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MMA Summer Showdown in Gallup NM August 4th Fight Card

The MMA Summer Showdown will be returning to Gallup, New Mexico on Saturday August 4th, with a very exciting card.

A total of 17 fights are tenatively scheduled for the event. Fighters representing gyms from around the state of New Mexico will be attending.

The SWFN staff attended the last event in Gallup and we were impressed by the level of organization and entertainment.

Join us August 4th 2012 in Gallup!

TITLE George Clynes (Jackson’s) vs. Greg Chavez (Clube de Pitbull Jiu Jitsu) (155)
TITLE Jordan Willoughby (Bio-Dog) vs. Fernando Sanchez (Perez Fighting Systems) (145)
TITLE Malcom Mitchell (Perez Fighting) vs. Juan Aranda (Lujans TKD) (125)
TITLE Efrem Thompson (Sanchez MMA) vs. Bryon Becenti (Lovato’s) (170)

Javier Palacios (Mean 1 mma) Vs Jerry Sano (Bushido Mma)(155) (NEW)
Joseph Hartnell (Team Kill It) vs. Falon Ring (Mean1 MMA) (125)
Shasta Mcurry (Animal Freak Fitness) vs. Alida Grey (Bushido MMA) (112)
Court Bullard (ABQ Kickboxing) Klye Baysinger (Independent) vs. Julio Hinojosa (Bushido MMA) (205)
Talli Touchine (Sanchez mma) Vs Michael Young (Mean 1 Mma)(155) (NEW)
Mike Escobar (Lujan’s TKD) vs. Eddie Gamboa (Bushido MMA) (170) 

Mike Sands (J5 MMA) vs. Fernie Garcia (Bushido MMA) (135)
David Hernandez (Bio-Dog) vs. Cody Davis (Lovato’s) (185)
John Bindel (Momma D’s Dungeon) vs. Levi Lucero (Perez Fighting) (135)
Tyson Hineo (Sanchez Mma) Vs Michael Asmar (Duke City Ronin)(155)
John Gurule (Lovato’s) vs. Sam Goad (Perez Fighting) (170)
Richard Becenti (Lovato’s)Daniel Martinez (L.A Boxing) Vs Armando Rivas (Bushido Mma)(170)
Pj Jaramillo Vs Scott Lavallie (135)

Murry Lovato (Sanchez MMA) vs. Jacob Espina (Sandoval’s) (125)
Michael Young (Independent) vs. Talli Rio (Sanchez MMA) (155)

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  • curleygirl24

    I was truly impressed watching the MMA fighters last night!  They kicked ass and I had a blast!