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Judgement MMA Smoker Results - Southwest Fight News
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Judgement MMA & Fitness hosts exciting first smoker

This past Saturday, January 12th the Judgement MMA & Fitness gym hosted its first ever kickboxing smoker and SWFight.com was in the house to cover the event.

The gym hosted eight other gyms that brought competitors to compete in the evening’s festivities. Amongst the gyms in attendance, Rosales Kickboxing and Albuquerque Kickboxing as well as two gyms from outside of New Mexico.

Most notably however, the Chavez Dojo had five fighters representing the gym in combat action. While the gym went 3-2, the aggressive style and powerful kicking arsenal the gym is known for set the pace early for what would be an entertaining and competitive night for fans in attendance.

In the evening’s first two bouts, four young competitors would start the event with a bang. First, Jase Brisano of Golden Cobra would pair with Chavez Dojo’s Tobias Salcido would bring the crowd alive with gritty performances by both fighters. Despite their youth, the heart and composure both possessed was truly inspiring. While Salcido earned the decision, both fighters drew praise from those in attendance.

The first fighter to compete representing the Judgement MMA gym, Jason Griego would draw Chavez Dojo’s Elias Bowen. While it was Griego’s competitive debut, he would survive the early onslaught and the fight would be a back and forth affair that went in favor of Bowen.

Another common theme seen in the event was the performances put on by the female athletes. While the younger athletes kicked the show off with a bang, the girls really emphasized the excitement in their match ups.

Judgement MMA’s Alexis Garcia and Amanda Lovato won very exciting decisions by out striking their opponents. Garcia would battle with Chavez Dojo’s Adriana Maldonado and the two would exchange straight punches with Garcia landing more often.

Lovato would enjoy the best possible start to a fight as the first exchange led to a knockdown over Rosales’ Brya Otero. Capitalizing on the early momentum, Lovato would land often and with consistently as she took the decision win. While Lovato controlled the action throughout, Otero stuck in there landing her own shots to keep the fight competitive throughout.

The lone fighter from Jackson’s competing; Ambrose Vigil would utilize a solid game plan as he would chop down his opponent’s legs en route to a second round stoppage victory. While Eric Aragon from the Chavez Dojo remained game to battle throughout, the swarming and effective aggression from Vigil proved to be too much and would also be one of the more impressive kickboxers competing Saturday night.

The two main events featured fighters representing the Albuquerque Kickboxing Academy matched up with Judgement MMA fighters, starting with John Molinar and Sean Blachley. The fight would be favorable for the home gym fighter but the action would set the tone for what would prove to be the most crowd appeasing fight of the night.

Fighting in the main event, Judgement MMA’s John Rozema would duel Albuquerque Kickboxing Academies Johel De Leon in a fight that kept everyone either at the edge of their seat or on their feet. Rozema would land the most powerful shots through two rounds and it looked on course for either a stoppage or a decision win. De Leon had other plans as he would keep throwing kicks to the body and legs and took advantage late on what appeared to be a tiring Rozema.

The fight would end with both fighters exchanging huge shots and while De Leon rallied late, it proved to be too late as Rozema would get the judges nod earning a decision victory to cap off a night of fun, competitive and exciting fights. All fighters participating showed their hard work and represented their respective gyms to the fullest; it was a great night that set a great tone for what should continue to be exciting smokers at Judgement MMA & Fitness.



Full Results

Tobias Salcido (Chavez Dojo) def Jase Brisano (Golden Cobra) – Decision

Elias Bowen (Chavez Dojo) def Jason Griego (Judgement MMA) – Decision

Alexis Garcia (Judgement MMA) def Adriana Maldonado (Chavez Dojo) – Decision

Roque Rodriquez (Bad Co.) def Andrew Isaia (Judgement MMA) – 2nd Round Stoppage

Sam Tafoya (Rosales) def Casey Hanley (719 Fight Team) – 2nd Round Stoppage

Steve Trujillo (Chavez Dojo) def Mike Riordan (Golden Cobra) – 2nd Round Stoppage

Amanda Lovato (Judgement MMA) def Brya Otero (Rosales) – Decision

Shayla Bernard (Judgement MMA) def Katie Ramirez (Rosales) – Decision

Carlos Casados (Westside Power) def Galvin Chacon (Monsivaiz) 3rd Round Stoppage

Ambrose Vigil (Jackson’s) def Eric Aragon (Chavez Dojo) – 2nd Round Stoppage

Sean Blachley (Judgement MMA) def John Molinar (ABQ Kickboxing) – Decision

John Rozema (Judgement MMA) def Johel De Leon (ABQ Kickboxing) – Decision

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