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King of the Cage: Final Countdown Main Card Play by Play

Tonight at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, King of the Cage: Final Countdown will be live and SWFight.com will be here to keep you updated on the action as it happens here in Santa Fe, NM

King of the Cage “Final Countdown” Amateur Card

Cristobal Chavez defeats Josh Rodriguez via Submission (Triangle) – Round One
Joel Whitney defeats Ronnie Villahermosa via TKO – Round 1
Steven Gonzales defeats Nathan Vida via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Eric White defeats Danny Holguin via Submission (Arm Bar)
Skyler Pendleton defeats Billy Washington via Submission (Inverted Triangle) – Round 2
Aaron Perls defeats Jose Munoz via Unanimous Decision
Tim Sosa defeats Brandon Rowland via Submission (Arm Bar) – Round 4

King of the Cage “Final Countdown” Pro Card

185 Pounds – Mark Lujan vs Justin Patterson

Round 1 – Lujan flurries and Patterson with a big double leg takedown. Lujan rolling for an arm, but Patterson passes guard. Ground and pound from Patterson and now a stand up from the referee. Back standing both men flurry and both land bombs. Takedown by Patterson and passes. Patterson unloads brutal ground and pound, stuck in the half guard. Patterson gets an arm triangle and Lujan taps.

Justin Patterson via Submission (Arm Triangle Choke)

110 Pounds. – Ashley Aguirre vs. Amber Brown

Round 1 –  Brown starts with a takedown and fights to improve position. Light punches landed by both girls, Aguirre with a high guard. Aguirre sweeps momentarily but loses the position and Brown is back on top. Brown smothers and isolates an arm, Aguirre fights to sweep again. More ground work without significant strikes. Back to the feet, clinch work by Brown. Knees from Brown and she opens up with punches. The fight hits the ground and Brown hunts for an arm. Head scissors on the head and the round ends.

SWFight.com scores the round for Brown 10-9

Round 2 – combination by Brown and she is landing more knees from the clinch until Aguirre gets the takedown. Aguirre holds position as Brown lands strikes from the bottom. Short elbows from Aguirre, Brown hunts for an arm bar but is slammed in counter for her efforts. Aguirre making it ugly yet effective with short strikes. Ref stands them back up, Brown rocks Aguirre and Aguirre shoots a desperation takedown but Brown sprawls. Aguirre looks to take the back but Brown rolls to top position.

Close round but SWFight.com scores it for Aguirre 10-9

Round 3 – Brown rocks Aguirre again and back to clinching, Aguirre controls. Brown with a takedown from clown clinch. Brown opens up with ground and pound works from half guard. The tempo has slowed and the crowd screams for action. Just Brown working on top until Aguirre reverses and nearly takes the back. Aguirre punching from top position now. Aguirre in Browns full guard.

Another close round, SWFight.com scores it for Aguirre 10-9 which on our cards has Aguirre winning 29-28

Official Decision – Amber Brown wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-28)

145 Pounds – Brian Castillo vs. Freddy Crosby

Round 1 – Crosby comes out aggressive and swarms Castillo with big strikes. Crosby in a flurry manages a takedown and now works from top position. Big elbows from Crosby, reverse and Castilo takes the back. Castillo hooks under the chin and gets the submission victory.

Brian Castillo defeats Freddie Crosby via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Round 1

135 pounds – Adrian Cruz vs. Derek Cranford

Round 1 – Cruz rushes in and is dropped not once but twice by Cranford. Cruz still glossy eyed but shoots a single. Cruz to the mount then the back, Cruz swiftly locks in a fight ending choke. What a fight, one minute so much action.

Adrian Cruz defeats Derek Cranford via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Round 1

135 Pounds – Frank Baca vs. Isaac Colon

Round 1 – Feeling out process early, flurry by Colon. More feeling out and leg kicks from Colon. Frank opens up with punches to the body and a knee from the clinch. Huge exchange from both fighters. Frank picking shots calmly and lands more knees. The aggressive Colon keeps pushing forward with 1-2 flurries. Bleeding from the eye of Colon. Colon is landing much more and much harder. Baca with good kicks from the outside. Jab lands for Baca and a huge takedown for Baca.

SWFight.com scores it razor-thin for Baca 10-9

Round 2 – Slow pace until Colon rushes in and eats a leg kick on the way in. Baca struggles for a takedown and back to a distance. Huge flurry and Colon drops Baca, Baca rolls for a leg lock to defend. Colon now stands above Baca landing good shots. Up-kick lands for Baca. Baca reverses for a big slam takedown and now presses Colon on fence. Baca punches and passes to side control. Colon defends off his back, Baca hunts to take the back. Baca flattens him out and peppers Colon.

SWFight.com scores it late for Baca 10-9

Round 3 – Colon needs an impressive third round if he wants to steal the fight. Leg kick by Colon lands. Baca still very active in his movement and Colon flurries again and puts Baca to one knee. Baca recovers and gets a much-needed takedown. Colon throws up submission attempts but Baca easily escapes. Baca in a good top position and Colon doesn’t seem to want to go for a sweep to escape. The ref stands them up. Another huge flurry sees big punches from both but Colon lands with more damage and Colon with a takedown but Baca reverses. Frank on top landing short strikes and the referee warns stand up. There stood up and the crowd roars for Baca. Colon wades in with big strikes and Baca evades. Round ends with a Baca takedown.

SWFight.com scores the last round Baca and a 30-27 match that was razor close.

Official Decision – Frank Baca via Split Decision (28-29, 30-28, 30-28)

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