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Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout- Cotto Media Day

Cotto vs Trout: Miguel Cotto Media Day

Today at the world famous Gleason’s Boxing Gym in Brooklyn, New York former four-time world champion Miguel Cotto held an open workout for the media to promote his title bout Saturday night against the WBA Super Welterweight champion Austin Trout at Madison Square Garden.

The workout was originally was supposed to take place at the Trinity Boxing Club in Manhattan but was changed at the last second due to some structural damage that is still being repaired in and around that gym from Hurricane Sandy.

A very serious Cotto, walked into the gym straight into the Gleason’s locker room to change. When he finally made his way into the designated workout ring, to prepare for his workouts Cotto was greeted by a familiar foe, Yuri Foreman.

In 2010, Foreman and Cotto faced off for the same WBA Super Welterweight title that Cotto and Austin Trout will be battling for Saturday.

Cotto would loosen up and conduct a brief and unorthodox mitt session with trainer Pedro Diaz, who if you were wondering stood in a southpaw stance; the same type Trout will be in for his and Cotto’s match Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

Showdown: Cotto vs Trout will air live on SHOWTIME Saturday at 9pm ET.

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