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FIT NHB’s Nikki Lowe expects “lots of blood” in bout with Amanda Lovato at King of the Cage “Attrition”

The King of the Cage “Attrition” event will feature an amateur fight between two of Albuquerque’s most talented female fighters. Judgement MMA’s Amanda Lovato and FIT NHB’s Nikki Lowe will compete in 107-pound catchweight action. However, before the two fight SWFight.com decided to catch up with Nikki Lowe to talk about the bout.

Amanda Lovato from Albuquerque's Judgment MMA

Judgment MMA’ Amanda Lovato

Lowe and Lovato have an interesting history; the pair will not be facing off with one another for the first time when they enter the cage Saturday night. In fact, last year they battled in a kickboxing smoker held within Lowe’s home gym of FIT NHB. The fight was scheduled for three rounds and with a few seconds left in the third round the fight was stopped. After a competitive back and forth battle, Lowe swarmed Lovato and forced a referee stoppage.

Now fast forward to this weekend, the duo will change the setting a little bit. This time the fight will be a MMA bout, they will not have headgear or larger, ten ounce gloves and they’ll be inside a cage. They will also push the time of the three rounds from two minutes to five. It may be the same two fighters, but in a world of difference.

SWFight.com: Having fought one another before, how does it effect your preparations? Does it change the way you train at all?

Nikki Lowe: No none at all. I’m just going to go in and fight my fight.

SWFight.com: Nikki, you won your first fight in that smoker last year just prior to the fight ending and seeing a Judge’s Decision. How have you improved since then and do you believe you will see the same fighter you saw last year, standing across the cage from you in improvement terms on Saturday night? Will she be the same as she was last year?

Nikki Lowe: I feel a lot stronger at the weight we are fighting at this weekend and my cardio has improved a lot too. As for her being the same fighter, no I don’t think she’ll be the same at all because now it is MMA and I expect everything to the thrown at me by her and of course adding takedowns. But I am ready for all of it.

SWFight.com: Is the weight cut to 107 pounds difficult? How does the cut impact your skill set?

Nikki Lowe: My cut is actually going really smooth. I am feeling great and still strong. My skill set will be the same. The strength effects all areas, I am comfortable standing and on the ground.

SWFight.com: Can you give us your thoughts on what fight fans can expect to happen on Saturday night? I know you anticipate coming out with the victory, but what if anything, specific do you see happening?

Nikki Lowe: I expect there to be lots of blood. She is a pretty good striker and so am I and if it’s anything like kickboxing match then it is going to be a great stand up fight!

SWFight.com: Thank you for the time Nikki, before we end this interview, is there any special appreciation you want to send out?

Nikki Lowe: Just would like to thank my team and my coaches, all my supporters, my brother Tom Tom (R.I.P), my mama and most of all my two beautiful babies who are my number one fans!

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