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Jackson’s MMA Series X: Co-Main Event Featuring Nick Urso

The much anticipated Jackson’s MMA Series X will be live Saturday night, December 1st inside the Tingley Coliseum and the event promises to deliver exceptional regional local talent as well as interesting match up for fight fans to enjoy. The event will conclude 2012 as the last major MMA event inside New Mexico and it will feature some very high profile New Mexico prospects.

In the co-main event of the evening, Jackson-Winklejohn product Nick Urso (4-1 professional, 2-0 amateur) will return to the Jackson’s MMA Series cage for the first time in 2012 and the third time overall to face another New Mexican fighter, Grant County Punishers Dave Ruelez (1-1 professional) in a 125-pound Flyweight bout.

Ruelez will be making the trip from Silver City and will be shoved right into the lion’s den as he will be showcased in a co-main event feature. While this undoubtedly will be both his stiffest test and highest profile bout, the Grant County Punisher team is one that is know for producing fighters who are very tough to beat and will turn what seems on paper a mismatch into a back and forth war.

Coming as one of the brightest prospects the state has to offer, Urso has a lot on the line in this fight. As a flyweight, Urso has the special advantage of being in a weight class the UFC is still developing. While his name draws more attention then most due to his gym affiliation, it is his talents that have made him a fighter to keep an eye on. With a great showing to end 2012, his name very well may be on a short list to grace the sports largest promotion and brightest stage.

The match up should be interesting; Urso fought less then five weeks ago at 135-pounds in Canada and will be making a quick turnaround to fight at 125-pounds. The variable there is that Urso could be completely prepared and ready or could be over trained. While his cardio has never been questioned, his lone career loss came when his opponent stole the third and final round in what was already a razor close fight. Ruelez undoubtedly will want to make this fight into an ugly scenario for Urso to come out of his comfort zone.

The skill set possessed by Urso is a heavily successful one, mixing up superior wresting and excellent grappling together to be a handful on the mat. Splitting two decision and two submission victories out of his four career wins, Urso will be heavily favored if the fight gets to the ground and his danger area lays at being rocked standing. Defensively on the ground Urso is solid and his offensive work holds the claim for his success in his career thus far.

Nick Urso, Jon Jones, Coach Izzy, Landon and Coach Brandon Gibson

Fight fans should be in a treat as they will get a glimpse to watch Urso and his insanely quick, high pace output inside the cage. For fans that have enjoyed fighters like John Dodson and Coty “Ox” Wheeler should be firmly planted in their seats as the Flyweight Urso is every bit as exciting as his 125-pound counterparts.

Anytime you have a fighter in the scenario Ruelez will be coming into, there is always a chance that a hungry underdog will bring his A+ game to the cage to build his name off of a notable fighter. We all saw this at the last Jackson’s MMA Series when Aaron Cerda upset the heavily favored Frank Gomez on days notice. That opportunity makes the fight a must see as Ruelez has little to lose, plenty to gain and Urso has everything to lose as he rises up the ladder of prospects.

Stay tuned to SWFight.com for more fight coverage and breakdowns and don’t forget to come support the hard working local fighters Saturday night at Tingley Coliseum.

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