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XFC 25 to feature a local match-up between Jordan Espinosa and Tim Sosa

This summer of MMA can be labeled the summer that local fighters decided to stray from tradition and fight other local fighters. In a region that was mostly driven around the idea that locals should either travel elsewhere for premier fights or should fight imported foreigners in-state, recently the regional scene here in New Mexico has been treated to some quality match ups featuring local fighters squaring off.

Sunday Morning Circles - Jordan Espinoza

Jordan Espinosa

Back at the Triple-A-MMA event, most if not all match ups professional and amateur featured locals vs. locals. Lovato Total Fitness fighters fought Mean 1 MMA fighters, Mean 1 MMA fighters fought Albuquerque BJJ fighters and Judgement MMA fighters fought Albuquerque Kickboxing Academy fighters. From there, Bellator 97 announced the pairings of Judgement MMA’s Adrian Cruz and Mean 1 MMA’s Felipe Chavez and the second Triple-A-MMA event is slated to feature a fight between FIT NHB’s Ray Borg and Warrior’s Training Academy founder Angelo Sanchez.

Now with the upcoming debut of XFC in New Mexico, another notable and quality match up has been scheduled. In a bit of breaking news today, Jackson-Winklejohn, Mean 1 MMA & Ohio based Demolition Fight Team fighter Jordan Espinosa (2-1) will match up with FIT NHB’s Tim “Timbo Slice” Sosa (pro debut) in what should be an exciting contest between two extremely talented fighters.

The XFC 25 event is set to go down on September 6th in Albuquerque’s downtown convention center and features other notable locals Angelica Chavez, Joby Sanchez and Ana Magana who will be fighting in the event’s main event for the promotion’s title.

Espinosa brings into the match up a successful wrestling pedigree stemming from his State Championship career at West Mesa High School. You can say Espinosa has a real diversified background as he also trained with Ray Yee and Lenny Lovato Sr. in addition to his coaching at Mean 1 MMA, Demolition Fight Team and the Jackson-Winklejohn camp where he notably roommates with WEC and Legacy FC veteran Damacio Page.


FIT NHB’s Tim Sosa

Sosa is one New Mexico’s most successful amateur MMA fighters and ended his amateur career as the King of the Cage 125-pound champion. Making his professional debut at the event, Sosa has a wealth of experience from his career and from training in the gym that features accomplished professionals Frank Baca, Donald Sanchez and Tim Means all of which at one time were also King of the Cage Champions.

The striking game is where Sosa shines and the Muay Thai chops taught by FIT NHB Coaches Tom and Arlene Vaughn are highlighted in Sosa’s storied amateur career. He compliments that with his finishing ability on the ground where he mixed up takedowns and submissions dangerously.

The 125-pound flyweight fight has all the makings to be an exciting contest and should be considered one of the early candidates to be the event’s “Fight of the Night”.

*Disclaimer* – This fight has not been confirmed by the XFC promotion as of time of publishing.

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