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Bushido MMA, The El Paso Gym Making A Name For Itself in New Mexico

Like so many other gyms Bushido is located in a shopping strip. It’s entrance faces east while all the other tennants doors face south; it’s almost an outcast next to the acupunture and insurance shops it shares the building with.

A good-looking young fighter jumps out of his car to greet us. His name is Eduardo Gambo, an amateur from the gym waiting for someone to unlock the doors.

A few minutes later Shane Shoeman, one of the instructors lets us in and apologizes for being late–even though he was on time.

“You guys came all the way from New Mexico for this?,” says Darius Yancy. You could not tell if his tone is a condecending one or one of confusion. A small office space greets you upon entry and to the right hand side of the 10 x 10 room is a doorway to a large open room. Yancy and the rest of the fighters who were asked to join us by Shoeman converse and bust each others balls over topics from ex-girlfriend’s to the rare early Saturday noon traffic jam.

“These Mexicans act like they’ve never seen a car accident before,” jokes Shoeman, teasing Armando Rivas.

The gym holds a 5-3 record over Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s MMA fighters.

“We’re not out of touch with reality,” says instructor Shane Shoeman. “We know we’re not facing they’re A-list fighters but it feels good to know that we can at least compete.”

Recently the gym had three participant’s in the Jackson’s MMA Series VI event in Albuquerque where they went 1-2 and could have easily went 2-1 was it not for an incredible chin displayed by Dodson brother of UFC TUF winner and number one flyweight contender John Dodson.

The El Paso MMA community has not expanded as quick as it has in New Mexico. Being so far west of the “major” Texas cities, El Paso fighter must travel throughout New Mexico and the rest of the SouthWest to partake in MMA events.

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