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Bellator 91 was arguably the biggest event in recent memory to happen on New Mexico soil but the show failed to propel a local into the spotlight of a regional "Star".

Bellator 97: Live Results And Play-By-Play

Tonight is the night for Bellator 97 to go down live inside the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico! SWFight.com has all of your live results and play-by-play so stay tuned and make sure to refresh your browser to stay current with all the in-cage happenings tonight. The fight of course is headline by two World Title fights and will have a SpikeTv.com preliminary card aired online and the main card will be live on Spike TV.


Results And Play-By-Play

Lightweight Bout: Chris Leyva (9-5) vs., Will Brooks (9-1)

Round 1 – Leyva presses forward but Brooks drops for a takedown, gets the back and picks Lyeva up for a huge belly to back suplex. Leyva takes the landing hard and Brooks stays firmly attached while he looks to get top position. Now fighting from inside the guard. Pressed up against the cage Brooks is controlling Leyva from cage walking to his feet. Past to ½ guard and Brooks looks to batter the body. Brooks lands some decent punches as Leyva looks to push off to get up. Brooks passes to side control where he lands short elbows. Leyva is looking to get some leverage with the cage but fails and Brooks looks to open up giving Leyva his guard back. Brooks just looks too strong and positionally dominant. Now Brooks is opening up and is really battering Leyva. Leyva gets his back to cage but Brooks addresses that by locking onto the body and picks Leyva up for a slam. He gets back to side control. Leyva sits back up and Brooks lands a knee for his trouble. Back to the feet now and instantly Brooks drops levels for a takedown. Brooks stays active with strikes on a ground Leyva. Easy round to score, Brooks dominated 10-9

Round 2 – Brooks looks fresh and checks a few kicks from Leyva. Leyva looks more offensive and gets taken down with a good single leg. Brooks buries himself atop Leyva attempting to pass. Brooks presses his shoulder into Leyva sitting on the fence and then gets back to his guard. Leyva just seems to have no answer for the grappling. Knees to the body for Brooks and Leyva throws a wild haymaker. Back to the mat where Brooks controls Leyva landing small strikes. Brooks looks for wrist control and seems content with dominating position. Leyva gets up and lands in the clinch and then a kick to the leg. Leyva looks tired but throws combinations at Brooks which gets the crowd to roar. Brooks lands a powerful body kick that visibly hurts Leyva. Brooks walking him down now. Kick to takedown for Brooks and he gets atop and starts working in ½ guard. Brooks now looks to land powerful knees on a turtled Leyva but it gets back to the feet. Better offense for Leyva but clearly Brooks won the round 10-9

Round 3 – Brooks takes the center of the cage. Looks more active until Leyva lands a leg kick. Brooks answers with a kick and combo of his own. Now Leyva charges in with a combo and Brooks looks to answer walking him down. Leyva looks comfortable for the first time in the fight and Brooks looks hesitant. Brooks with a pair of body kicks. Leg kick for Brooks and now a takedown takes the fight back to the mat. Brooks is almost to the back threatening with a choke. One hook in and now the second. Leyva is flattened out and Brooks is punching away, the referee is forced to step in and stop the fight.

Will Brooks wins via TKO (Strikes) Round 3 – 2:20


Bantamweight Tournament Bout – Rafael Silva (19-3) vs. Rodrigo Lima (11=1)

Round 1 – This is a Bellator tournament semi-final match. Both fighters are prospects and Silva comes in more aggressive. Lima lands a kick and then Silva. Silva gets a huge takedown after ducking under a Lima punch. Lima immediately works for the high guard but gets shrugged off. Silva is looking to pass but Lima has a tricky guard and looks to attack out of it. Lima looking for wrist control and Silva stays in good posture. This is a grappling duel so far with very few strikes thrown. Lima goes again for the high guard with his back on the fence only to eat some punches from Silva. Silva is landing more now and has Lima bundled up along the cage. Lima is looking to lock up arms or push off of the hip but Silva is defending while attacking. Lima gets some separation but Silva comes down hard with punches back into the guard. One minute to go and Silva seems to be in control completely of Lima and his guard game. Referee warned Silva for the use of his elbow. Silva attempts to pass and is stuffed. Round ends and that will be 10-9 Silva.

Round 2 – Fighters meet in the middle and Silva throws a capoeira style kick. Another kick from Silva and he ducks a Lima flurry to work for a takedown. Lima initially stuffs until Silva gets a body lock takedown along the fence. Silva looks to pass out of the guard but Lima looks extremely slick in that guard and keeping from losing position. An arm bar attempt leads to Silva quickly passing but Lima rolls back into his guard. While Lima is losing, his guard is extremely effective. Silva finds himself in a leg lock from Lima and Lima now has Silva scrambling. He escapes and now Silva lands a powerful punch on his way down back into Lima’s guard. Silva lands some strikes and works on his passing again. Silva is more effective but can’t get past that guard of Lima. Silva works his strikes from top position as Lima counters with a high guard. 10-9 for Silva.

Round 3 – Urgency time for Lima as he has to know he’s down 2-0. They both circle and Lima feints. Spinning back kick for Silva and now another takedown. Silva is just too good in the grappling game and Lima has no answer. Lima works to get his back on the fence and Silva drags him flat to his back. Lima throwing up his legs now and that may be his only way to win this one. Silva still looking to pass which he has been unable to do for over two rounds now. Three minute mark and Silva takes the back of Lima as he tries to stand and slams him back down now with back control. He gets the rear naked locked in and Lima taps!

Rafael Silva defeats Rodrigo Lima via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 3 – 2:03


Bantamweight Tournament Bout:

Anthony Leone (12-5) vs. Frank Baca (16-2)

Round 1 – The hometown kid Frank Baca in the cage against his toughest opponent in years. The crowd roars during his introduction. Lots of feeling out. Leone lands first with a leg kick. Frank looks very active in footwork and lands inside leg kick. Both fighters feeling out. Two inside kicks for Leone land. Jab lands for Baca. Baca fakes the level change. Another inside leg kick for Leone. And another. Now Baca lands his own. Leone is bleeding from the nose. Leone throws wild and misses. Baca throws a leg kick outside. Leone answers with one of his own. Inside leg kick for Leone. Baca lands a jab and eats a leg kick. They trade hooks. Frank checks to leg kicks, Leone catches a kick and cracks Baca over the top. They trade leg kicks. Baca counters and drips Leone. Baca is all over him down as Leone tries to recover. Leone gets the fight up. That right straight from Baca folded Leone! But now Leone looks recovered as Baca sprawls effectively. Baca may have been losing the round but stole it with that knockdown. 10-9 Baca

Round 2 – Now the fight goes back to the center. Leone looks recovered and Frank looks much more confident. Leone back to his leg kicks. Frank is feinting a lot and changing levels. Leone lunges in with an overhand. Now the trade and Leone clips Baca and goes for the single leg but Baca defends. Leone switches to the double leg and then back to single leg on the fence. Baca defends well but cannot get Leone off the leg. Now Baca is in the sprawl position. Baca scoops under the neck but still has to defend the single leg. High crotch now and Leone really determined to stay close inside the clinch. Not much action just Leone clutching to that single leg and Baca is winning the round defensively. Leone nearly takes the back now and is close to transitioning to the mount as Baca is finally semi-grounded. Leone looking to pass and Leone’s persistence is paying off. One hook in for Leone as Baca nearly has his back taken. Leone lands punches. Now he has the back along the fence still with one hook. Time winding down as Leone looks to lock in the choke. Saved by the bell! Leone 10-9

Round 3 –  This fight is most likely tied heading into the final round. Baca has won the stand up and Leone the ground. Leone back to the inside kick. Baca looks more offensive. Outside kick for Leone lands. Overhand to takedown for Leone gets Baca to the mat. Leone takes the back again and this time Baca is in danger. Leone tightens the choke and Baca taps. Leone found his opening and took it.

Anthony Leone defeats Frank Baca via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 3 – 1:07


Lightweight Bout: Mike Barreras (5-3) vs. Bubba Jenkins (3-0)

Round 1 – Jenkins will of course have the wrestling advantage but Barreras is game as well. Jenkins runs across the cage right into a takedown. Barreras quickly gets up but now has Jenkins clinched on his body. Barreras jumps into guillotine and Jenkins slams him once and then picks up again. He is out but WOW was that close. Now he gets the choke again and Bubba slams him over his head. Wow. Jenkins now nearly in mount, then he gets full mount and looks to throw bombs. Takes the back but Barreras rolls to his feet. Jenkins lands a head kick now that doesn’t faze Barreras. Barreras defends with headlock control and Jenkins ducks low for the takedown. He is in ½ guard now and Barreras holds on to control the posture. What a half round of action! Now Jenkins throws some strikes to the head and body as Barreras tries to wiggle free. More body punches. He takes Barreras back and back to the feet where Jenkins misses a punch. Barreras rocks Jenkins with a hook and looks to throw a combo before Jenkins rocks Barreras with an uppercut. Jenkins pressing Barreras to the fence before a takedown and Barreras again has a deep guillotine before Jenkins slips out. 30-seconds to go. Barreras has the guard locked and Jenkins is punching softly to the body. CRAZY round but Jenkins should have it 10-9

Round 2 – Now Jenkins walks to the center. Barreras is bloody and has a mouse above the eye. Jenkins with a straight that lands. Barreras actually has nice lumps on both eyes. Jenkins catches Barreras on the eye and takes him down. Barreras looks hurt and Jenkins pounds away. The referee finally calls a halt as Barreras absorbed some big damage.

Bubba Jenkins defeats Mike Barreras via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 – 1:05


Amongst the guests cage side: World Champion and Legendary Boxer Roy Jones Jr., former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Rampage Jackson, famed coach Greg Jackson and UFC Bantamweight Julie Kedzie.


Main Card Time!


Featherweight Bout: Jared Downing (9-2) vs. Patricio Pitbull (17-2)

Round 1 – These two had some beef yesterday at weigh-ins so I shouldn’t expect any sort of love lost if they punish one another. They both trade wildly immediately with Pitbull landing first. Downing eats a right hook and drops. Pitbull jumps into a guillotine choke and jumps guard but Downing escapes. Pitbull now on top working to pass. Downing with his back on the fence defending an aggressive Pitbull from passing. Now back to the feet where Pitbull clinches Downing. Referee separates and now they trade again. Pitbull lands another right hand that backs up Downing.  Pitbull nearly finishes a three punch combo and a scramble ensues. Downing comes forward but he hasn’t landed significantly in this round. Jab for Downing now. Pitbull clips Downing again in a flurry and sends him to his back but Downing quickly gets up. Now Pitbull is all over him landing strikes with Downing’s back along the fence. Pitbull works a double leg that Downing defends. Pitbull should win the round easily 10-9.

Round 2 – Downing looks to be the aggressor and nearly gets countered again. Downing throws but just outside of range. A hook lands for Pitbull that once again drops Downing and now a second one that has him on rubber legs. Now a third punch cleanly finishes Downing off. Impressive walk away finish for Pitbull. Each time he landed it seemed to buckle Downing.

Patricio Pitbull defeats Jared Downing via Knockout (Punch) Round 2 – 0:54


Heavyweight Tournament Final: Ryan Martinez (10-2) vs. Vitaly Minakov (11-0)

Round 1 – The Russian comes out to “Eye of the Tiger” which is awesome, ironic and shows the stoic fighter has a sense of humor. Minakov owns a large height advantage, let’s see if that plays into the fight. Minakov charges in but misses and they clinch. Minakov pins Martinez to the cage. Some good clinch fighting and both men find homes for their strikes. Knees to the body. Martinez pushes Minakov to the ground and swarms but they return to standing. Minakov launches and catches but Martinez is game to answer. They exchange again. Martinez lands and forces Minakov back. Minakov throws Martinez down and now works top. Lands a knee as Martinez gets up and Martinez lands a nasty hook that rattles Minakov. Back to the clinch. They separate. Now some more clinch work. Martinez lands and Minakov lands. Martinez charges in and Minakov answers lunging in. Action slows momentarily but they are back to clinching. Minakov appears to be able to bully Martinez on the cage. Minakov catches Martinez in a flurry and now they exchange. Minakov shoots a double but it is stuffed easily. The round is close and EXCITING but I lean towards Minakov 10-9.

Round 2 – Both fighters look a little tired heading into round two. Minakov comes forward first and Martinez is busted up bleeding from his nose. Minakov catches Martinez only to be hit back flushly. Minakov works for a takedown but Martinez is very effective defensively. Nice shot to the body lands for Minakov. Referee separates now for a low blow. Martinez doesn’t look too rattled but he is taking some time. The ref took a point. That is huge! Back to action and the fighters exchange with Martinez landing solid in close. Minakov rushes in but is easily deflected by Martinez. Nice slip by Martinez evades Minakov and now the action has slowed. Left counter hook lands for Martinez. Nice overhand lands for Minakov. The two fighters still flurry and Martinez continues to land better, Left hook rattles Minakov but he still presses forward. Straight right lands for Minakov. Martinez stuffs another takedown. Martinez stuffs another. Now Minakov has him pinned. Hard round to score but a Martinez round means 10-8 on my card with the point deduction.

Round 3 – Oddly, this fight may be favoring Martinez despite it being 1-1 in two rounds. Point deduction means a lot at this point. Minakov throws non-committal and the two are slowing. Martinez counters with a hook, now another and Martinez is way more effective in the stand up. Straight right for Minakov. Martinez throws bombs and Minakov obliges throwing them back. Another counter hook. Martinez has Minakov hurt from hooks repeatedly in this round. Minakov finally gets a takedown and this may impact the round significantly. Minakov took two hooks and back control when Martinez tried to get space. Minakov has a mounted position now. Looking to land ground and pound with two minutes left. Minakov stays heavy and Martinez is defending well enough. Short elbows. Minakov is staying busy and Martinez looks gassed. The ref stops in as Minakov opens up, it may have been early but Martinez was exhausted.

Vitaly Minakov defeats Ryan Martinez via TKO (Strikes) Round 3 – 4:02


Bellator Light-Heavyweight Tournament Final: “King Mo” Lawal (10-2) vs. Jacob Noe (12-2)

Round 1 – This fight has so much bad blood that the animosity is thick and easily felt outside the cage. Touch of gloves and Noe strikes first with a leg kick. Another and that one lifts Mo’s leg up. King Mo takes Noe down quickly and now works a body lock while in side control. Mo looks aggressive and reaches around for a choke then back down for a double leg. Noe looks to get up but Mo scoots him back down. King Mo again locks in that body lock around the waist and looks to keep Noe grounded. Noe gets up and King Mo again gets the fight back down. Knee to the body. They are back standing. Noe lands a kick but is promptly taken down via huge slam and again, Mo has Noe grounded. Starting to work the striking and Mo is inside the ½ guard. Noe looks to get space and Mo is all over him. The crowd begins to boo. Now King Mo lands more significantly and the referee takes a close look. Mo is strong in this position and Noe is unable to do anything. 30-seconds to go. Mo is landing small strikes again staying busy, King Mo wins the round 10-9

Round 2 – Noe is bleeding heading into round two. Noe throws a big straight right and now a leg kick. King Mo starting slow. Mo changes levels then stops and now shoots and gets Noe down. Full guard for Noe. Not much effective offense from Mo other than busy punches to keep Noe on his back. Now Mo lands hard and Noe isn’t looking so good underneath those punches. Out of nowhere Noe has an armbar, it came quick! But Mo escapes. Noe blocks three straight strikes from his back. Now Mo lands hard once again. Mo continues to dominate and now looks to get out of the guard. Mo can take the back but doesn’t and grounds Noe back to his side. Mo is very active but just not landing significant strikes. Just as I say that King Mo opens up. More punches and Noe is being outgrappled and outclassed. King Mo wins the round 10-9

Round 3 – Both men have slowed and Noe is showing the effects of the ground and pound on his red face. King Mo ducks a punch into a power double leg. Now Mo in his usual position, half way through the guard of Noe landing small shots. Noe looks to explode up but Mo defends. And now back to the feet. Noe’s face is a mess and Mo is landing at will. Big uppercut lands. Those small shots damaged Noe’s face brutally. Mo changes level once again and runs the pipe on a double leg. Mo has a chance to finish it here with Noe’s face bleeding into the eyes. The ref calls it, King Mo lands enough strikes and the ref had seen enough.

“King Mo” Lawal defeats Jacob Noe via Submission (Strikes) Round 3 – 2:51


Big Announcement Forthcoming From Bellator MMA:  Rampage Jackson announces his Bellator debut against Tito Ortiz for the first ever Bellator PPV on November 2nd. Huge pop from the crowd for Tito Ortiz.


Bellator Welterweight Championship Fight – (C) Ben Askren (11-0) vs. Andrey Koreshkov (13-0)

Round 1 – Askren immediately shoots and Koreshkov answers with a knee but Warren still drags him around while he has his shoulders stacked. Askren gets a front headlock and starts to work to top position after briefly taking the back. Askren latches onto the guillotine and has it torqued in a very nasty angle. Modified guillotine and now he goes back to positional wrestling where Askren takes the back and then readjusts and goes back on the offensive. Askren’s game truly is “funky” as his name suggests. Front headlock and now back to the back. He is dragging Koreshkov all around the cage. Askren grabs a rear naked choke but lets it go to punish Koreshkov with punches. Askren is landing at will and doing whatever he wants on the ground. Nearly locks it in but now back to attacking with position. Askren is all over Koreshkov. Now back to a choke from the back mount. Koreshkov nearly goes to his feet but Askren ready to counter and gets back to the front headlock. Askren putting on a wrestling clinic right now. Round ends and that can be a 10-8 for Askren.

Round 2 – Askren misses big on a shot and Koreshkov makes the mistake of trying to grapple. Askren just gets to top position and now side control and now mount. Askren takes the back now. Askren is showing what Olympic wrestling can do in MMA. Askren throwing punches from back mount. Some showboating from Askren and this is ugly for Koreshkov. USA! USA! .. chants radiate the arena. Askren looking for a choke but then goes to the ground and pound. Koreshkov can defend the submission but that is about it. Askren now fights out of side control looking to isolate an arm. The crowd is restless but this is pure domination. Almost to the crucifix position now and Koreshkov looks frustrated and exhausted. Askren passes out of ½ guard and into side control. Round ends and this is Askren’s fight. 10-8?

Round 3 – Askren ducks under and gets waist control and then takes the back….and then…gets to top position. Askren is staying by his word of breaking Koreshkov. Now to the mount. Now to the back. Koreshkov is squirmy but Askren is positionally as dominant as anyone in MMA. Askren has two hooks with back mount. Askren gets to mount and starts to land punches. Askren still landing punches but nothing with significance to end it. Now a neck crank. Askren has attempted several different submissions throughout. Now he has a hammer lock that nearly ends it. Now in mount Askren is landing hard. Ref taking a closer look. Askren now on the side of a turtled Koreshkov. Koreshkov gets to his feet but Askren just gets him right back down. Askren should take this one again with ease. Maybe another 10-8.

Round 4 – Askren dives to the ankles and once again puts Koreshkov back to his back. Askren has a head and arm choke and Koreshkov doesn’t look like he has anything to defend. Askren is just landing at will. The punches are coming hard but they are coming often and Koreshkov cannot stop any of Askren’s offense. Now with the scarf position, Askren lands more punches. Askren is just content with beating Koreshkov up with these small punches. Askren takes the back. He is flattened out and the ref has seen enough finally halting this bout. Askren is just on a whole other level.

Ben Askren defeats Andrey Koreshkov via TKO (Strikes)  Round 4 – 2:58


Bellator Lightweight Championship Bout: (C) Michael Chandler (11-0) vs. David Rickels (14-1)

Round 1 –

They both run out to the middle of the cage and Rickels commits first but Chandler is game to come right back. Chandler launches his hook and straight and catches a Rickels kick. Chandler catches him with a straight right that folds Rickels, Rickels pounces up but Chandler swarms and drops him again and finishes the fight with absolutely brutal ground and pound. Vicious finish for the Champion. That came quick, came with emphatic powerful and epic results. Chandler retains with a quick stoppage victory. Lethal right hand by Chandler, Rickels never got to open up with his own offense.

Michael Chandler defeats David Rickels via TKO (Punches) Round 1 – 0:44


Now time for the local card!


190-Pound Catchweight Bout: Jeremy Kimball (9-3) vs. Keith Berry (15-10)

Round 1 – Kimball throws a kick and gets grounded by Berry who catches it and rushes forward with the takedown. Berry works on top now attacking the body with hammerfirsts and then the head. Now he grabs a can-opener and Kimball escapes. Now back to standing. They trade and Kimball is backing up eating punches from Berry. Kimball gets a single leg and scoops, and SLAMS Berry down. But Berry right back up and Kimball takes him right back down. Kimball tries to pass the guard but Berry is closing the guard up well. Now Kimball with some ground and pound. Kimball controlling the top game with flurries of punches and Berry is just looking to hold Kimball down to stifle his offense. Round ends with Kimball throwing bombs. 10-9 Kimball

Round 2 – Kimball opens up with a knee that stuns Berry and then some flurries that have Berry back pedaling. Now another flying knee from Kimball and Berry gets a huge slam! Now back to standing. Kimball gets a trip takedown and works from the ½ guard. Kimball to full mount and begins to work some ground and pound. He finishes Berry emphatically with his ground and pound bringing the crowd back to life. Very impressive ending sequence from Kimball.

Jeremy Kimball defeats Keith Berry via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 –  1:45


Bantamweight Bout: Russell Wilson (1-2) vs. Shawn Bunch (1-0)

Round 1 – Bunch skips the handshake and throws a punch and then shoots a double leg that sends Wilson to his back. Wilson working from his guard with punches but Bunch staying heavy. Wilson is getting out muscled here and Bunch isn’t landing hard but he is landing with aggression and consistency. Body triangle from Wilson from the bottom. Wilson trying to get his back to the fence and Bunch looks to scoop him back. Bunch now flurries as Wilson gets up and ends up with a takedown. Bunch is pressuring him as he is looking to the take the back and he does. They go back to standing range. Bunch waits for the first punch to duck under and get a takedown. Bunch clearly has wrestling on his mind. Now Bunch rests atop Wilson as Wilson looks to land short strikes from the bottom. Sort of a stalemate. Wilson landing short elbows and Bunch looks to control position. Bunch lands as Wilson gets up and buckles him, then buckles him again. Wilson looks out but he recovers and answers with a knee. Wilson wings an overhand. Bunch stays at a distance. Round ends in favor of Bunch 10-9

Round 2 – Wilson throws in striking range but doesn’t catch anything. Bunch dancing on the outside and eats a Wilson overhand that sends him into wrestling mode. Wilson now working with some strikes to the body as he sits in the body lock of Bunch. Now back to the full guard. Bunch is staying busy in motion but not throwing strikes. Now he lands a short elbow while Wilson looks to his active guard to counter with. Bunch lands a strike but again we are at a stalemate. The referee stands them up. Bunch back on his bicycle as Wilson stalks him. Bunch lands a straight right. Wilson commits to a strike and Bunch ducks under for a takedown. Wilson remains more active with his strikes from bottom but Bunch just controls him until another stand up from the referee. Wheel kick attempt by Wilson. Bunch catches a kick and throws Wilson down to his back. Wilson can’t mount offense because each time he commits Bunch shoots in for a takedown. Wilson hunts an arm bar but ends up in a guillotine as time expires. Bunch 10-9

Round 3 – Round three begins and Wilson is down two rounds to zero here. Bunch circles and Wilson throws some strikes. Jab, kick, overhand. Leg kick from Wilson. And another. Bunch is just retreating. Wilson lands a jab. Body kick. Bunch has done zero this round. Wilson chases Bunch with punches and lands in a flurry. Bunch shoots and momentarily Wilson defends… and REVERSES to take the back. He lands some punches and looks to sink in a choke. Now back to punches. He has the hooks deep. Bunch is just turtling up. Wilson NEEDS a finish here. Wilson looks to sink under the chin. He is punching his way deeper but stops and postures back for strikes. Wilson doing everything he can here. Flattened him out momentarily. Bunch is doing absolutely nothing to escape. Now Wilson on his back with back mount. Body triangle locked in. Wilson looks fresh as the aggressor. Punches to the body now. One minute to go! Wilson cranks on the neck but the choke isn’t available. Elbows now from Wilson. Bunch has mounted no offense or defense since being reversed. TEN SECONDS! Wilson ends the round and that could be a 10-8 round but probably not.

My card reads 29-28 for Shawn Bunch

Shawn Bunch defeats Russell Wilson via Decision (Split – 29-28 Bunch, 29-28 Wilson, 29-28 Bunch)


150-Pound Catchweight Bout: Javier Palacios (1-0) vs. Richard Jacques (1-0)

Round 1 – Inside kick lands for Jacques. Palacios lands a 1-2 that levels Jacques and he pounces looking for the finish. Jacques tried sweeping but Palacios gets to side control. Now to ½ guard. Jacques looks like he regained his bearings. Palacios gains mount and looks to open up with strikes. Palacios swarming heavy. Jacques is surviving but not gaining position. Palacios continues to land from the mount but hasn’t found the space to open up. Palacios takes the back and flattens Jacques out. Back to the mount. Short elbows and Palacios is going to work with this dominant position. Round ends and Palacios takes this easy 10-9

Round 2 – Jacques comes out with a head kick that misses and now they clinch. Palacios bullies on the fence and gets the fight down to side control. Palacios just seems too well rounded as Jacques isn’t able to mount offense. Now Palacios nearly has the crucifix position. Jacques counters and drags Palacios to his back. Jacques now looks to mount his first offense of the fight and Palacios stretches to get his back to the fence. The referee stands them up. Palacios throws wild and gets taken down. Palacios escapes the ½ guard and is looking to lock up a kimura. He has it for a moment then Jacques tucks the arm to defend. Palacios works that cross side control position and Jacques is being swarmed. A scramble allows Jacques to get his guard back but it ends up in a modified inverted guard. Palacios ends up on top again but with his back to Jacques’ face. Jacques gets to the top position and Palacios has his back on the cage. Now back standing but Jacques has a body lock. The round ends with Palacios on top. 10-9 Palacios.

Round 3 – Two visibly tiring fighters meet in the middle and Palacios lands a kick and gets inside a hurt Jacques. Now back to distance. Spinning back fist nearly lands for Jacques. Palacios nods Jacques off. Jacques launches a 1-2. Palacios wings an overhand. The action has slowed. Leg kick for Palacios. Jacques storms in and lands. Palacios with a hook. Another hook lands. Body kick for Jacques as he tried to counter Palacios. Jacques wades in and missed all of his flurry. Spinning back fist misses badly for Jacques. Leg kick for Palacios. Jacques lands a stiff jab. Leg kick hurts Jacques. Round ends and that should be it for a 10-9 Palacios and clean sweep on the cards.

 Javier Palacios defeats Richard Jacques via Decision (Unanimous – 30-27 x3)


Bantamweight Bout: Adrian Cruz (4-0) vs. Felipe “Flip” Chavez (5-3)

Round 1 – Cruz evades a jab. Flip launches an overhand. Cruz slips, catches a kick and takes Flip down. Flip has the closed guard and Cruz postures up. Cruz stays dominant atop but not much from either fighter. Flip tries to get up but Cruz keeps him down. Cruz looks to pass and does momentarily. Working in ½ guard now. Nearly takes the back but now Cruz fights to make space from ½ guard. Now Cruz has mount. Flip surviving by holding on to Cruz tightly. Flip bucks but Cruz still stays dominant. Cruz in the full guard of Flip and Flip isn’t very active from his guard yet. Referee stand up. Cruz throws a big punch, ducks under and gets a takedown but Flip threatens with a guillotine. Cruz wisely jumps to the opposite side of the choke to defend and now he is working from the ½ guard. Cruz lands short elbows. Cruz wins that round easily 10-9

 Round 2 – They both start tentative in the middle of the cage. Cruz lands hard with a straight right and Flip throws back. Back to striking range. Cruz lunges in and gets a blast double, grounding Flip along the fence. Cruz passes to side control. He works the scarf position. Flip reverses looking to get the back. In a roll, Cruz gives up his back and now he rolls back into guard. Very close call as Flip had a choke but no hooks. Cruz now in full guard landing short shots. Cruz postures up and looked to unleash but Flip defends. Flips guard is closed and Cruz sits comfortably landing short shots staying busy enough to stay in position. The referee stands the up as the action slowed. Flip misses a straight punch and Cruz ducks under clean for another takedown. Now Cruz moves to side control then to mount. Cruz opens up with ground and pound. Grapevines in for Cruz and he is dominating Flip from this position. The ref stops it! TKO victory for the hometown fighter.

Adrian Cruz defeats Felipe Chavez via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 – 4:21


Featherweight Bout: Donald Sanchez (28-13) vs. Cliff Wright Jr. (7-4)

Round 1 – The men quickly engage in the middle of the cage. Donald chasing down Wright Jr. now and Sanchez throws a headkick. They both flurry and nobody lands. They are meeting one another in close range and launching but not landing. Wright Jr. now with a nice series of kicks. Sanchez catches Wright Jr with a right but eats a punch on the way in. Headkick for Wright Jr and Sanchez presses forward countering with punches. Wright Jr. with a jab. Now with a big takedown and works atop Sanchez in side control.  Sanchez back to his feet but Wright Jr. looking to take it back down. Sanchez attempted a guillotine but lost it and now is defending Wright Jr. from his back. Sanchez takes a knee now and Wright Jr. has a front headlock controlling Sanchez. Wright Jr. has a guillotine of his own now and it is tight standing. Wright Jr. throws a knee that loosens his own choke and Sanchez is out. Sanchez clinching along the cage. Blood coming from the eye of Sanchez. Sanchez flurries forward. Sanchez double jabs his way to a right hand only to be taken down again by Wright Jr. Close round but Wright Jr. was more offensive for a 10-9 round.

Round 2 – Donald has a nice mouse beneath his eye. The fighters throw feints. Donald tags Wright Jr. with a right then a superman punch with both connecting. Now Sanchez stalks down Wright Jr. who has slowed. Spinning back fist lands for Sanchez. Wright Jr. looks for a takedown but Sanchez defends with the body lock. Wright Jr. dives for a leg lock and uses it to scramble to top position inside Sanchez’s guard. Sanchez with control of both wrists and Wright Jr. finds a place to rest in the guard. Knee on hip by Sanchez. Now Sanchez fights from his ½ guard and Wright Jr. remains in top position. Now Sanchez reverses and gets atop Wright Jr. in his ½ guard. Sanchez gets the mount in a scramble and then nearly gets the back. Now reversal for Wright Jr. who now gets into the ½ guard of Sanchez. Donald works to escape but can’t as Wright Jr. stays in good posture. Sanchez lands strikes from bottom and now threatens a triangle. Round ends and that is close but the hometown fighter should get that 10-9 but it could go either way, even 10-10.

Round 3 – Sanchez wades in but is countered. Sanchez lands a leg kick. They both are a bit more bouncy. Sanchez throws a spinning back fist to the mid-section. Now Sanchez puts him on the fence and lands a knee. Donald much more offensive now stunning Wright Jr. with a punch and ducks a spinning back fist. Wright Jr. pushing Sanchez on the fence and gets a takedown. Sanchez finds himself in a toe hold that looked deep and sits atop Wright Jr. in a position that allows him to punch the body while Wright Jr. is face down. Spins around and Sanchez works from side control. Now Sanchez moves to the back and tries to get the hooks in. Wright Jr. rolls and gets into top position where he works from inside the guard of Sanchez. Triangle attempt from Sanchez comes quick and it is getting deeper. It loosens. Wright Jr. lands some strikes from top. Sanchez controls with wrist control again but he needs to finish. Again with a triangle attempt. Landing elbows from bottom. Now Sanchez into a leg lock position and back to top position. Sanchez takes the back and gets both hooks. Ten seconds. Sanchez wins the round but may have lost the fight. My card scores it for Sanchez.

Donald Sanchez defeats Cliff Wright Jr. by Decision (Split 29-28 Wright Jr, 29-28 Sanchez, 29-28 Sanchez)


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