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UFC on Fox 6: Daily Blog (Day 1)

Wednesday January 23rd 2013

Today is a travel day. Heading to Chicago for the weekend to support our local fighters and hopefully snag some deep dish pizza and hot dogs in the process. On the card this weekend (4) Jackson’s MMA fighters will be on the card including the main event of John Dodson who will be fighting for the flyweight title.

Thankfully ABQ Sunport is a relatively small airport and the TSA lines are always short.

Sitting in the airport I noticed the weekly Alibi (alibi.com). I have been picking up the Alibi for 15+ years for local concerts and events. This weeks Alibi had a bit of a surprise.
And what do you know… A photo of Clay Guida I shot last week.
Donald Cerrone representing on another page.
Unfortunately, they didn’t pickup one of the John Dodson photos. John is home grown 505. Born, raised and proud of his green chile roots. To show John some love… here is a photo from last week I shot during one of his final workouts with coach Greg Jackson.
John Dodson

Leaving a sunny 60 degree afternoon in Albuquerque and flying into a balmy sub-zero in Chicago was a bit of a shock.

UFC on Fox 6


Jump on the train and off to the Hard Rock hotel.

10:20 – Workout session.  15 degrees outside and a light snow.
UFC on Fox 6

Mike Valle working with Clay Guida for 2 rounds of mitts. 
UFC on Fox 6

10:48 John Dodson arrives. Coach Brandon Gibson working on 3 rounds of grappling with Clay Guida.

UFC on Fox 6

Dodson gets the back and flattens out Shawn Jordan.  Having a little fun…
UFC on Fox 6

UFC on Fox 6

Guida and Dodson

UFC on Fox 6

Coach Gibson working with Dodson.
UFC on Fox 6


12:01 Post workout.  Headed upstairs.
UFC on Fox 6

A shot of Chicago from the room.
UFC on Fox 6

On schedule for tomorrow. Food. Relax. Food. Presser. Food. Relax. Maybe find someone in the group to go hit up a museum.

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