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Photos from the Feb 5th 2013 presser in Rio Rancho. For more information go here: http://bit.ly/Bellator91

Bellator 91 Local Fighter Undercard Officially Announced

Earlier today a press conference was held at the Rio Rancho Inn and Conference Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico to announce the undercard for the highly anticipated Bellator 91 event to hit the city’s Santa Star Center on Thursday February 28th.

Most of the local fighters were present and fielded questions from the media. Each expressed their gratitude for being included on the card and praised their opponents.

Tickets were announced to range from $25-$90.

Bellator 91 Undercard

135: Holly Holm (Jackson/Winklejohn) vs. TBA
145: Angelo Sanchez (Warrior’s Training Academy/Santa Fe BJJ) vs. Kevin Croom (Mean 1 Rio Rancho)
135: Felipe Chavez (Mean1 Rio Rancho) vs. Russell Wilson (Lovato Total Fitness)
170: Lenny Lovato Jr (Lovato Total Fitness) vs. Blas Avena
135: Ed West vs. Joshua Montoya (Alchemy BJJ/Judgement MMA Rio Rancho)
265: Josh Lanier (Lovato Total Fitness)  vs. Josh Apelt
135: Nick Gonzalez (Jackson’s MMA) vs. Adrian Cruz (Judgement MMA Rio Rancho)

Presser Highlights:

Nick Gonzalez:
“I think Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico is going to be witness to one heck of a show. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re gonna get out there and represent New Mexico to our very best, very professionally inside and outside of the cage. I got a really tough opponent ahead of me by the name of Adrian Cruz.”

Adrian Cruz:
“When I first started training I never dreamed that I’d be here at a press conference talking about a fight that I would be having here in a couple of weeks. I’m nothing but excited.”

Josh Lanier: (Will be moving up from middle weight to face heavyweight Josh Apelt who is expected to come into the cage at 260 pounds.)
“Right now I’m about 212 (pounds). I’m been eating double cheeseburgers as hard as I can a lot of donuts and chocolate milk. Hopefully 220 by fight time maybe 225 if I wear my boots.”

Lenny Lovato Jr.:
“Everyone thought I went into early retirement at age 26 but I’ve just been making lots of babies. I got three kids and one on the way. Just been doing the family thing. My desire has always still been to come back and finish out my career and I believe that at age 28 that I’m still in the prime and prepared to fight to the best of my abilities.”

Russell Wilson: (Comes in as a replacement to face Felipe Chavez)
“I’m really excited to fight in New Mexico. I haven’t fought here for about two years. It’s going to be a tough fight Felipe. I respect him a lot. He’s a real tough guy.  We used to trian back in the day when I was starting out. It sucks fighting a friend but when you have an opportunity this big you can’t really pass it up.”

Felipe Chavez:

“This is a big awesome opportunity for me. I’m very excited about fighting on Bellator. The sky’s the limit with this promotion right now. It’s at the peak, getting ready to blow up.”

Kevin Croom:
“I moved out here about two and a half years ago from Missouri. This is going to be my first fight in New Mexico so I’m really excited about that. I’ve been trying to spread roots here and make this my home so this to me is a big step into getting that done.”

Angelo Sanchez:

“It’s an audition but I always believe one day at a time, one fight of a time. Of course all of us up here the idea for us is to be world champion in anything we do. That’s why we fight because we love to compete.”

Holly Holm: 

“I feel like my career’s been up and down and all around. I’m just really excited to take this opportunity with MMA. I’m very excited about it. It’s not brand new but it’s back to something fresh and kinda of a different avenue just a little for in the road. I’m just excited to take advantage of the opportunity here.”

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