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Johnny Tapia Presents: The Next Chapter II Quick Results

Josh Torres (10-2-1) def. Bernardo Guereca (16-17-1) via UD 78-74, 79-74, 80-72

8) Torres with fresh legs in the last round and catching Guereca at the end of many punches. Men trade in the middle of the ring with Torres benefiting from the tussle. Guereca now forcing Torres to the ropes. Guereca finds some success as southpaw but is paying for lunging in as Torres counters with right crosses and sneaky uppercuts. 10 sec mark bombs away.
7) Torres now dictating action. Guereca is slowing down, no longer switching stances. Guereca spits out mouthpiece appearing to buy himself time. Guereca lands big over the top left but Torres easily takes it. Guereca a bit busier at end of round but no where near the success he had early on. Torres punches are also losing power.

6) Torres now boxing very patient, trying to keep Guereca at a distance. Crowd launches first chants of “Pitbull!” Torres now feinting and following up. He’s starting to build a rhythm. Torres easily beating Guereca to each punch now. Torres takes small break and pays for it against ropes. An over the top right form Torres stops Guereca’s shorts rally. Over the top right hand staggers Guereca at the end of the round.
5) Torres doing good job stepping away from Guereca’s power hand and landing crisp one-time punches. Big left hook from Torres as he fades away. Guereca slowing down in the fifth. Torres figuring out Guereca’s shifts from orthodox to southpaw. Torres with a huge 4 punch combo to end round. Torres’ best round.

4) Guereca is very game and matching Torres intensity. Guereca slowing down but is having success as Torres is leaving jab hanging. Torres unable to land a big blow in round. Guereca closes it strong.
3) Both men with huge exchange to start round. Torres now being pursuant. Over the top L from the southpaw Guereca sends a huge splash of sweat out from Torres. Guereca rallies in the middle of the round switching from southpaw to orthodox. Torres lands five unanswered shots. Another close round.
2) Pressure from Guereca is bothering Torres who is reluctant to punch. Guereca sneaks R uppercut. Huge left hooks counter from Torres. Guereca misses uppercut and is countered with R cross. Guereca working Torres against the ropes. Torres does good job of rolling punches. Good round for Guereca.
1) Two men are busy early but no significant punches. Guereca pursuing Torres and lands lunging jabs. Torres remains patient and lands two upstairs (R/L) and L to body. Good defense by Torres. Guereca a bit wild in round but effective, Torres lands cleaner punches in very close round.

Hector Muñoz (21-9-1) def. Jeremiah Torres (7-21) via 2nd rd TKO
2) Torres continues to land but is not having an effect on Muñoz who is landing huge power shots at will. Torres definitely the busier fighter. Muñoz throwing wide and is being countered. Men are now trading. Muñoz ends round with big 7 punch combo that pushes Torres back to a corner. The bell saves Torres. Very entertaining round. The ref stops it!
1) Hector comes out extremely aggressive, bullying Torres into the corners. Torres doesn’t fret. He moves wisely away from Muñoz‘ r hand. Torres landing good body shots but does not slow Muñoz down. Muñoz sitting on punches but Torres is determined and is scoring with crips combinations. Muñoz landing the power punches.

Siju Shabazz (2-0, 2KOs) def Anthony Jones (0-1) via 2nd Rd TKO 01:40
2) Left hook lands for Jones. Shabazz now working jab mixing with interior flurries. Huge R hook from Shabazz. Jones glove touches canvass ref issues 8 ct. Right uppercut to chin as Jones rushes in drops him again. Jones stands up and faces corner.
1) Huge over the top right lands for Jones and Shabazz takes it. Shabazz showing off speed. Consecutive L hands land for Juice. Jones now covering up. Shabazz finess is driving Jons to turtle shell defense. Shabazz reluctant to use arm length advantage. Shabazz with left hook to Jones temple in the corner and drops him. Bells saves Jones.

Amanda Crespin (7-4-1) def. Brenda Gonzales (2-1)
39-37×3 UD
SWFight scores it 39-37 for Gonzales
4) R cross from Gonzales whom is now bleeding from the nose. Crespin lands hard straight right. Four punch level changing combo lands for Gonzales. Straight left from Crespin. Gonzales ends round with consecutive jabs
3) Jab from Gonzales is blocking many of Crespin’s shots. 1-2 from Brenda but is caught by Crespin’s best combo. Crespin bleeding from nose. Left hook to Crespin’s nose. Both Women are breathing deeply but still moving fluidly. Gonzales reach is beating Crespin to the punch.
2) Crespin busy early on. Gonzales jab is hard to get around. Straigh R, L hook combo from Gonzales. Crespin responds with over the top R. Women exchange combos. Mouse under Crespin’s R eye. Gonzales
1) Gonzales establishes jab early and changes levels with it. Crespin has three small moments in round. Huge R cross from Gonzales to end round. Gonzo

Paul Castillo (2-0) def. Suanitu Hogue (0-1) 40-36, 39-36×2
4) Huge R hook to body lands for Castillo. In close quarters Hogue lands 5 behind the head no warning from ref. Castillo continues to look for range. R over the top lands but receives in return and is dazed. He’s trying to fight through it. Crowd urges him on. Consecutive step back L crosses from Castillo. Hogue continues to put pressure. The men duke it out to end round.
3) Over the rop right from Hogue lands. R to the body followed by L hook that knocks Hogue’s mouthpece right past a judge. Huge over the top R from Hogue responded with a Castillo L hook. Castillo switch to southpaw and lands lead R hook. Hogue wears down toward end of round.
2) Castillo has blazing hand speed. Huge over the top R from Castillo. Hogue is throwing wide and Castillo looks good dodging punches. Hogue now bodying Castillo forcing him to the ropes; having some success. Better round for Hogue but punches were soft. Castillo lands cleaner punches.
1) Both men taking turns being aggressive. Paul with huge r hook to body over the top left. Right hand knocks Hogue’s mouthpiece out. Huge r cross from Castillo dazes Hogue who falls shortly after. Ref issues 8 ct.

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