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Holly Holm Answers Critics; Ready for Diana Prazak

It comes with the territory in sports, the more talent you have, the more people analyze your every move and decision. There is not a sport where elite athletes are more under the microscope than in boxing.

An individual performs alone in the sport but decisions made by them and their management reflect immensely in the publics view.

In female boxing, no other boxer is as criticized as Holly Holm arguably the pound for pound female boxing queen.

Outside of New Mexico Holm is known as the “Girl of the Mountain” a nickname the international boxing community has given her for her reluctance to fight outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico’s mile high air.

The truth is Holm is under contract with the Route 66 Casino and has always said she would fight anyone. Over 3,000 fans pay to see her fight whether it is in the ring or the cage.

The international boxing community’s beef with Holm primarily is that they feel she has an advantage by fighting in the mile high elevation in Albuquerque and worry that with hometown judging opponents will not receive their fair shake.

If she is victorious in tonight’s bout against Diana Prazak we will see if Holm and her promotion accept Cecilia Braekhus’ -the “other” top pound for pound boxing queen-challenge and face her next summer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The following interview took place two weeks before Braekhus’ video where she calls out Holm.

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