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Chinaco MMA Mexico: Quick Results

Chinaco MMA Mexico

Falon Ring def. Jesus Alejandro by 1st round RNC
Maxwell Spiller (Mean1) def. Jesus Orta(Nunez Martial Arts/10th planet Juarez) by 1st round submission
Dustin Center defeats Gabriel Valles by north-south submission at 1:06 1st round.
Sage Evridge def. Joaquin Grajeda by 1st round RNC

Kevin Croom def. Javier Lujan by 1st round verbal submission due to strikes
Norma Center def. Olga Ortega by early 2nd round arm bar.
Andres Quintana def. Brian Castillo by 2nd round TKO ref stoppage due to strikes

Fight results via Trula Howe at NMCombatsports

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