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King of the Cage “Attrition” Results: Hobbs, Lowe come out with submission wins

This past Saturday on June 15th, King of the Cage was live inside the Ute Mountain Casino in Towoac, Colorado. The event titled “Attrition” featured one professional bout and a solid slew of amateur bouts. Headlining the event, Colorado’s Grant Hobbs opposed Tucumcari’s Joseph Salazar and amongst the New Mexican’s on the card were Nikki Lowe, Amanda Lovato, Charlie Williams and Jesse Sandoval.

Serving as the bouts of most intrigue, the 125-pound bout featuring Hobbs and the Women’s MMA clash between Lovato and Lowe delivered with two highlight submission endings. Each fight contrasted in career implications but both were similar in the submission of choice for the winning fighters.

KOTC AttritionIn WMMA action, Judgement MMA’s Amanda Lovato and FIT NHB’s Nikki Lowe faced off in a rematch of last years kickboxing match at a FIT NHB smoker. In the first fight, Lowe would earn the referee stoppage after a late round swarming of Lovato. In their MMA match this past Saturday; Lowe would once again come out on top but this time using a very different method.

The pair tangled in what was a solid, competitive first round that saw both fighters find success. Lovato swarmed early on the feet and Lowe would weather the storm, finding her opening by catching a leg kick to get Lovato to the mat. While Lowe would jump into dominant top position, Lovato would counter with a reversal that switched the fighter’s positions. From the top position, Lovato would look to land solid ground and pound until Lowe threw up and snatched onto a triangle choke. Before Lowe had the chance to lock it in, Lovato would start loosening her way out with knees to the body.

The second frame wouldn’t be as extensive, as during a striking exchange Lovato would hit the mat and started to scramble. In that scramble, Lowe would sneak her way to Lovato’s back where she would sink in a rear naked choke. Using her weight and leverage, Lowe would pull Lovato backwards to the mat where she would tighten the submission and get the tap out victory.

In the evening’s main event, the conclusion was a bit more emphasized and occurred in much less time. Lifer MMA’s Grant Hobbs would shine in his first featured bout as headliner of a King of the Cage event. In his fourteenth professional fight, Hobbs would dominate from opening to final bell.

Hobbs and opponent Joseph Salazar would begin the fight with some stand up and after the pair threw some strikes in close range, Hobbs shot in and slammed Salazar to the mat. From there it was a foregone conclusion as Hobbs worked his way to the mount where Salazar in his attempt to escape the bad position, gave up his back to the aggressive Hobbs. Much like he did in his amateur career, Hobbs hunted for the submission and snatched up a fight ending rear naked choke.

For Hobbs, the dominant win atop the fight card may open up more opportunities for the bright prospect out of Colorado. After working his way up the ranks, spending the duration of his career under the King of the Cage banner, this win should open up more doors on his path towards career progression. In the case of Lowe, this fight may have served as her last amateur fight as the outlook of turning professional seems optimistic after another quality win. With more then seven amateur fights under her belt, it is safe to say that Lowe has the experience needed to make the jump and will certainly be a fighter to watch out for on the WMMA scene.

King of the Cage “Attrition” Full Results:

Grants Hobbs def. Joe Salazar via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) RD 1 – 1:21
Joey Trevino def. Joseph Hartell via Submission (Guillotine) RD 1 – 2:22
Nikki Lowe def. Amanda Lovato via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) RD 2 – 0:22
David Lyons def. Bronson Mitchell via TKO (Strikes) RD 2 – 2:10
Robert Herrera def. Jesse Sandoval via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) RD 1 – 1:44
Kern Collymore def. Chantry West via Submission (Arm Bar) RD 1 – 2:04
Nicco Montano def. Ruby Diaz via TKO (Strikes) RD 1 – 2:01
Ozzy Chavez def. Zach Larimore via TKO (Strikes) RD 1 – 0:45
Charlie Williams def. Jeremaine Tisi via Unanimous Decision
Chris Craig def. Jerald Aldaco via Split Decision
Sean Begay def. Josh Cantu via Submission (Kimura) RD 2 – 2:53

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