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SWFight.com catches up with King of the Cage “Attrition” headliner Grant Hobbs

Grant Hobbs is a thirteen fight veteran of the sport of MMA and of the King of the Cage promotion. He will be headlining his first show tomorrow night in Colorado for the King of the Cage event titled “Attrition”. Facing off with Tucumcari’s Joseph Salazar, Hobbs will be the featured fighter on a card full of New Mexico fighters.

SWFight.com was able to spend some time catching up with Hobbs to discuss everything from fight memories to his combat background.

SWFight.com: Tell us about your background in combat sports or martial arts. I see that as an amateur you have all submission wins and as a professional you have nothing but TKO victories.

King of the Cage - Grant Hobbs

King of the Cage – Grant Hobbs

Grant Hobbs: I am a two time state champion wrestler in Colorado. As an amateur I subbed a lot of people, had some TKO’s as well. I train at Lifer MMA under our Head Coach Kann Clark.

SWFight.com: Your finishing rate in incredible (Note: All wins coming by way of submission or knockout)

Grant Hobbs: Yeah man, finishing is what I’m about man. I don’t just come to fight, I come to win and please every person that buys a ticket.

SWFight.com: You have fought for King of the Cage for your entire career. Is it satisfying to have stayed loyal to the same promotion for thirteen fights and now be awarded the main event slot?

Grant Hobbs: Yes, it is very satisfying for me. It is just one step up the stairs, hopefully one step of many to come.

SWFight.com: What do you know about your opponent, Tucumcari’s Joseph Salazar?

Grant Hobbs: Truly nothing besides his name but that’s how I like it to be. Why worry about what he does?! I come to fight my fight and his game plan is not part of the way I fight!

SWFight.com: You mentioned you have a successful wrestling background. How does your wrestling acumen compliment your MMA skills?

Grant Hobbs: Truly wrestling is huge, from competing one on one my whole life to being broke down mentally and knowing how to stay positive and push to be the best. It definitely plays a role in every fight.

SWFight.com Do you see wrestling as the best base to use in MMA competition?

Grant HobbsGrant Hobbs: Hands down wrestling is the best background to bring with you into the cage. So many elements go hand in hand with it, foot work, control, body control and clinch work.

SWFight.com: Back to the fight this weekend, do you prepare differently knowing you are the headline act? More so concerning the entertainment aspect since you are the featured bout.

Grant Hobbs: I prepare the same way for every fight! Every fight I’m in is the most important of my life. I’m excited and thankful but it’s just one step on the stairs for me.

SWFight.com Where do you stand on the argument of sports versus sports entertainment? Do you believe MMA needs to have an entertainment value, like trash talk and fight promotion in order to thrive or is the combat aspect alone what makes this sport successful?

Grant Hobbs: I think people should be themselves. There are some people who are villains and some are heroes. So pick one and run with it.

SWFight.com: Where do you see yourself within those categories?

Grant Hobbs: I probably would have to say I ride the line of both. Depends on what is going to push my career more. I would like to be every kid’s hero and other than that it can go every way. I want to be a good role model and be a class act for my organization.

SWFight.com: It seems like you are a great ambassador for King of the Cage. After all these fights, do you still get pre-fight jitters?

Grant Hobbs: No nerves, no jitters. I call it good energy; if you don’t get those then you are not human! But fight fourteen coming up, I am more comfortable then fight one.

Grant HobbsSWFight.com: Do you have a memory from your career that stands out the most, as most memorable for your career? A fight, a moment in a fight or something that happened during fight preparations?

Grant Hobbs: Probably my best memory was being called out by a fighter in the same town and then fight night came and I ended up winning when I broke his arm. He was a good opponent and a huge rival. I try to focus on making new memories every fight though.

SWFight.com: Before we send you off to your weight cut and last minute fight prep, is anything you want to say to all of the fight fans?

Grant Hobbs: Shout out to all my family and friends and most important my son! Thanks to Becon Wellness Group, Cortez Crab Simbeck & Associates and Soul Assassin Tattoo Chrome Mafia.

We encourage all the fight fans to show the support to not only our locals but the local, hard working athletes of our surrounding regions. Colorado is a market that often features our New Mexico fighters. King of the Cage “Attrition” goes down tomorrow night at the Ute Mountain Casino and SWFight.com sends our best wishes to all of the competitors.

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