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Austin Trout and Antonio Margarito Sparring

Austin Trout vs Antonio Margarito 2010 Sparring Session – SWFight.com Exclusive

In October of 2010, Austin Trout assisted Antonio Margarito prepare for his bout against Manny Pacquiao. Margarito was coming off a unanimous decision victory over Roberto Garcia following a year long suspension from the sport for allegedly attempting to load his gloves in a loss to Shane Mosley. Trout, meanwhile was in a year of inactivity protecting his #1 contender spot for the WBA title.

Chosen for being a southpaw–like Pacquiao– and for his speed, Trout presented the slower Margarito with several problems during their sparring session.

The meeting can be seen as a crossroads for each of the fighters; Margarito, would go on to be dismantled by Manny Pacquiao and would lose a rematch to Miguel Cotto. Trout would go on to beat Rigoberto Alvarez, four months later for the WBA championship and defend the title three times setting up a highly anticipated match-up with Cotto December 1st at the Madison Square Garden.

Despite the footage being two years old, the video is more than most boxing fans have seen on Trout, before his last two matches which were nationally broadcasted on Showtime. Most of Trout’s professional fights have not been televised and most over the past 3-plus years have been held outside of the United States.

The following is an exclusive video obtained by SWFight.com and The Low Blow of the sparring session:

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