technical chain grappler who has the ability to escape a submission and end up in his own submission attempts in mere seconds. Able to take the fight to the ground with takedowns, Rodriguez is very efficient attacking the head for chokes as seen in his wins via arm-triangle and D’arce choke.

In terms of career history, Cannetti will hold the experience advantage despite having almost identical records. The Argentinean actually suffered his lone professional defeat to UFC fighter Christiano Marcello who competed on the Ultimate Fighter reality show as a 155-pound Lightweight. Rodriguez has made his mark so far on the Texas regional scene and this fight arguably is “El Oso’s” premier bout of his short career.

Freddie Lux

Freddie Lux

This fight represents an interesting bit of match making as the two fighters sit on different ends of the spectrum. Cannetti will represent size, power and striking while Rodriguez will be more “scrambly” and represents speed, movement and grappling. On paper the two couldn’t be more opposite and that in itself should tell fans attending the show to watch out for who sets up their game plan the best. Rodriguez is slick on the mat and can catch Cannetti from just about any position and that same sentiment is shared for Cannetti on the feet who can end the fight on the feet with an array of strikes.

If Cannetti wants the fight to stay standing, he cannot leave openings for Rodriguez to snatch a leg for a takedown or be caught with his back on the fence. If Rodriguez wants the fight to hit the ground, he cannot telegraph his takedowns or else he will be at high risk to be countered by Cannetti’s kicks, punches or knees. A war of attrition may be the main theme for this match up, which should see plenty of technical aspects of MMA as both fighters attempt to work their strengths against their opposition.

Who will take this one fight fans? Will the impressive striking of Cannetti be in full bloom on August 10th or will Rodriguez play spoiler? This exciting bout and many, many more will be featured on the Jackson’s MMA Series XI fight card. We encourage the MMA fight fans to get your tickets to the show and support all of our locally trained mixed martial artists.

Tickets can be purchased at the following link http://holdmyticket.com/event/134891 .

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