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Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout: Final Press Conference Highlights

On Wednesday afternoon at the Theater Lobby at Madison Square Garden, the final press conference was held for the Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout WBA Super Welterweight fight. The two men remained respectful of one another but also made their predictions that they will each be the victor in Saturday night’s fight.

The highlight of the presser came when Trout’s manager Bob Spagnola spoke and gave a passionate speech about the lack of coverage for young american boxers like Trout. Spagnola was critical of the media especially of ESPN for showcasing fighters in primetime television over other American’s.

Trout son of two military parent’s who were stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas and an olympic alternate for the 2004 US Olympic boxing team has only recently been featured on cable networks in his last two fights.

In the last three years he has been forced to fight in Mexico three times, Panama and Canada against opponents from each of those countries on television.

Here are some highlights from the

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