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Hector Muñoz to face Tommy Rainone in June

Hector Muñoz to Fight Tommy Rainone

Early Friday morning, Albuquerque boxer Hector Muñoz (20-7, 13KOs) told SouthWest Fight News that he has signed a contract to face southpaw Tommy Rainone (17-4, 4KOs) of New York. The fight is schedule to take place Wednesday June 13th at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.

“I’m excited! I got into the gym right after my last fight that Monday. I have just stayed in there,” says Muñoz.

The contract was signed for a catchweight of 152lbs and will be a six round fight. Hector is no stranger fighting at a higher weight than his typical welterweight division. He has an undefeated record of 6-0-1 when fighting above the 147lb limit, including a victory in 2004 over Benjie Marquez, for the USA New Mexico State Light Middleweight title.

In preparing for the upcoming contest outside of the welterweight division, Muñoz has been training with Lenny Lovato at the former wrestling coach’s MMA gym in Albuquerque’s Westside.

“I’m dying after his workouts but my body’s getting more defined; I’m guaranteeing a knockout,” says a confident Muñoz. “I’m walking around right now at 157lbs. I could fight tomorrow if they wanted me to.”

Meanwhile at the Team Tapia Gym Muñoz is assisting and benefitting from having a couple teammates that will be able to test his endurance.

His welterweight contemporary Josh “Pitbull” Torres has a fight he is also training for in June and another teammate, Joaquin Zamora, fights at around the light middleweight limit.

“The guy (Josh) is fighting is a pressure fighter. I’ll also be working a lot with Joaquin Zamora. I think Joaquin is a better fighter than (Tommy) who is just a counter puncher,” says Muñoz.

Muñoz would like to thank his trainers at Team Tapia, Chris Chavez and Johnny Tapia. He would also like to extend a thank you to his new strength and conditioning coach Lenny Lovato for allowing him to train at his gym.

-Muñoz was also offered a fight against Puerto Rican bluechip prospect Thomas Dulorme. Why didn’t he take it? The fight was set to take place… in New York… on Puerto Rican Pride Day.

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